"What on Earth is Kundalini?" (Set of 4 Volumes)

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Author: Michael 'Omdevaji' Perring H.B.
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing
Language: English
Edition: 2015
VOLI :9789350760109
Pages: 973
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

This set consists of the following 4 Books:
Book I: Why the Astros?
Book II: Your Thoughts Create Your Relity
Book III: What on Earth is Kundalini
Book IV: A Pocket Book on Kundalini


Part I

Preface to the Series

These books are documentation of personal experience and are presented in uncensored form. Am I brave? I would not say so! The word best used to describe the contents is HONEST. I have been threatened with litigation and laughed in its face, fully knowing that in any ‘court of law’ based on ‘the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth’ I have nothing to fear. The reason for such blatant expression is that with the ‘What on Earth is Kundalini?’ series comes a global challenge to all and any psychiatrist/psychologist that is up for the task. The challenge postulates that the human body and mind are intimately connected (via a subtle link) to an all-pervading universal oneness (life). The ‘link’ is describe in some traditions as the ‘holy spirit’ or ‘holy ghost’ and relates directly to the ‘goal of human existence’. In the language of Devanagiri (Sanskrit) the link is termed ‘Kundalini’.

Sure, if never exposed to any ‘spiritual or sacred’ texts or the language of devanagiri, Kundalini is a foreign word sounding like and perhaps resembling some form of pasta. Much in the same way it meant nothing to me up until July 1998. It was not until late 2000, two years after a life changing experience at 08.05arn on the 12th July 1998 that I was to discover the significance of Kundalini and its related concepts. For this reason the books are scribed in ‘diary form’ and contain truths about the hell on Earth a person is prone to endure following the ‘unexpected’ spontaneous awakening of the most potent form of energy within the human body structure.

An analogy may help: The human body is encapsulated in an invisible ‘glove’. It resembles the body in shape and is responsible for growth and function of the whole being. The ‘glove’ is much like a shadow in the’ fact that it is there but physically it is not malleable. Within the fabric of the glove is a system resembling the nervous system. These channels are called ‘nadis’ and allow energy known as ‘prana’ to travel within them. By doing the techniques relating to posture, breathing and meditation the impurities from within the fabric and threads of the ‘subtle body’ can be removed. Through regular practise of spiritual disciplines the subtle fabric can be purified physically, physiologically or mentally. Once the grosser dimensions of the subtle body are purified, perception of and functioning according to the more subtle dimensions of life inevitably occurs. The system may be purified to such an extent that the most potent and concentrated form of dormant energy becomes accessible. For this to happen harmoniously much work is required accompanied with a huge desire to live according to and alongside the truth. All ‘spiritual’ techniques are designed to affect the subtle ‘glove’ in some way. The techniques have been available on the planet for as long as humans have inhabited it. All practises are inadvertently working to purify the subtle fabric in preparation to ‘awaken’ the Kundalini energy.

As I am 100% confident in the fact that the energy within my system awoke without the correct preparation, I have subsequently tried to understand both the experience and the repercussions of it while documenting it in an uncensored way. I have stated the challenge with the hope that some day the current collective understanding relating to the principals of anatomy and physiology will be reassessed in respect the psycho- physiological experience of life, the expression of life, the growth of human consciousness, the bridge of consciousness and the goal of existence.

Perhaps during this life I will be rarely understood, knowing that support will come from the rare few. I accept that my job is not to question why but rather to know why so I will endure ceaselessly with truth as my shield and love in my heart with Goddess Isis by my side knowing with eternal reverence that the blessed gift of being has been bestowed upon me.

I have come to appreciate all is due to two things (Goddess and Karma).

Goddess-the source of all life (unchanging and universal in nature). Karma-the cause of all of my experiences. My experiences now resulting from past actions, words and deeds. Future experiences being determined by the choices I make now and how I act in relation to those choices. Karma is responsible for all that keeps me separate from experiencing my true nature.

