Commentaries on the Bhagavad Gita

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Commentaries on the Gita

The Gita has attracted the attention of several ancient and medieval teachers who have written commentaries and glosses on it in Sanskrit. In the Advaita Vedanta tradition Sankara (A. D. 788-820) comes first. In fact, his is the earliest of the extant commentaries. Ramanuja (A. D. 1017-1137), Madhva (A. D. 1197-1276), Nimbarka (12th century A. D.) and Vallabha (A. D. 1473-1531) are the other great acharyas or teachers who have written commentaries on the Gita. Anandagiri (A. D. 1200), Vedanta Desika (A. D. 1268- 1370) and Jayatirtha (13th century A. D.) have written glosses on the commentaries of Sankara, Ramanuja and Madhva respectively. Mention may also be made of the commentaries of Sridhara (15th century A. D.), Madhusudana (A. D. 1525-1632) and Raghavendra (A. D. 1598-1671) who have made some original contributions to the Gita literature.