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Yoga:– The Path of Will–Power (Raja Yoga)

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Author: Dr H R Nagendra
Edition: 2017
Pages: 186
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

Publisher’s Note

In this series of books on Yoga starting from a practical guide for practices of yoga (asanas, pranayamas, kriyas, mudras, bandhas). The series no, II: is the secret of action (Karma Yoga) and this is the third. Fourth is Bhakti yoga and fifth is Jnana Yoga. The last will be “Unity in Diversity”. We are glad has come out from the pen of Dr H R Nagendra. The other book on Pranayama by him would be on effective adjunct to this volume. We hope the reader will be happy to see that the compressive and in – depth dimension of Patanjali’s system of yoga has been dealt with such simplicity and clarity.


We appreciate this opportunity to serve Svyasa by sponsoring Raja Yoga book written by Dr H R Nagendraji. We cherish our association with Svyasa since 1998.

This book is dedicated in memory of Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, formerly known as Dr Ramamurti S Mishra, MD is the fonder and spiritual director of the Yoga Society of New York, Inc. at Ananda Ashram. He also established Brahmananda Ashram (The Yoga Society of San Francisco, Inc.) and inspired other centers of meditation in United States and around the world.

His Central Message: “Although you have a body mind, you are not the body and mind. Therefore, meditate on the sense of ‘I – am’ beyond the body and mind”.

“I love all and hate none. I love everything and hate nothing. I wish for health and happiness, peace and prosperity physically, mentally and spiritually for all living beings on this planet. Om Santi, Santi, Santi!”

He had an extensive background in both eastern and western medicine, including Ayurveda. He was surgeon, yogi and a prolific writer. A master of the Samskrta language, he was a recognized authority on the science and philosophy of Yoga – Vedanta.

Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati’s written works include Fundamentals of Yoga, the text book of Yoga Psychology (a commentary on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras), Self – Analysis and Self – knowledge (a commentary on Sankaracarya’s Atma Bodha), translations of Upanisads and other ancient Samskrta texts. As well as numerous essays and stories. In addition, much of his teaching exists in audio and video recordings.

His life was dedicated to integration of eastern and western sciences, culture and philosophy, to help in bringing about the realization of individual and universal peace and harmony in spiritual unity. He presented the timeless message of meditation and self – realization in a truly contemporary form.

Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati left his physical body in 1993, yet his spiritual presence and teaching continue to be a source of inspiration and guidance for all.


1. Introduction1
2.Eligibility 7
3. Indirect transformations 15
4. Direct transformations 69
5. Hurdles and Solutions 84
6. Advanced Raja Yoga 92
7. On the death bed and Ultimate merger 103
8. In a Nutshell and Applications of Raja Yoga 111
Bibliography 118
I. Raja Yoga Sloka Sangrahah 121
II. Patanjala Yoga Sutras 131
Important Words 183
Important Subjects 184
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