I have also grown to appreciate that my expression and understanding of life is due to another two things (Projection & Reflection).

Projection - Everything I ever express is a projection of ‘what and who I am’. Whether I express that which makes me feel ‘good’ or ‘not so good’ is irrelevant. All I ever express is relative to ‘me’ and how I identify and understand myself as an entity.

Reflection - Everything I ever experience ‘from’ another person is simply a reflection of an aspect of me. Whether the experience results in openness (based on love) or contraction (based on fear) is insignificant. To understand it in the context of me connected to everything and at times I am reflected differently according to the aspect that is being perceived is a much more wholistic approach to understanding and harmonizing ones being with life.

In writing this series and publishing it I am risking many things Karmically. Is the general population ready for such knowledge? Can they understand anything beyond their own experience? Can knowledge be incorporated as a belief without experience?

Am I going to be condemned or ridiculed as blasphemous by those who misidentify themselves as being more ‘in touch’ with a form of God or Goddess’ than others? Is my life at risk stating the truths about life and the reality that all is one? Will the entities seeking control through manipulation and fear seek to ruin my reputation as a spiritual realist? Will the statements about the present global crisis be ‘scientifically’ and powerfully opposed due to the fact they have no physical origin and can not be ‘proven’ to the sceptics. Are we a race divided between those who believe in the interconnectedness of life as consciousness and those who understand the human to be a mammal that has evolved to think?

Only Goddess knows, so let it be known that life itself will be the only being I will be held accountable to. I know that the reality of ‘an all pervading universal being’ is outside of most peoples experience and direct perception, subsequently it can not form a part of their values and beliefs. A dilemma lies not only in discussing such an ‘out-there’ concept but to give enough credence to such a concept to make it believable to you the reader, seems somewhat impossible. If talk about my truths in the form of life, Goddess or whatever one calls it is condemned I openly accept the fact that no one has to be inclined to agree with me or the concepts. Truth is one (much like life) however it will always be perceived uniquely with respect to many factors. If there are 6 billion people inhabiting this planet, let it be known there may well be 6 billion ways to perceive the oneness of life and subsequently 6 billion truths on how to live harmoniously with it. Sure there are previously trodden (spiritual) paths that clearly detail the safest way to the peak of the mountain (goal of self-realisation), however the keepers and leaders of these paths have become aged, tired, habitual and ritualistic resulting in seperateness, hypocrisy and misidentification keeping us from the goal. Condemnation by anyone is welcomed as I am convinced I will not take offense to projection that is a result of limited understanding and experience.

The incarnation (my life) in this body is a transitory experience, given as a gift for me to become conscious (through a direct experience) of my true nature. It has a predetermined date of ending that is (as of now) beyond my knowledge. I know that it will not be extinguished ‘prematurely’ by the controlling forces who continually inhibit the knowledge of the truth to be available to the masses as the length of life is only ever in the continual present moment. The ‘length’ of life is nothing but an expectation that is formed relative to the concepts of time.

The fatalistic sceptics who wish to take on the brave challenge of proving me incorrect can ‘knock themselves out!’ in their attempt. I have no qualms with people of limited knowledge and experience avidly projecting their own limitations, insecurities and uncertainties towards me.

As far as the knowledge being of such magnitude and global importance goes, each person has the rite to decide for themselves what they wish to incorporate as a part of their own belief system. Spatially speaking the planet Earth has entered a new phase which results in it being electromagnetically influenced by another constellation. This coincides with the impulse of Kundalini functioning within the human being’s subtle fabric in the hope that as life universally evolves so too can the human psycho-physiological matrix evolve to cope with the enhanced understanding and functioning that occurs within the subtler dimensions of being.

This impulse clearly evident as ‘collectively’ humans are coming to the peak of understanding in respect to the physical dimension. This movement from understanding and investigating life physically will coincide with a global ‘identity crisis’. This book attempts to soften the blows that some individuals will inevitably experience within themselves.


