तंत्रालोक-शब्दानुक्रमणिका- Word-Index of the Tantraloka
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तंत्रालोक-शब्दानुक्रमणिका- Word-Index of the Tantraloka

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Author: Navjivan Rastogi
Language: Sanskrit Only
Edition: 2022
ISBN: 9788121512879
Pages: 328
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About the Book
The Tantraloka of Abhinavagupta is perhaps the first, the largest and in a very real senses the most profound traditional undertaking (known to the present day student) that puts the entire tantric lore, literature, thought and praxis in a well-knit coherent pattern at one place. This text has rightly acquired eminence unmatched by any other treatise in the field of tantric source texts. This Word-Index is intended to meet a long-felt need of the world scholarship at large intent on coming to terms with the complex architecture of the Tantraloka through its intricate enormity.

The present exercise should be seen as culmination of the author's efforts towards the structural study providing a basic support system for the more serious researchers in the field. The present work may, therefore, serve as a supplement. to the author's Introduction to the Tantraloka: A Study in Structure. The present work; in addition, may also act as a comprehensive subject - index of the Tantraloka affording thereby an indispensable tool for in-depth studies in the related areas.

About the Author
Navjivan Rastogi, besides being a pupil in the direct lineage of K.C. Pandey, is privileged to have been a colleague of his master and mentor for six years with whom he (jointly) edited an anonymous sub commentary on Abhinavagupta's lsvara-pratyabhijna-vimarsini (unpublished). Formerly Honorary Director of the Abhinavagupta Institute of Aesthetics and Saiva Philosophy, founded by his teacher K.C. Pandey, he retired from active service as the chairperson of the Department of Sanskrit, Pali, and Prakrta languages, University of Lucknow.

Navjivan Rastogi came to prominence with the publication of his Krama Tantricism of Kashmir, vol. I. His other major works for which he is known are: An Introduction to the Tantraloka: A Study in Structure and Kasmira Sivadvayavdda ki Mula Avadharanayen ("Key Concepts of the Saiva Monism of Kashmir"). He has also edited Tantraloka with the Viveka of Jayaratha, in eight volumes jointly with R.c. Dived. Among his most recent works the Abhinavagupta ka Tantragamiya Darsana (in Hindi, "The Tantragamic Philosophy of Abhinavagupta") has been highly acclaimed by the scholars followed by Abhinava: Perspectives on Abhinavagupta edited jointly with Dr. Meera Rastogi. His monograph Kasmira Sivadvayavada mem Pramdna-cintana stands out as a pioneer study on the sources of knowing in the Pratyabhijna system. His latest work Kalikrama and Abhinavagupta:

Epistemological Ethos of a Tantric System has just been released. Currently, nominated as a National Fellow of Indian Council of Philosophical Research he is engaged in advance research on Pratyabhijna epistemology.

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