Who is This Shama Churn?

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Author: Dr. Ashoke Kumar Chatterjee
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9798187563265
Pages: 320
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description
About the Author

Yogacharya Vacaspati Dr. Ashoke Kumar chatterjee, author of this book was born in 1933 in west Bengal. The sudden demise of his mother when he was away in service intensely agonized him. He grew averse to material pursuits and became spiritually inclined. He received initiation in kriyayoga in April 1961. He reached the pinnacle of kriyayoga within a short span. His three Gurus were stalwarts in this discipline. His first Guru was Sri Annada Charan Sastri (Bhattacharya) disciple of Panchanan Bhattacharya, an elevated disciple of Yogiraj Sri Shama Churn Lahiree. After Sastriji’s demis, Dr. Chatterjee obtained initiation from Sundaralal Lala of Varanasi, disciple of Sri Harinarayan Paladhi. Who was the disciple of Yogiraj and later from Sri Satyacharan Lahiri, grandson of yogiraj. Today Yogacharya Vacaspati Chatterjee is acknowledged as a world kriyayoga Master.

Being an ardent devotee of Sanatana Dharma’s Polestar, Yogiraj Shama Churn Lahiree and to propagate His ideals and tenets before the masses so that they derive the right path, the right enlightenment, he has penned many books in Bengali, illustrating the science of Kriyayoga. Most of his books have been published in Indian languages like Hindi, Oriya, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Malayalam, Assamese editions are awaiting publication. ‘Purana Purusha yogiraj Sri Shama Churn Lahiree’ has been published in French also. His other books (English editions) are also awaiting publication. He has authored quite a number of articles delineating the science hence rationality of kriyayoga.

He has founded ‘Yogiraj Shyamacharan Santan Mission’ and the temple of Yogiraj at kakdwip, West Bengal, India with the objective that mankind can derive the kriyayga revived by Yogiraj. He has organized philanthropic activities through this Mission. To further Yogiraj consciousness he has travelled throughout India and in many places in the orient and occident. People irrespective of caste, creed, colour, nation, language, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, untouchables, renouncers, are all coming under his aegis and are finding n him their haven and panacea for all evils. He has a large following throughout India and abroad like USA, England, France, Spain, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Bangladesh etc.

The author expounds that all-pervasive Prana is dharma and God. The total creation of ma, insects, animals , trees, water, earth, air, fire, sky all have the same dharma and belong to one Master.

Yogacharya Dr. Ashole kumar Chattrjee was invited as the sole representative from India to participate in the Parliament of World Religions held at Val St. Hugon, France in 1997 convened by Dalai Lama and sponsored by UNO, UNESCO, UNCHR. At this Parliament of World Religions, he upheld the tenets of Sanatana yoga dharma to the world with a clarion voice. His brilliant exegesis on the subject of love, peace and solidarity-one world, one religion, one God, one man at the Parliament of world Religions received tumultuous applause. All those present at this Parliament like representatives from all religions; scientists; philosophers; journalists; the audience; being spellbound by his profound wisdom and eloquence, conferred on him profound wisdom and eloquence, conferred on him paens of praise. French newspapers commented on him to be a wise worthy dignified sage a seer ‘ a visionary’ etc.

A civic reception graced by luminaries from all walks of life was accorded to him on 10th June 1998 in Calcutta.



The book “ who is this Shamachurn” forms the last of the trilogies on Shamachurn, the Fountain-Head of Kriyayoga, the first being “Purana Purusha Yogiraj Sri Shamachurn Lahiree”, an authentic biography on Shamachurn, the second “ Shamachurn Kriyayoga and Non-Duality” an annotation of one hundred quotations of Lahiree Mahasaya.

The Greatest Household-Yogi Shamachurn has been upheld to humankind by an impeccable stroke of dexterity. None before has laid bare the essence, concept, philosophy, the Ess, the sublime spirituality and spirituality and spiritual sublimity of Shamachurn. This book indeed unravels the esotery of Shamachurn; ignites and kindles the flame to know the truth about the Non-Debatable Shamachurn; to refute and quash the gross absurdities propounded about the Absolute Shamachurn; to enlighten and elevate the Shamachurn seekers into the sublimity of the subtle Prana or soul.