I would first of all like to thank James Redfield and Ted Andrews for writing the books they did. On two very significant occasions their books were in the right place at the right time. Without these books appearing in my life when they did I would have been unable to fully appreciate my situation and the experiences that I endured.

I would also like to express my gratitude towards James Redfield and his book the’ Celestine Prophecy’ for the excellent description of control dramas in everyday life. The roles that people subconsciously act out are justified very well into the four categories of:

Interrogator vs. Aloof and Intimidator vs. Poor Me.

I was a person that fell into and acted according to the poor me role. After reading his book I no longer feel a need to draw energy from other people by telling them about my problems. After all, most problems talked about in today’s modern society are mainly superficial.


Preface to the series9
The Seven principles of Spirituality
The Ten Indian Commandments
The Ten Commandments
Parent's note20
Author's note22
Chapter 1:24
The energy concept
Chapter 2:28
My life so far
Chapter 3:114
My realisation and transformation
Chapter 4:167
In today's society
Chapter 5:184
Living proof
Chapter 6:198
The next step for humanity
My theory on religion212
First edition Epilogue215
Part II

The Author’s Note

My initial aim in writing my first book “Why The Astros?” was to justify my experiences and the strange things that occurred in my presence to myself Secondly, it hopefully gave those people close to me a chance to appreciate the changes in my beliefs, attitude and behaviour. From these experiences I realised that each and every individual is on their own spiritual path with every person whom we interact with having the ability to teach us in some way.

This book is a continuation of my life and it is an account of my progress on that path. In my opinion the lessons I have continued to learn and be open to are one hundred percent undoubtable proof that I am personally acting and living in a way that ows with life and the evolution of human beings and humanity as we move into the age of Aquarius and the twenty- first century. This book is fact. This book is my interpretation and thoughts based on the experiences and interactions in my life up until writing this book. It is not my aim to condemn anyone or anything, if it is perceived as condemning in any way I strongly apologise.

I would like to brie y mention two of my dear friends Ross and Garth whom were not mentioned in “Why The Astros?”. I spent a lot of time in their company as a teenager and adolescent however most of this time was very positive and enjoyable therefore it was not adversely in uential to me emotionally or psychologically. I have never been hurt or deceived by either of them and thoroughly enjoyed their company whilst I had the privilege to share it. Thanks for the good time guys.

I would like to thank Doctor Brown for being the person who ultimately in uenced me to take responsibility as an individual for my own actions. She pointed out to me that whenever a mistake occurred in my vicinity while being employed in a senior position I would always tend to blame either the equipment or the people I was working with. This made me realise that if a mistake or error did occur, by the time it had it was unavoidable so it was better to accept it and act appropriately rather than disperse the responsibility. Today I am inclined to assess a mistake and if I deem myself responsible for it I am inclined to claim full responsibility and apologise. I try to correct the error in any way possible and realistically this is the best I can do. I realise that this attitude gives me peace of mind and that no human being is without error.

I would like to thank all of my teachers to date for making me the person I am today. Not everyone is going to agree with me and / or my beliefs. I am not trying to tell people what is reality for them, I am only con dent in what is reality for me, as I know life is viewed from an individual perspective.

I would like to thank and express my love to the unseen forces of nature and the universe for guiding me in the correct direction. I cannot explain how all of the opportunities have occurred at appropriate times but to me that is the beauty of it.


