Zen Kama Sutra: From Sex to Samadhi (Gnosis: The Pathway to Self Mastery Level 3)

Zen Kama Sutra: From Sex to Samadhi (Gnosis: The Pathway to Self Mastery Level 3)

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Author: Dr. Amit Jain
Publisher: Cosmic Media
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788124606766
Pages: 184 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 9.5 inch x 7.0 inch
Weight 500 gm
About the Book

CFEL is a public benefit organization, whose primary objective is to help people upgrade to a higher level of consciousness and achieve enlightenment in this very life. We research all the ancient and modern cultures, religions, philosophies, the work of ancient and modern wise men from around the world and transmit this wisdom through different workshops and residential retreats.

The following principles constitute the heart and soul CFEL’s philosophy: The human Life has four basic aims-Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

Dharma simply means the Cosmic Laws that Govern us.

Artha is Economics the Money.

Kama is sex.

Moksha is the Enlightenment.

But by just clinging to one or two of them we keep living our lives unsatisfied. The history of the mankind shows us emphatically, that only a person fulfilling all four basic aims of the human life, lives a fulfilling life, full of happiness, love and peace. Lord Krishna is the best example.

GNOSIS is a Greek word which in simple terms mean “knowledge” or more appropriately in Sanskrit “Atamgyan”.

Gnosis is about recognizing and realizing who we are. It is a very natural function of the consciousness; a “philosophia parennis et Universalis”. It is the perennial philosophy that enlightened Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha, Hermes, Pythagoras, Moses, Paracelsus, Quetzalcoatl, Swami Shivananda, etc. It is the enlightened knowledge of Divine Mysteries, which are reserved for an elite.

It is the universal knowledge or wisdom that frees the soul from suffering. Gnosis is universal to all mankind and is the root wisdom of all genuine religions and mystical traditions.

Gnosis has been expressed in many forms in different civilization, through a variety of symbols and structures. It is the path of self-realization through direct experience. With the awakening of higher consciousness, we can obtain direct experience of our inner Truth.

The Gnostic teachings are based on four pillars of study: Science, Art, Philosophy, and Mysticism / Religion and consist of a wide variety of esoteric disciplines, all of which are given in very practical way. So that the knowledge can be experienced directly. We uncover and practice: Meditation, Kabbalah, Yoga, Alchemy, self knowledge.

In essence, GNOSIS is the secret wisdom of thousand years of culture, art, science, philosophy and mysticism, uncovered once again in this modern age by renowned researcher, author and teacher VM Samael aun Weor .


1Chakras Report:How to Activate, energize and Develop the Chakras1
2Alchemy: Let's Unveil the Mysteries of Gods and Goddesses15
3History and Symbolism-Transcendental Sexology: Spiritualizing the Metter to Materialize the Sprit42
4The Perfect Marriage68
5The Great Work-the Magnum Opus: Sex and Lust, Abstinence, FAQ on Alchemy97
6The Seven Planets of Alchemy: The Septenary Cycle of Your Life from Birth to Death119
7Lamasery Exercises: The Secret "Fountain of Youth" Tibetan Rites133
8Types of Spiritual School150
9The Mysteries of Life and Death163
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