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Yoga As Therapy - Medical View

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Author: Dr. Satish Pathak
Publisher: Kaivalyadhama Samiti Lonavla
Language: English
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9788192067025
Pages: 232 (15 B/W Illustrations)
Other Details 8.50 X 5.50 inch
Weight 310 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description
About the Book

The aim of book make Yoga students, particularly Therapy students aware about the basic human Anatomy and Physiology in the context of knowing the exactly related part involved in any given disease. A special attention has been given in the book to make reader aware about the prevailing misconception namely. "For everything and anything Yoga is the answer!" As Swami Kuvalayanandaji has said, "Every Therapy has it’s own limitations so too is the case of Yoga applied as Therapy". It has been explained in the book as to what type of patients one can treat with Yoga and what type you should not ventre to treat. With this timely book, in the wake of the worldwide Yoga awareness, this book can act as a guide not only Yoga Students, Teachers but also for the general public.


Historically, Yoga is not meant for Therapy as said in Hatha Pradipika. Basically therapy is meant for those sadhakas who practice asanas, pranayama with careless attitude. Some disorders are bound to erupt and need to get addressed, as referred in Hatha Pradipika :

Pranayamena yuktena sarvarogaksayo bhavet I

Ayuktabhyasayogena sarvarogasamudbhavah II

"By proper practice of Pranayama all diseases are annihilated. Improper practice of Pranayama (on the other hand) gives rise to all sorts of diseases".

It brings me an immense joy to introduce to you Dr. Satish Pathak's book, "Yoga as Therapy: Medical View. " Yoga as a form of therapy is a relatively modern concept. In 1960, the Government of India, Ministry of Health, published one of the first books on yoga therapy. However, earliest seeds of the concept were planted by Swami Kuvalayananda who, through his practices and research, was treating patients through yoga, as early as in the 1930s. Some of his most notable consults included Honorable Babasaheb Ambedkar, Pujya Mahatma Gandhi, and Shree Motilal Nehru. A man of the keen insight, and strict discipline, Swamiji did not take the concept of yogic therapy lightly. He always felt that a qualified yoga therapist was a medical man, who really understood the anatomy and physiology of the human body.

I feel extremely proud to write that Dr. Pathak is carrying forward the exact vision of Swamiji. In this thoroughly researched book, Dr. Pathak has presented various diseases, their causes, and their potential remedies through yogic interventions. Wherever Yoga is not helpful it clearly says so, as Swamiji said every Therapy has its own limitations. So too is the case with Yoga Therapy. Although highly detailed, the book is presented in an easy to understand format that is worthy of appreciation by readers of all levels.

I am sure people will appreciate the book which is written with scientific base yet with an explicit motive to help all, through benefits from the yogic remedies listed in the book. I am sure the book will serve the humanity greatly and would prove to be a fitting sequel to "Yogic Therapy", the first ever book of its kind, published in 1963 on the subject by Swami Kuvalayananda & Dr. S. L. Vinekar.

Kaivalyadham will always serve the society, as ever, by presenting books like the one written by Dr. Satish Pathak. Swastirastu!


21sT Century is, inarguably the century of stress & tensions. It is also a modern era with advancement in every walk of life, bringing innumerable facilities at the feet of the modern man. Modernization has made the man idle and created a craving for more and more luxuries, thus inviting, in the process, an unhealthy, unnatural food, forgetting the old norms about food as has been laid down by our ancestors. Modern Allopathy science has made huge contribution in research, conquering the communicable diseases which were rampant until about 60-70 years back. All these advantages of modernization have been good for the modern man. However, there are disadvantages too, making the man miserable due to the resultant tension prone non communicable diseases. Life expectancy has increased from 50-60 years to 80-90 years, often tagged with these diseases, apart from many a psychological disorder too.

