Zarapkar System of Cutting

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Author: Shri K.R. Zarapkar
Publisher: Navneet Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
ISBN: 9788124301999
Pages: 208 (Illustrated Throughout In B/W)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 250 gm
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Fully insured
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100% Made in India
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Fair trade
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23 years in business
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Shipped to 153 countries

Book Description


In the year 1933, we started a Tailoring Institute, which is now widely known all over India as ‘Zarapkar Tailoring College’. Since then, thousands of students, not only from all over India, but also from foreign countries like Africa, Gulf, Fiji island, Iran, Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc., have taken advantage of our renowned Institute. We have helped them to achieve success in the field of tailoring and our services have been highly appreciated by them and the public at large.

Many requests were made to us by the students and outsiders to publish our rich experiences in the form of a book. This inspired us to publish this book, which contains our rich experiences, both scientific and practical, gained during the long period of many years.

This book has been planned as a reference book for students, amateurs and professional, and it contains only a variety of important garments in vogue. (More garments have been included in our Marathi publication.) Thus the book is an eloquent testimony of our dedicated and glorious past. While writing this book, we have tried to envisage the problems of inexperienced tailor, with the help of many illustrations, which are sometimes over-looked by the young enthusiasts.

Fashions always change, but the principles of garment cutting remain the same. With the help of these principles, hundreds of new styles and designs can be created according to change in fashions. In future, even though the fashion in changed, this book will be very useful. We would like here to recommend that the first seven lessons should be read carefully, before starting to learn the cutting of a particular garment.

Our books on this subject are available in Marathi, Gujarati and Hindi also. A very wide circulation of these books, throughout this country, has led to the establishment of a uniform system of cutting. On the strength of the numerous complimentary letters which we receive, we are happy to record that it is meeting with tremendous success.




Preface 5
Metric System 7
Anatomy for Cutters 8
Measurements 13
How to Measure 14
Instructions for Drafting 20
Facts about Fabrics 24
Folding the Fabric 26
Pleats, Frill and Darts 27
Pressing 30
Some Terms used in Tailoring 31
Introduction to Skirts 32
Four Gore Skirt 35
Plain Skirt 36
Pleated Skirt-1 37
Pleated Skirt-2 38
Baby Skirt 39
Umbrella Skirt 40
Flared Skirt 41
Six Piece Saree Petticoat 43
Introduction to Ladies Sleeves 44
Introduction to Necklines 61
Introduction to Collars 64
Introduction to Frocks 72
A-Line Frock 74
Plain Frock 75
Umbrella Frock 77
Flared Frock 78
Frilled Frock 79
Baby Frock 80
Summer Frock 82
Frock Petticoat 82
School Uniform 84
Skirt Blouse 85
Plain Blouse 86
Choli Blouse 87
Saree Blouse 88
High Neck Blouse 90
Raglan Blouse 91
Katori Blouse-1 92
Katori Blouse-2 94
Punjabi Mameez 95
Nightie 97
House Coat 99
Ladies’ Shirt 101
Maxi 103
Kitchen Apron 105
Cape 106
Plain Knicker 107
Fit Knicker 108
Pyjama 109
Chudidar 110
Plain Salvar 113
Modern Salvar 114
Boys’ Shorts 116
Shorts with Broad Bottoms 118
Ladies’ Skirt Shorts 120
Introduction to Pants 122
Pleated Pants 125
Pants with Additional Pleats 127
One Piece Pants 128
Men’s Bell Bottom Pants 129
Elephant Pants 131
Jeans 132
Corpulent Pants 133
Ladies’ Pants 136
Different Types of Ladies’ Pants 138
Ladies Flared Pants 140
Ladies’ Bell Bottom Pants 142
Defects in Pants 143
Drafting for Men 147
Introduction to Shirts 147
Various Types of Shirt Sleeves 148
Shirt Collars 152
Half Open Shirt 154
Full Open Shirt 157
Manila Shirt 158
Different Types of Tie Knots 160
Safari Shirt 161
T-Shirt 163
Boy’s Plain Shirt 164
Night Shirt 165
Nehru Shirt 166
Kalidar Kurta 168
Nehru Jakit 170
S.B. Waistcoat 172
S.B. Coat 175
Some Layouts of S.B. Short Coat 179
Jodhpur Coat 180
Working Scale 182
Corpulent Coat 183
Double Breasted Coat 186
Coat Collars 187
Dressing Gown 188
Selection of Cloth for Different Figures 190
Cloth for Various Garments 191
Care Labelling Code 192
Style Developments of Kameez 193
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