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Unveil The Hidden Aspects of Tantra – Hindi Books on Tantric Philosophy

Tantra is one of the authentic sects of spiritual tradition which is mainly practiced in Buddhism and Hinduism. It encompasses various esoteric approaches and focuses on practices that awaken one’s spiritual energy to attain the state of enlightenment. Tantric practice, however, is not based on some mental speculation but is a vast subject elaborately mentioned in the Vedic scriptures. It comes under the mode of ignorance and is often associated with the worship of the Feminine (Shakti) in Hinduism. Many followers of the Tantra branch are seen worshiping Goddess Kali and her manifestations and many worship different forms and aspects of Lord Shiva.

This is an exclusive collection of Tantra books in Hindi language which give insightful information on the vast philosophy of Tantra. Written by some renowned authors, traditions, rituals, and different processes are mentioned in these antique books. Several books also elaborately explain the Yab-Yum concept of Tantric Buddhism in which the balance of feminine and masculine energies signifies the union of wisdom and compassion. There is so much to learn from each Hindi book in the collection. The ritual book guides the readers into the importance of using ritualistic paraphernalia such as Buddhist Phurba, Seven Chakra singing bowls, Tantric Havan Kund, Abhishek Patra, and Shri Yantra to in their tantric practice

These books are a package of enriching experiences which foster and strengthen the Tantric meditation of the reader. The purpose of reading them is to capture the essence of the Tantric philosophy and bring an aspect of divinity into your life.

Q. How can one begin studying Tantra?

If you are starting your study on the philosophy of Tantra, one of the most important considerations is to approach the study with humility and inquisitiveness. Choose books that talk about the basics of Tantra so that you can have clarity of its foundational philosophy. Avoid bringing in the mood of challenge while reading.

Q. What are some specific Tantra books for beginners?

Some Tantra books for beginners are “Maaran Paatra (Stories based on real life incidents of Yoga and Tantra)”, “Shiva Shakti Araadhana”, “Shiva Sutras”, “Chakra Evam Kundalini”, and “Sankhyana Tantra”.

Q. Can Tantra books be read by people of any religion or spiritual background?

Tantra is beyond any religion and its principles can be incorporated into any spiritual path. Studying the philosophy of Tantra is based on consciousness and as such, is not entirely distinct from other spiritual paths or sects. Thus anyone from any background can read Tantra books to have a holistic approach.