Books On Bhajan & Kirtan

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Books On Bhajan And Kirtan

Bhakti or devotion to God is considered to be one of the earliest and the most efficacious forms of spiritual disciplines. Bhajana, also called kirtana, which generally takes the form of singing devotional hymns and songs, is a popular mode of propagating the cult of bhakti or devotion among the masses.

These bhajans and kirtanas may be set to classical tunes and sung by experts; or to simple popular tunes to even folk-tunes, so that the masses can easily follow. The latter is sometime called namavali-bhajans'. Groups of singers of bhajanas, going round a village or a town or a temple is still a common sight, especially in rural India.

Institutions known as 'bhajana-mathas' have also come into existence, to organise congregational singing. Such singing, organised by the singers of different religious cults has resulted in different 'bhajana-paddhatis' or traditions of bhajanas.

Singing of tevarams and prabandhams of the saints of Tamilnadu, the dasapadas and vacanas of Karnataka, the abhangas of Maharastra, the Vaisnava kirtanas, the baul songs and the Kali-kirtanas of Bengal, the bargits of Sankaradeva and his followers in Assam, the bhajanas of Mira, Tulasidas, Kabir, Suradas and Nanak form the various bhajana-paddhatis or traditions of devotional songs.

Here you will find a large collection of books on bhajan and kirtan.