Yoga For Health and Personality (Discover The Physical Mental Emotional And Spiritual Benefits of Asanas, Pranayama, Shat Karma and Meditation)

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Author: Dr.G.Francis Xavier
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9788122308921
Pages: 123 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 9.5 inch X 7.5 inch
Weight 250 gm
Book Description
About The Book

Yoga is a holistic science promoting specific techniques for integrated development of man’s entire being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Regular practise of Yoga ensures sound health, sharp intellect, youthful looks, abundant energy, emotional maturity, composure, compassion and spiritual awareness. This is perhaps the only book that offers all practical aspects of Yoga — Asanas, Pranayama, Shat Karma and meditation. The pages are profusely illustrated with photos of Yogic asanas performed by the author and others, making it easy to follow the step-by-step guidelines explaining the techniques for every posture. The specific benefits of each asana are also stated. Suitable for young and old alike, just half an hour of daily Yoga will help you overcome bad habits, improve your personality and make you a better human being in every aspect.

About The Author

Dr. G. Francis Xavier is the Founder-Chairman of TAP Foundation International, an organisation dedicated to the philosophy of self- improvement. With a Doctoral Degree in Self-improvement, Dr. Xavier is a member of the Association of International Yoga Therapists, Los Angeles, USA, a full teaching member of International Yoga Teachers’ Association Sydney, Australia as well as a Registered Medical Practitioner in Ayurveda.

The author has conducted training programmes in metro cities and abroad: USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kenya and Tanzania. Currently, he is conducting Trainers’ Training, a popular training programme to create many trainers in Personality Development and Memory. Dr. Xavier opines that Yoga improves intellect and memory. He has innovated a powerful technique called Memory Filing System. A voracious reader, creative thinker, powerful speaker and prolific author, he has written many books on successful living, brainpower, jokes, stress management, palmistry and accounting.


The summer came and with it came the holidays too. I went to my aunt’s house and made friends with the young boy there; we went together to the field to feed the cattle.

I was only 11 years of age then. While playing, the young boy surprised me by sending erect on his head. This was the most exciting vacation in my life. I persuaded the boy to teach me the technique of standing ‘upside down’ without realising that it was the King of Asanas — I was innocently ignorant! But now, as a seasoned Yoga practitioner, I consider the young boy my first ‘guru’.

At that time I did not realise that the practice of Yoga improves one’s health and personality. Therefore, I did not practise Yoga. Since early childhood onwards, I was a sickly child suffering from a variety of diseases. Only at the age of 37, when I was the principal of Cooperative Staff Training College, Bangalore, I took to Yoga at the instance of an allopathic physician, Dr Dhananjaya. Within a period of five to six months my health improved considerably.

Thereafter, I took serious interest in Yoga. I spared no pains to learn several tough : techniques from a number of reputed practitioners. Besides the personal instructions and guidance that I received, I equipped myself further by reading as many books and ecirna1s as possible.

I have been consistently practising Yoga for many decades and this book is the result of many experiments with Yoga. Here, I have established a new wave of thought that Yoga has nothing to do with religion. Many Christians and Muslims feel hesitant to take up Yogic practices for fear that Yoga may be against their religious faith. But I have scientifically and logically proved that people of any faith can, without prejudice, practise Yoga to discipline themselves, both in mind and body. There is nothing like Christian Yoga or Hindu Yoga. Yoga is a simple science expounding certain techniques and methods, practised for integrated development of man’s entire being — physical, mental and emotional.

It is an acknowledged fact — borne out by my personal experience — that regular and consistent practise of Yoga will provide: • Scintillating health
• Sharp intellect
• Youthful looks
• Abundant energy
• Emotional maturity
• Calm and serene mind
Concern for others, and
• Spiritual awareness

What more does a person require in life? So why not start practising Yoga away? You may ask - How? Close this book. Keep it aside. Sit erect. Be comfortable and relaxed. Close your eyes. Now, dose your mind. Aha! You may wonder: How is this possible? Right! Then, simply do sit still for 15 minutes. What should you do during this time? Nothing! Simply do nothing! Open your eyes after the l5 minute only. If you are able to sit calmly quietly for a period of 15 minutes everyday, you are on the right path to Yogic life.?

You may also go ahead with the Yogic practices given in this book. Practise them regularly without a break even for a single day. This may be the only book that offers you, in a single volume, all practical aspects of Yoga — practices of Asanas, Pranayama, Shatkarma and meditation.

Yoga will improve your personality and make you a better human being. Wish you the best of luck in your endeavour to practise Yoga.


There is one export of which Indians can be justifiably proud — Yoga. The whole world is amazed with its intricate use in the attainment of a sound mind in a sound body. No doubt quacks have taken full advantage of the yearning for Yogic knowledge, especially in Western countries. Genuine teachers of Yoga are few and hard to come by. Dr Xavier is one of them. I have the good fortune to be one of his students and have learnt many techniques to improve my health and personality.

Yoga is purely a scientific system of techniques to develop an integrated personality. For years Dr Xavier practised this system himself before he began to preach and teach it.

The graded exercises in chapter after chapter — replete with suitable illustrations —will encourage beginners to follow them without difficulty. An impressive Bibliography appended to this book leaves little doubt about Dr Xavier’s thoroughness in this field of physical, mental and emotional fitness. He has blended theory and practice in a mastery manner.

It is a matter of pleasure and privilege for me to write a Foreword for this book as one of the admirers of Dr Xavier’s sterling qualities. He is a man of many parts. I wish him all success in his endeavours to propagate the principles and practices of Yoga all over the world.

I strongly recommend this book with pride and pleasure for the psychosomatic well being of prospective practitioners.

Part One
The Nature and Scope of Yoga11-25
Part Two
Theory and Practise of Asanas26-63
Practise of Asanas29
Surya Namaskar29
Sirsha Asana34
Sarvanga Asana39
Matsya Asana42
Hal Asana44
Chakra Asana46
Bhujanga Asana48
Yoga Mudra Asana51
Bhadra Asana53
Ardha Matsyendra Asana55
Paschimothan Asana57
Mayur Asana59
Shava Asana61
Part Three
Theory and Practise of Pranayama64-78
Part Four
Practices of Shat Karma79-92
Part Five
Theory and Practise of Meditation93-113

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