Yoga Hygiene Simplified

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Author: Shri Yogendra
Publisher: The Yoga Institute
Language: English
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 8185053138
Pages: 166
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

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The book is so simple, lucid and clear that it ought to decorate the nook-shelves of all homes, schools, colleges, universities and educational Institutes.

Human beings are, by and large, immensely ignorant about their physical body with its complexity and immense potentiality. The physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual man hides within its frame. And yet we do not have even a slight idea of the greatness, grandeur and glory that the human organism is capable of.

It would seem that we are all in reality kings and yet go about like beggars seeking and accumulating pebbles rather than pearls from the shores of life.

This small book opens its doors to other literature on the subject of Yoga, which alone can restore sanity and sense, in the world gone crazy over insignificant values.

About the Book

For the world of the future, the official publications of The Yoga Institute including this work, have been microfilmed and sealed in the archives of the Crypt of Civilization "the greatest historical project in the world today" which is to remain inviolate until the year 8113A.D.

These works have been "selected by a committee of experts as the world's most authentic sources of knowledge contained in books", and so preserved for 6000 years hence by Oglethorpe University of America through their remarkable scientific project of the Crypt.

The Yoga Institute not only pioneered the scientific Yoga renaissance over eight decades ago, but also serves as the guiding international link between the ancient scientific Yoga Culture and the generations of the future.

"It is largely the result of the efforts of The Yoga Institute that Yoga has come to be gradually recognized as a positive science and that modern medical sciences are beginning to acknowledge the merits of certain aspects of Yoga hygiene. The book under review presents in a scientific and yet popular style the Yoga way to right living upon a physiological basis. The subject has been stripped of superfluous technicalities and has been harmonized with modern conceptions of personal hygiene. Besides their hygienic import in the daily life of a layman the therapeutic merits of Yoga processes in the treatment of chronic and functional diseases have also been evaluated with scientific and clinical corroborations."

Publisher's Note

Literary activities of the Founder in search of Truth, started soon after he began his Yoga study under Paramahamsa Madhavadasji in 1916. His works in Gujarati were published in 1917 onwards and copies of these are preserved in the Shri Yogendra Library.

In 1919, inspired by his Yoga experience, he started writing on Yoga in English. Various manuscripts like Outlines of Yoga, Science of Yoga, translations of Hathayogapradipika, Gerhanda Samhita and Sivasamhita, in the original mss., are still maintained in the archives of The Yoga Institute. Hesitation to have them published was due to his desire to make such writing on Yoga more authentic, experience-based rational and comprehensive. After over twelve years of personal practical experience of Yoga applied also to thousands of his students and patients, he decided to put this in writing. This work which was started in 1929 was ready in 1930 and published in early 1931.

Yoga Hygiene Simplified attracted the attention of scholars and scientists alike all over the world and was hailed as the most authentic presentation on physiological Yoga. It has been translated in many foreign languages, including Italian, Arabic and Japanese. It has passed through twenty two reprints without any change. Although some progress in the field of research is available, the author prefers to keep this presentation as it originally appeared in 1831.

During discussion with the author in 1977, at the Institute, Dr. Jonas Salk correctly declared. "Medicine is the science of disease and Yoga is the science of health".


I have had the pleasure of going over the entire volume with the author and I can truthfully say that it has been a source of keen interest for me. We of the West pride ourselves upon the advances we have made but the men of the East may pride themselves upon the heritage of knowledge which they possess. Only a few hundred years ago we discovered the circulation of blood, while Yoga recorded it thousands of years ago.

It is, as I understand, the purpose of the author to give a comprehensive presentation of this ancient system of hygiene and physical prophylaxis, to give it in a scholarly, scientific, and also popular way, and to incorporate beside it the modern conceptions of personal hygiene. He has left no source untouched as far as it was humanly possible to explore. He is versed in Sanskrit and other ancient languages and is well able to do the task to which he has assigned himself.

It is, as I understand, the purpose of the author to give a comprehensive presentation of this ancient system of hygiene and physical prophylaxis, to give it in a scholarly, scientific, and also popular way, and to incorporate beside it the modern conceptions of personal hygiene. He has left no source untouched as far as it was humanly possible to explore. He is versed in Sanskrit and other ancient languages and is well able to do the task to which he has assigned himself.

