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Embrace Your Wrist With Enchanting Turquoise Bracelets

There is something magical about the appearance of Turquoise gemstone that women are naturally drawn to its elegance and beauty. Its vibrant blue-green color and the natural veins running through the glossy surface of the stone bring the ultimate perfection. Today, we see many jewelry pieces studded with turquoise that add extra grace to them. The versatile look of the stone allows women to wear the turquoise jewelry either casually or on any special occasion as it can be well paired with every outfit. It is for this reason that turquoise jewelry is most adored and loved by women across the world.

Exotic India has curated an interesting assortment of Turquoise studded Sterling Silver bracelets for women who want to stand out from the crowd and make an impression, showcasing their personality and style. A piece of jewelry can either make or break your look. When it comes to turquoise, be rest assured of receiving admiration from others. Its aesthetic visual appeal is enough to attract all eyes your way. Turquoise gemstone is also believed to benefit the wearer in a lot of ways. Its healing properties promote the overall well-being of the individual and make them peaceful and blissful from within.

In this collection, you can find your favorite bracelet that resonates with your style and preferences to suit your personality. Most of these are cuff bracelets which means they can be adjusted over different sizes of wrists to achieve a comfortable fit. The exquisite designs, engravings, and patterns of the gleaming Sterling Silver when combined with the charming delight of turquoise stone will give you the perfect look to enchant everyone around.

Q. What does Turquoise symbolize?

Turquoise is a well-known gemstone which is associated with many positive influences and qualities. It aligns and strengthens all the chakras and channelizes energy flow throughout the body. Turquoise is also believed to hold great spiritual and cultural significance in different parts of the world. From healing emotional trauma to physical ailments, it is therefore incorporated in decorative items and jewelry pieces to accentuate people’s looks as well as bring harmony into their lives.

Q. How should I care for a Turquoise bracelet?

Turquoise is a relatively softer stone and is thus prone to damage and scratches. It is advised to handle it gently. Avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals, sunlight, and excess moisture as it may also take away the natural shine of Sterling Silver. When going for a bath, remove the bracelet and make sure that you do not spray perfume on your wrist while the bracelet is still on. Store it in your jewelry box when not in use.

Q. How can I clean my Turquoise bracelet?

To clean your beautiful turquoise bracelet, you should use a soft cloth or cotton swab with the barest amount of lukewarm water and gently wipe its surface. You should any harsh solvents or soaps to clean the studded Turquoise.