Yoga for all: Simple Yogic Exercises for All Age Groups

Yoga for all: Simple Yogic Exercises for All Age Groups

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Item Code: IDF626
Author: Dr. Rajeev Sharma
Publisher: Manoj Publications, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 8181332717
Pages: 205
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5" X 5.5"
About the Book

Spend just a few minutes each day on the remarkable physiological techniques, attuning positively your mind and body, as described in this book and you will quickly build a feeling of relaxation and well being. That is why it is called Yoga-the union of body with mind, mind with soul, soul with Almighty. The text is supplemented with proper illustrations and necessary tables. Separate chapter on diet is also included for added benefit.

Yoga is a system of the harmony of body and mind so badly required in today's active and complex world.

About the Author

He is an eminent consultant of Homeopathy yoga naturopathy and Alternative Medicine in India. He has written more than one hundred in Hindi and English an around one thousand articles which have been published in various newspaper and magazines. He is also an Editorial Board Member of the prestigious Asian Homeopathic Journal Besides many other newspaper and magazines.

He has written books on Ayurveda, allopathy, homeopathy, yoga etc

The Books written are published by renowed publishers of India. Besides this he is doing editing and translation also. He is content provider to many magazines. He has written books on all major ailments like diabetes, hypertension etc.

He is working as Vastu Fengshui Consultant, Educational Consultant and Marriage and Behaviour Counsellor too. He has delivering lectures and providing literature on Personality Development and Life Style Managemant also to the MNC's. He has established an institute through which you can get certificates by correspondence in Acupressure, Masage besides other paramedical courses.

Chapter I What is Yoga? 7
Chapter II Purusha-Arthas: The Aims of Life 10
Chapter III Important Points before Starting Yogic Exercise 16
Chapter IV Simple Yogasanas for every One 26
Chapter V Important Yogic Exercise 49
Chapter VI Healing through Pranayama 68
Chapter VII Six Yogic Kriyas 81
Chapter VIII Yoga for the Whole Working Day 94
Chapter IX Asanas and Diseases 106
Chapter X Selected Yogasanas for Obese 109
Chapter XI Yoga for Diabetics 111
Chapter XII Yoga for Arthritis and Inflammation of Joints 113
Chapter XIII Yoga and Beauty 115
Chapter XIV Yoga and Sex 118
Chapter XV Yoga as a Remedy for Addictions 123
Chapter XVI Mudras For Quick Cure 129
Chapter XVII Hasya Yoga 137
Chapter XVIII Eye Exercise 139
Chapter XIX Wonders of Surya Namaskar 144
Chapter XX Yoga Props for Children 151
Chapter XXI Proper Diet for Arthritics 157
Chapter XXII Proper Diet for Obse 159
Chapter XXIII Massage- A Good Exercise and Accupressure Massage 161
Chapter XXIV Water and walking-Good Medicines 169
Chapter XXV Fourth Dimension 174
Chapter XXVI Essential Food Nutrients For A Healthy Body 182
Chapter XXVII Calories, Height-Weight and Essential Nutrients Tables 196
Chapter XXVIII Illustrations of Forward Yoga 202
Chapter XXIX The Human Body 204

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