It is indeed a misfortune that many soul-seekers are being deluded and misguided about Brahma-Shamachurn. This book will surely prove to be a treasure trove for them. This book will put cynics and atheists to rest. Shamachrun traders will shortly have to wind shop after this book.

So long the world has been gifted Shamachurn materialistically by material givers to material seekers. Analysing the Absolute Brahma- Shamachurn materialistically with gross sensory endeavours is a blasphemy!

The very attempts of pinning down Almighty Shamachurn to the abysmal depths of sordid fantasies is repulsive and obnoxious indeed .Such literary stalwarts have been acclaimed to have accomplished spiritual literary greats on Shamahcurn. Who has acknowledged these so called stalwarts? None other than the already duped reading masses who have willfully shied away from knowing the truth about Shamachurn. But the time has come for the world at large to discern the baselessness of yarns spinned around Brahma-Shamachurn. It is for such discerning readers that around Brahma Shamachurn. It is for such discerning readers that this book is a passport to know Infinite Shamachur. The Exodus has commenced and no one knows where it will end.

This book unfolds th truth that Shamchurn is Indefinable, Unquestionable, Non-Answerable Incomparable, Non-Debatable, Undefinable, Irrefutable,Indivsible.

Shamachurn vis-à-vis Bhagavan Krishna, Bhagavan Rma, the four yugas,Bbaji has been delineated with an intrinsic easefulness. Is it possible for an intensely knowledgeable one, for one w ho is a self-realized yogi to meticulously analyse, rationalize, the Infinite subtle subtlety Shamachurn? Who can assess or glorify Bhagavan? Dr. Ashoke Kumar Chatterjee has. Should we say he has accomplished a mammoth feat brilliantly r should we pause, ponder; probe, persevere-perceive perspicaciously the ultimate truth as to how this was possible.

None before has made such an introspective scientific rational expatiation on shamachurn resulting in a harmonious fusion of history, philosophy, religion, logic, science. The esotericism, abstruseness, has been impeccable with a dexterous touch been laid bare for human comprehension.

This book unfolds the Babaji essence thereby putting to rest all the various yarns an misconceptions spun around him.

Who is this “Shamachurn” unravels the essence of Prana lucidly et in a compelling manner explains the abstruse esotery of Prana, expresses that Life Force can never he synonymous with Prana; that Prana is the Bounteous Beauty and Beauteous Bounty, the Inherent Intrinsic.

The book is a forceful yogic expose on Prana scientifically (yogic science) analyzing the Esse of Yogiraj Shyamachurn Lahiree Absolute Prana, the Origin and Mergence, the Progenitor, the Primordial ; everything within and beyond yet nothing , thus the Allness yet Nothingness. Essential soul-seekers reading “ Who is this Shamachurn” will be permeated by Soul-splendour an striving to delve in the intrinsic essence will benefit through gaining cognizance about Shamachurn and gradually endeavour to enter His Realm.

This book has reached the acme of spiritual spledour because of it’s incomparable presentation on the concept of Shamchurn. This presentation is indeed unimpeachable and invincible. Dr. Chatterjee has disrobed ht fraudulent masters who had been trading on Shamachurn without possessing an iota of knowledge or ethic. Through this book he has exposed the flagrant nudity of religion and spiritual culture being abided by today.

“Who is this Shamachurn” is essentially a book for soul-seekers. It expounds the fact that spirituality transcends religion and the subtle juxtaposition of the various facets of spirituality, makes the truly interested and analytical reader pause and glean its intrinsic essence. The avid reader is spellbound at such an univocal exegesis on Shamachurn and as he goes deeper and deeper finds himself being bathed by the cascades of an all-pervasive spiritual ethos heretofore not experienced while discerningly reading books on Shamchurn.

I conclude by wishing all readers good reading and pray to the Lotus Feet of my Gurudeva to bless readers to have an awareness and gradual efflorescence of insight hence love about Shamachurn Lahiree Mahasaya.



