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Vayu Purana

Vayu Purana has two khandas or sections. The Purvakhanda (first part) has 61 adhyayas (chapters) and the Uttarakhanda (second part) has 50 adhyayas. The total number of verses comes to about 12,000.

This purana was first taught by the deity Vayu to the sage Vaisampayana. It was later narrated by the Sutapauranika, known as Lomaharsana, to the sages Saunaka and others who were engaged in the performance of a Sattrayaga in the Naimisaranya forest.

The contents of this purana can be summarised 'as follows:

On creation; varnas and asramas; yoga; description of Pranava or Onkara; lineages of sages; the four yugas; some geographical details of Jambudvipa (where Bharatavarsa or greater India is situated); various regions of the created world; churning of the milky ocean; manifestation of Siva as linga; stories of Vedavyasa and his disciples; sraddhas or obsequial rites, speciality of sraddha done at Gaya; some sages and kings; greatness of Lord Visnu and his incarnations; description of the fourteen worlds; greatness and importance of this purana.