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The Dharmasastras

Topics of the Dharmasastras

The topics generally dealt with in the dharmasastras fall under three broad groups: acara (general conduct), vyavahara (social conduct, law and order) and prayascitta (expiatory rites for transgressions).

Some Important Dharmasastra Works

The dharmasastra literature (in Sanskrit) is very vast. Apart from the well-known works directly composed on the topics of the dharmasastras, there are innumerable verses spread over the two epics and the puranas dealing with the various aspects of the subject.


1. Apastamba Dharmasutras
2. Ausanasa Dharmasutras
3. Baudhayana Dharmasutras
4. Gautama Dharmasutras
5. Harita Dharmasutras
6. Hiranyakesi Dharmasutras
7. Vaikhanasa Dharmasutras
8. Vasistha Dharmasutras
9. Visnu Dharmasutras


1. Angirasa Smrti
2. Atri Smrti
3. Brhaspati Smrti
4. Brhat-Parasara Smrti
5. Daksa Smrti
6. Devala Smrti
7. Gobhila Smrti
8. Katyayana Smrti
9. Manusmrti
10. Narada Smrti
11. Parasara Smrti
12. Samvarta Smrti
13. Vyasa Smrti
14. Yajnavalkya Smrti
15. Yama Smrti


1. Caturvargacintamani
2. Kalpataru
3. Nirnayasindhu
4. Smrticandrika
5. Smrtikaustubha
6. Smrtiratnakara
7. Smrtitattva
8. Viramitrodaya