This has made the man to run in search of some way which would promise him some relief from physical, mental problems. Yoga has been a perfect answer to this and so people have developed interest and faith in treading this path of Yoga. Sages' assertion, "Yoga is ancient Indian heritage, Today's need and going to be a culture of Tomorrow" is coming true. One can achieve a total health as per the definition of WHO, with the help of Yoga.

Yoga is also a science and not mysticism. Regular Yoga practice sets right the biological clock of your body in such a way that it will not go wrong. And if, at all, something goes wrong it can also help recover the lost ground too.

I have been explaining the scientific view of Yoga and also treating the patients of different diseases with the help of Yoga for the last 22 years. In the process, I started realizing the real importance of Yoga and also indications, contraindications and limitations of Yoga in each disease. Yoga can cure quite a many disease states, can only arrest the progression of the certain others and also may prove to be absolutely helpless in treating certain specific diseases.

With the above mentioned view, I then started guiding the Yoga students and realized, in the process, that just this much knowledge was not sufficient for them but they also needed to know some more details of the disease states. In this book I have covered, in Part one, the basic human anatomy and physiology which a Yoga student should know to have it as a base for further study. In Part two, I have covered gross description of acute and chronic diseases and their mode of most acceptable and needed treatment procedures. Then, I have given system wise knowledge of the diseases, like what part of the human body is affected by any given disease, what are the symptoms, signs and investigations in short. I have written about a broad modern treatment style and also whether one can treat this patient with Yoga. I also mentioned as to what are the diseases, where Yoga has got no role and has to take help of modern medicine only. As per Swami Kuvalayanandaji, the founder director of Kaivalyadham, every Therapy has its own limitations. So Yoga Therapy too has its limitations. Yoga students should keep this in mind while treating patient with Yoga. Swamiji was first to give scientific bases to Yoga. He has started Yoga Hospital in 1960 when world was struggling and doing research in allopathy to conquer the diseases with high morbidity and mortality.

The basic anatomy and physiology part has been verified by experts in the field. I was guided by Dr. Ravindra Inamdar M. D. (Physiology) Prof. and HOD Physiology department, M.G.M. Medical College Navi Mumbai, Dr. Mrs Anjali Sabnis M.S.(Anatomy) HOD Anatomy department M.G.M. College Navi Mumbai. I am thankful for their valuable guidance. Part two of the book was thoroughly read and necessary changes were advised by my classmate Dr. G. K. Deshpande, Senior Physician and Dr. Anant S. Chary, senior Orthopaedic Surgeon. Their clinical knowledge and vast experience have immensely helped me to update this part.

Shri O.P.Tiwari Sir, Secretary of Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute, the senior most legend in the field of Yoga, has been the constant inspiration for writing this book. He has also guided me in writing the Yoga modules for different diseases and has also helped me to improve the contents of the book to a qualitatively high standard.

Prof. Bhogal Sir A.D.R. i/c Scientific Research Department has been my mentor in guiding me in all aspects of writing book from selecting proper name for the book to correction of the contents of the book so as to achieve a good standard. He has been very kind enough to spare his valuable time in spite of his busy schedule to edit and give his valuable suggestions which I can never forget and do not wants to get away by just saying thanks.

Shri Subodh ji Tiwari, C.E.O. Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute has been a strong pillar behind this book writing. When I told him about this book he not only said yes but told me to complete all formalities immediately and instructed the concerned person to act accordingly. It has really boosted my morale to dizzy heights!

I would like to express my gratitude to Ar. Rajesh C. Parmar Associate Professor and Architect at Thakur School of Architecture & Planning, Kandivli. He has immensely contributed some anatomical sketches, hand drawn completely.

I am also thankful to Kalpesh V. Patkar and get2patkar agency for book design of cover page and figures in it. I, also, would like to thank Mr Sachin Kamble who has taken efforts in helping me in respect to complete the book in a stipulated time.

I am also very grateful to my wife Mrs. Sudha, son Swanand, Saurabh, daughter in law Mrs. Preeti for helping me to complete this another book on Yoga within a short period of just one year.

**Contents and Sample Pages**

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