Inasmuch as the work is a research into the past about 3000 years-and also a resume of the modern thought on the subject, it commends itself to those who are interested in this branch of knowledge. Although I am a Western man and trained in the sciences of the West, I have found this volume quite instructive and I look forward with anticipation to the coming of the succeeding volumes.

Among the points which especially held my interest are the following; (1) the emphasis on cleanliness within and without, (2) the urge towards poise and control of the body and mind, (3) the nonviolent, non-fatiguing type of physical exercises and technique advocated, (4) the theories concerning the benefits of alternate breathing, (5) the use of the diaphragm, and (6) the exceptional care taken by the author to give complete reference both to the ancient and modern literature for all points upon which authority might be desired, and also (7) a consistent effort to avoid being dogmatic.

It is this careful method of presentation of this subject by the author, and the historical aspect of the material presented that has commended itself to me. As a surgeon and physician I cannot subscribe to some of the practices of these ancient investigators but my academic interest in their theories, beliefs, and methods is not lessened thereby. It is upon this basis that I feel that this work fills a unique place in the literature on the history of personal hygiene.

Since I am personally acquainted with this author, and am convinced that he is the man preeminently fitted to do this kind of research work (non only because of his extensive intimate association with the ancient writings but also because of his study in England and the Continent and his four years' work in America in 1919 when he was associated with many of the members of the medical profession). I do not hesitate to commend this work to those who are interested in this type of research.


Preface 7
Intoduction 10
List of Illustrations 21
Hygiene : A Religious Observance 27
Cultural Effects of Yoga Health Ideals 30
Disease : A Physical Sin 34
The Sixfold Purpose of yoga Hygiene 35
(a)The Removal of Disease 36
(a) The Purification of the Body 36
(c) The Maintenance of Physical Efficiency 37
(d) Auto-immunization 37
(e) Longevity 39
(f) Moral and Spiritual Elevation 41
The Yogin : A Hygienic Curiosity 42
Causes of Old Age 46
A Few Demonstrations of Organic Control 48
Art of Rejuvenation 50
Scientific Acknowledgements 51
Yoga Outlook on Death 56
The Teeth and the Mouth 58
(a) The Tooth-brush 60
(b) The Dentifrice 62
(c) The Mouth-wash 64
The Tongue 64
The Ear 66
The Frontal Air Sinuses 69
Therapeutic Value of Kapalabhati 72
Yoga Facial Hygiene 73
Importance of Nasal Cleansing 75
Various Methods of Nasal Cleansing 78
(a)Jalaneti 79
(b)Reverse Process of Water-snuffing 84
© Siddha Jalaneti 86
Allied Curative Process 86
Yoga Nasal Hygiene 88
The Real Eye 92
Eyestrain 93
The Sun and Moon Gazing 94
Eye Exercises 97
(a) The Nasal Gaze 101
(b) The Eyebrow Gaze 101
© The Right-shoulder Gaze 101
(d) The Left-shoulder Gaze 104
Eye Massage 105
Eye Bath 105
Yoga Ocular Hygiene 106
Four Apartments 109
The Five Food Laboratories. 111
(a) The Mouth or the Mill 111
(b) The Stomach or the Mixing Plant 112
© The Small Intestines or Absorbing Chamber 113
(d) The Liver or the Refinery 113
(e) The Colon or the Waste Disposal Sytem 114
Uniformity of Causes in Disease 114
Responsibilities of the Stomach 116
Vamandhouti or Autolavage 121
Physiologic Effects of Autolavage 125
Clinical Reports on Vamanadhouti 126
Some Useful Suggestions 128
Other Yoga Accessories 130
Yoga Stomach Hygiene 130
Auto-intoxication 133
Methods of Elimination 135
Intestinal Flatus 137
Anti-flatus Postures 137
Postures for Abating Constipation 140
Sarvangasana 141
Stretching of the Abdominal Muscles 145
(a) Dhanurvakrasana 145
Internal Massage 146
(a) Sakticalana Mudra 146
(b) Uddiyana bandha 147
Clinical Tests 147
Yoga Enema 152
(a) Favourable Positions for Enema 153
(b)Use of Uddiyana in Enema 154
S-ray Investigations on Basti 154
Early Demonstrations 156
False Antiperistaltic Hypothesis 156
Contraindications 159
Yoga Colon Hygiene 159
Index 161

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