The Biography of Yogiraj Sri Shama Churn Lahiree Mahasaya, Turana Purusha Yogiraj Sri Shama Churn Lahiree' has been published a few years before. Later selecting a 100 slokas amongst His realisations, expatiations of these have been executed in 'Shamachurn Kriyayoga and Advaitabad.' The exact Esse of Shamachurn has been implicitly represented within these two books, yet common man fails to glean the magnitude of Shama Churn. Therefore due to the entreaties of many, this book has been published which will enable any common man to easily aquire knowledge of Shamachurn's exact Esse and gain realisation of the extent of His bestowal on Sanatana Dharma. Oridinary man opines Shamachurn to be-a renowned Household-Yogi. Is this the only exegesis which can be offered to Shamachurn? Or is there something more to it? The prevailing concept is that whoever practises yoga is a yogi. Perhaps this concept is not incorrect but above such yogis exists the Yogi. The common yoga-practitioners are yogis, again Mahadeva also is a Yogi. Are these two yogis similar? Just as this is impossible, similarly Shamachurn is Incomparable with any other yogi. Just as Mahadeva is the Sublime or Supreme Yogi, is not Shamachurn also so? Does there lie any difference between Mahadeva and Shamachurn? Yogesvara Hari is also the Absolute Yogi. Can we conceive of this Yogesavara Hari or Shamachurn to be separate?

Since everything originates from the womb, She is known as the Universal Mother. Is this Universal Mother only maternal? Is not she paternal also? If she is worshipped in the maternal form, then those who are mother-worshippers are not they deprived of paternal affection? Similarly those who worship God in the paternal, Master and Friend Forms, are not they deprived of maternal affection? Sastra stipulates - You only are the Mother, You only are the Father, You only are the Friend, You only are the Consort. Thus does not He encompass allness? The common gender viewpoint classifies one as male, the other as female. If this is correct, then a son should have been born from a male body and daughter should have been born from a female body. This however does not occur. Feminity exists in a male body; conversely masculinity in a female body, because from the same father both son and daughter emanates. This Prakriti-Purusha relationship is inextricably linked throughout Creation. For this reason mother-worshippers are not deprived of paternal love, similarly sadhakas worshipping their desired deity as Father, Master, Friend also are not deprived of maternal love. Though Brahma is One and Non-dual, even then duality originates from there itself. Therefore one is present in two also.

Thus can we regard Shamachurn only as a Yogi in the Form of Purusha? Can the appellations of Universal Father and Universal Mother not be ascribed to Him? Do we take rice on a banana leaf by excluding it's reverse? Are yoga and yogi separate? The general connotation of a yogi is one who practises yoga and the action practised is yoga. The simple explanation of the word 'yoga' is union of two, but the spiritual significance denotes the thought-free state. If yoga is action (karma) then no man is actionless. Karma originates from Prana-dynamism, therefore can karma and body remain separate? This union perennially remains united. One who is conversant about this union, he only is a yogi, he is then thought-free.

If endeavours to become conversant with Shamachurn is made likewise then solution to all these questions will be effected. Then one can realise how Own Shamachurn is. Is everything expressed by merely terming Him to be our Own? Is not He Myself? Again am I not Him? If the discerning reader acknowledges Shamachurn in this manner through the medium of this book then labours will be fulfilled. Any devoted person will realise, there is no doubt about that, but if sophists, critics, conservatives, atheists, sectarians easily accept then surely the toils undertaken will not go unrewarded. Therefore this book is being dedicated to human beings who have the consciousness of soul-essence.

Many words have been oft-repeated in the book. Dear reader, your forgiveness is solicited, because yoga-analysis entails reiteration, there is no alternative other than this. For this reason Gita also has reiterated expatiations.

Amit Dewanji, Nityananda Mandal, Ratan Sarkar, Arun Gan, Alok Chatterjee, Moumita Chatterjee, Partha Sen, Manasi Das, Joyati Kapur, Bijon Sarkar, Snigdha Ganguli, Anima Banerjee and Shantanu Kapur have all lent several types of assistance for this book. At the end of the book in the Appendix both the Horoscopes of Bhagavan Krishna and Bhagavan Sri Shamachurn have been assessed by late Lakshminarayan Sinha, Late Subodh Gopal Dhar Chakravarti, Manikanta De. They have been assisted by Manjula De and Moumita De. I wish all of them well.

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