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Q1. What are the 4 types of dictionaries?


Specialized Dictionary – This type of dictionary is also referred to as a “technical dictionary” in which there are words related to a specific subject field. It is further divided into three categories; multi-field dictionary, single-field dictionary, and sub-field dictionary.


Defining Dictionary – This is the most commonly available dictionary that provides the meaning of a word. Through these definitions, other concepts can be explained.


Historical Dictionary – This is a type of descriptive dictionary that describes the development of words over a period of time.


Encyclopaedic Dictionary – This dictionary contains articles, organized alphabetically, on various topics such as law, medicine, art, etc.


Q2. What is a multilingual dictionary?


A multilingual dictionary is a type of dictionary that contains words or phrases in one language and is presented with its translation in several (multiple) languages. These words and phrases are generally grouped or arranged in alphabetical order. The words may also be grouped by topic. A person can choose the language of the word to be translated into his preferred language. Almost all languages are available in a multilingual dictionary.