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Gopi Gita

The Gopi Gita, also called Gopika Gita, is actually the paryer-hymn of the gopis contained in the tenth skandha of the Bhagavata (chapter 31). There are only 19 verses (all in the Tristubh metre except one) in it.

Being attracted by the bewitching music emanating from Krishna’s flute who is sitting on the bank of the river Yamuna, one night, the gopis of Vraja (Vrindavan) rush to him. As if taken by surprise, he non-chalantly advises them to return home. Since they are deeply in love with him, they refuse. Then Krishna sports with them for some time. This rouses their pride and superiority-complex. So, he suddenly disappears from their midst. Smitten with anguish and even indignation, they madly search for him, weeping and wailing piteously. Not finding him anywhere they assemble together on the sandy bank and start singing prayers to him. It is this prayer of theirs that forms the Gopi Gita (Bhavavat 10.31.1-19).

These nineteen nineteen verses are highly poetic and full of pathos, often reflecting erotic sentiments. Though they were panting for reunion with him, they were also fully conscious of his being the Supreme Lord of the universe and inner Self of all of them (Vide verses 4,9 and 18).