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Of all the many beautiful and diverse languages in India, Hindi is the most widely spoken. And it is also the fourth most-spoken language in the entire world. That is why Exotic India feels it is incredibly important to make a wide range of Hindi language works available to everyone.


Exotic India’s selection of Hindi literature includes texts on yoga, health, poetry, history, and many other genres. We continue to add new works, making sure that our catalogue is broad and impressive, like the Hindi language itself. Our Hindi edition books are a wonderful addition to any library, bringing you wisdom and joy.


Our ayurvedic books in Hindi can teach you a different path towards wellness, while our collections of poetry can take you on a journey through the literary marvels of India. Whether you are looking for something practical or edifying, we have the books in Hindi for you.


Hindi actually comes out of Vedic Sanskrit, developing and evolving over time into a distinct language. It’s roots are deep in the spiritual and philosophical wealth of Sanskrit, but it also has the dynamics of a fully modern language.


The Hindi language began to develop a vast literary tradition beginning in the 12th century. Many of the most popular works from this time were in the Delhi dialect, but it would be hundreds of years before standardization. Instead, dialects blossomed out of the fertile linguistic soil of the subcontinent.


Because much of the language in northern India was influenced by conquering Islamic forces — with so many loan words coming in that it formed a different language, Hindustani and later Urdu — the people of India wanted a new start. They sought to reconnect their language to Sanskrit. It is this process that led to what is today called Modern Standard Hindi.


That standard became codified with an independent Indian government. Beginning in 1954, this new government created an official grammar for the language and a consistent writing system, based on the Devanagari script.


However, the incredible history of Hindi as a language is far overshadowed by the power of its literature. At Exotic India, we celebrate this amazing legacy with our selection of books in Hindi.