Yoga for Pregnancy

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Author: Dr. Shamantakamani Narendran, Dr. R Nagarathna,Dr. H R Nagendra
Language: English
Edition: 2022
ISBN: 9788187313151
Pages: 168 (B & W Illus:112)
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
From the Back of the Book:

This book provides useful guidelines for pregnant women who wish to practise yoga to have an easy delivery. Here is a complete description of asanas, regulated breathing (Pranayama) and relaxation techniques profusely illustrated, which they can do throughout pregnancy up till delivery. It also gives information about the physiological changes that take place in mother. There are some interesting Puranic stories also. The key message here is that yoga can be practiced by pregnant women. About the Author:

Dr Shamanthakamani Narendran is one of the eminent pediatricians of Bangalore. She broadcasts regular programmes on All India Radio and Dooradarshan.

She recently got her Master's Degree in Kannada and also in Philosophy, through correspondence course. She is now doing her Ph D in yoga and allied sciences from VYASA affiliated to Bangalore University. She has traveled widely: she takes active part in rural health projects and other community services. She is a Rotarian and Paul Harris Fellow. She has published two books on childcare (in Kannada Language).

She is a recipient of several awards. He served as president of Bangalore Pediatric Society, Association of Women Doctors of Karanataka, and Kannada Vaidya Sahithya Parishat. She is at present doing extensive research study on efficacy of "Yoga in Pregnant Women".

Preface Page No.
1.1 Broad Perspectives in obstetrics 1
1.2 Anatomical features
1.2.1 Female reproductive system 2
1.2.2 Male reproductive system 11
1.2.3 Fertilization 15
1.2.4 Conception & Implantation 16
1.2.5 Fetal life Support systems 17
1.2.6 Further development of the fetus 20
1.2.7 Nutrients for brain development 24
1.3 Physiological aspects
1.3.1 Physiology of pregnancy 27
1.3.2 What are the important hormonal changes in pregnancy? 30
1.4 Three trimesters of pregnancy
1.4.1 Changes in first Trimester 32
1.4.2 Changes in second Trimester 34
1.4.3 Changes in third Trimester 35
1.5 Complications of pregnancy 36
1.6 Sonography in pregnancy 37
1.7 Child Birth 38
2.1 What is stress? 41
2.2 Is pregnancy a stress? 46
2.3 How does yoga provide the answer to stress reduction in pregnancy? 48
3.1 What is Antenatal? 49
3.2 Diet in pregnancy 50
3.3 Yogic concept of balance diet 54
4.1 Concept of Yoga 59
4.2 Five sheaths of human existence 61
4.3 How do we understand illness (Vyadhi) according to Yoga? 66
4.4 What is Astanga Yoga of Maharshi Patanjali? 68
4.5 The four streams of yoga 72
4.6 Integrated approach of yoga therapy in pregnancy 78
5.1 Garbhopanisad 85
5.2 From Puranas
5.2.1 According to the Agni Purana 87
5.2.2 According to the Brahmanda Purana 88
5.3 Stories from Scriptures
5.3.1 The story of Abhimanyu 89
5.3.2 The story of Prahlada 89
5.3.3 The story of Astavakra 89
5.3.4 The story of Pariksit 90
6.1 Introduction to yoga practices 93
6.2 Sthiti and Sithila postures 94
6.3 Sakti Vikasaka Suksma Vyayama
6.3.1 Loosening Fingers 95
6.3.2 Loosening Wrist 96
6.3.3 Shoulder Rotation 97
6.4 Breathing Practices
6.4.1 Hands in and breathing 99
6.4.2 Hands Stretch/ Side Stretch breathing 100
6.4.3 Tiger Breathing 101
6.4.4 Neck Exercise 102
6.5 Loosening Practices
6.5.1 Forward and Backward bending 105
6.5.2 Side Bending 106
6.5.3 Twisting 106
6.6 Yogasanas
6.6.1 Standing posture
a. Ardha-Kati Cakrasana 107
b. Padahasatasana 108
6.6.2 Sitting posture
a. Vajrasana 109
b. Ardha-Matsyendrasana 110
c. Badha Konasana* 111
d. Upavista Konasana* 114
e. Squatting* 116
f. Sasankasana 117
g. Siddhasana 117
6.6.3 Supine posture
a. Viparita Karani 118
b. Instant Relation Technique (IRT) 119
c. Quick Relation Technique (QRT) 120
d. Deep Relation Technique (DRT) 121
e. Savasana in Lateral Position 123
f. Yoga Nidra 124
7.1 Introduction 127
7.2 Sectional Breathing
a. Abdominal, b. Thoraic, c. Upper Lobar 128-129
7.3 Techniques of Pranayama
7.3.1. Nadi Suddhi 130
7.3.2. Cooling Pranayama
a. Sitali, b. Sitkari, c. Sadanta 132-131
7.3.3. Bhramari 132
7.4 Pranayama in delivery room 133
8.1 Introduction 135
8.2 Nadanusandhana 136
8.3 OM Meditation 138
8.4 Mudras used in Meditation
8.4.1 Asvini Mudra 140
8.4.2 Sanmukhi Mudra 140
9.1 Trataka 143
9.2 Vamana Dhouti 148
Yga practices during Child Delivery 151
References 152
Practice Charts 153

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**Contents and Sample Pages**

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