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The Wives of The Holy Prophet

The Wives of The Holy Prophet
Item Code: IDI923
Author: Maulana M. Ashiq Elahi
Publisher: Idara Isha' At-E-Diniyat (P) Ltd.
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 8171014496
Pages: 155
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"
weight of the book: 230 gms

My very dear and cherished friend Maulana Muhammad Ashiq Bulandshehri had written many religious books on different subjects.The books written by him are very popular among the scholars as well as general public,and various publishing houses have printed his different works and some are still under print.

Maulana Muhammad Ashiq had written a book regarding the reformation and betterment of women.He is quite at home over this subject. Lack of interest and ignorance about the knowledge of Islam,specially among the females, needs that they should be provided with the knowledge of Quran,Ahadith and religion,and other tenets of Islam.The women of present day must gracious wives and daughters of the Prophet Muhammad practiced during their life time.

Maulana Muhammad Ashiq have complied two books in this respect.The title of the first one of is 'Ummat-e-Muslima kee Maayen'(The Mothers of the Muslims) and the second one has a title as 'Rasulullah ke Sahabzadian'(The Daughters of the prophet).The first book contains a complete biography and life sketches of the wives of the Prophet and in the second book he has given a complete history of the daughters of the Prophet Muhammad .These biographies are quite lesson oriented.Every family of Muslims must read it.

Maulana Muhammad Ashiq has also written a very famous book with a title 'Muslim Khwateen ke Liye Bees Sabaq'(Twenty Lectures for Muslim Women).People are requested they should pursue women to read these lectures as well along other books, he had written for them.

May God accept the efforts of Maulana Muhammad Ashiq Bulandshehri,and our present society is reformed.

Back of Book

This is the English version of Urdu Book Ummat E Muslima ki Maayen written by one of the prominent Islamic scholars Maulana Mohammad Ashiq Elahi Bulandshehri.

The book contains the brief biographies of all the wives of the Holy Prophet their pious sacrifices,all sorts of troubles they underwent, their religious activities,efforts for the case of spreading Islam and their steadfastness.

This is a Lesson-Oriented book for every Muslim.

Preface         XI
Introduction        XIII
Hazrat Khadija        1
How She Married the Prophet        1
Hazrat Khadija,the First Believer and participant in the Progress of Islam         4
A Sojourn at Sh'ab-e-Abi Talib        10
Wealth of Hazrat Khadija Utilized for the Progress of Islam        11
Offering Prayers        11
The Children of the Prophet from Khadija        13
Virtues of Khadija        14
Death of Khadija         17
Hazrat A'isha        18
Nikah (the Marriage Ceremony)        18
Migration         20
Departure        23
The Benefits Gained due to the Companionship         25
Queries from Hazrat A'isha to the Prophet        26
The Prophet's Love for A'isha         31
Special Training of Hazrat A'isha        32
Various Advises        34
Wisdom        35
Propagation of Islam         36
Serenity,Piousity and Domestic Life        42
Asking for Advice         46
Virtues and Destinction        46
Enormous Prayers         48
Obeying order of Islam Blindly        49
Ablution by Dust         50
Poetry and Medicine        52
Generosity        53
Fear of God and Last Day        55
A false Accusation and Clarification by God        57
Death        68
Hazrat Sauda         70
Marriage         70
Migration         72
Her Physique        73
Obedience and Atendance to the Prophet        73
Humor        74
Generosity         74
Desire to Remain as Wife of the Prophet till Last Day         74
Observation        75
Dealth         77
Hazrat Hafsa         78
Marriage with the Prophet        79
Hafsa in the Company of the Prophet        80
An Important Incident        82
An Incident of Divorce and Reunion         83
Amusement         83
Prayers        84
Death        84
Hazrat Zainab bint Khuzaima        85
Hazrat Umme Salma         87
Acceptance of Islam and First Marriage Migration        87
Stay at Madinath        90
Death of Hazrat Abu Salma        90
Marriage with the Prophet        91
Wisdom        94
Knowledge She Gained from the Prophet        96
Bringing up the Children        100
Offering Sacrifice and Alms        101
Commands and Prohibitions         101
Death         102
Hazrat Zainab binte Hajash        103
Her First Marriage        103
Marriage with the Prophet        106
Marriage Feast        109
Observing Vell        110
Benefits of Keeping Veil        113
Fear of God and Piety         113
Offering Sacrifices        114
Hajj Performed        115
Death        116
The Last Will        117
Hazrat Jawairiya binte Harith         118
Marriage with the Prophet        119
Benefit        120
Refused        121
Father Embraces Islam        121
Change of Name         122
Reciting the Names of God        123
Death        123
Hazrat Umme Habiba        124
Migration to Abyssinia         124
Marriage with the Prophet        125
Return from Abyssinia        127
Respect of the Prophet        127
Obedience to Hadith        129
Anxiety over the Last Day         130
Death        131
Hazrat Safiya         132
Marriage with the Prophet        132
Marriage Feast        135
Reaching Madinah         136
Generosity        137
Habits and Morals        137
An Immense Love with the Prophet         137
Assistance to Hazrat Uthman        139
Pierty and Offering of Prayers         140
Hazrat Memoona        141
Marriage with the Prophet        141
Companionship with the Prophet        143
Complements by Hazrat A'isha        143
A Specail Event         143
Prayers        144
Death         144
The Last Words        146
The Philosophy of Wedding so Many Wives        148
Moral        151

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