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Hindi books on बाल साहित्य are perfect for kids of all ages.


Q1. What kind of books is most popular with children in India?


Children like to read books that contain colorful pictures and interesting stories. Nowadays, parents want their children to be smart in their thinking and behavior. Undoubtedly, books help children to generate healthy emotions and stimulate their imagination. The different types that the children in India are more inclined to read are Story Books, Activity Books, Rhymes Books, Poem Books, Alphabet and Numbers Books, Color Books, etc. Exotic India has a wide collection of books for children available in each of these genres.


Q2. What are some good Hindi stories?


Reading books is an integral part of a child’s psychological growth. It makes them think logically and also introduces them to a world of magic and dreams. Some Must-read books for children are “सम्पूर्ण बाल रचनाएँ: The Complete Collection of Hindi Story for Children” by Suryakant Tripathi Nirala, “दूध फैक्स राबड़ी फैक्स: A Collection of Hindi Stories for Children” by Prakash Manu, “पशु मेला: Pashu Mela (Collection of Hindi Short Stories)” by Sharmila Kantha, “बेचारा रिबन: Helpless Ribbon (A Hindi Short Story)” by Sukumar Shankar, “पानी में है जादू: Pani Main Hai Jadoo'' by Ela Vij.