Preface of the series11
Part 1:17
The Author's note.19
Balance - The internal! external battle.22
Money as a life force.27
But I just can't do that!38
Individual Responsibility41
The Mirror Image46
Effort is essential50
Happiness - The way it was meant to be57
Part 2:63
Progress in my life and the most amazing coincidences65
Personal Summary235
Part 3:241
Consciousness, The Chakras and Kuridalini243
Chakras De nition245
Kundalini and comparative explanations263
Kundalini Summary277
Part 4:279
The Big Change281
Thank you for being284
Book Conclusion286
First edition Epilogue291
Part III


The other day I got psychiatrically analysed. One evening I invited two ‘psyche’ nurses to my house because I felt a need to try and get someone to understand the situation that I was personally experiencing. They arrived and there was a big male with a strong presence and a peaceful feeling female. I had organised the interview during that day through the Community Mental Health Department and their ‘crises analysis outreach team’. I did not know they were psychiatric nurses prior to the interview, I was to learn they were not doctors and unfortunately only nurses after they had been seated in my lounge room for almost five minutes. My house was in the middle of its internal paint job so it looked as it would. I sat comfortably in one chair, the lady sat to my right with a note pad. She was seated well in her seat and the gentleman was to her right and was seated on the edge of his seat. I started off by telling them that I had an experience in 1998 that made me go from the understanding that my intelligence and the life force that drives it was encapsulated within my body to an understanding that there are more subtle aspects of me that constantly interact with an intelligence that is all pervading and infinite by nature. This experience is well documented throughout history in many of the religious, mythological, spiritual and sacred texts known to man.

They said, “Why did you call us and how do you think we can help?” I said that the experience was making it dif cult for me to function harmoniously within my work environment and I felt it appropriate that they may be able to write a letter justifying that I could only work two days per week. They said, “Tell us more about the experience.” He asked, “Was it a one off occurrence or did it happen more than once?” I said that I had experienced strange things for at least six months prior to the climax of the experience that occurred at approximately 8.25 a.m. on the 12th July 1998. The climax went like this I said and I looked at my stomach, lifted out my shirt and moved my wrist inside my shirt to represent the way that my skin on my abdominal region moved at the time. They said, “What happened prior to the experience?” and I said, “Well realistically a lot of the things that I had placed emphasis on for happiness outside of myself (as in certain expectations about friends, partners, employers and status) were turned upside down. Somehow I then started to question life more intensely and realised that perhaps everything that I hear and see consciously I was meant to. Also at times I was in the vicinity of someone who would say exactly what I was thinking word for word within a short time of me thinking it. But to this day I do not know whether they were saying what I was thinking or whether I was thinking what they were going to say, probably the latter. So one thing led to another and I ended up in a church to experience a physical movement in the form of a circular motion inside my abdominal region, while I sat in a blissfully ecstatic state and confirmed that there is an intelligence far greater than the human mind functioning throughout the universe. At this point in time this intelligence knows what I am thinking and it is in the corner over there just as much as it is passing through everyone here. It has been scientifically proven that the atomic mass of the atom is less than one percent of the atom itself. So realistically if humans are made up of zillions of atoms then the physical body must only be a representation of one percent that makes up me.


Preface of the series10
Chapter 1:15
Quotations by Gopi Krishnan
Authors note
Chapter 2:24
Five levels of manifestation
Three attributes of being
Chapter 3:31
My Life
Kali My Princess
My Failed Marriage
My Drug Addiction
Chapter 4:243
This Culture
Is this a free country?
Self Identity
Value and Belief Structure
Communication vIs Recognition
Post war generation
Cause of grief
The Saviours
Chapter 5:256
Yoga and the Yogic Path
What is Yoga?
Types of yoga
Yoga in this culture
Satyananda Yoga Tradition
Lineage Sivanandaji, Paramahansji, Swamiji
Samkhya - all dimensions of life
Vedanta - underlying reality
Tantra - balanced experience harmonious with all life
Class structure - Asana, Pranayama and Meditation
Kundalini knowledge, literature and references.
Chapter 6:274
What I think
The Human Structure
Anatomical correlations to the Chakra
Vajra Nadi - Mystical experience vIs Sexual expression
(REM, Dreams, Erections)
Significant events prior to 1998
Significant events during 1998
Significant events following my Spontaneous Kundalini
Awakening in July 1998
Three years in Hobart
The two states of mind
Chapter 7:286
Is there a God or Goddess?
The human body and framework
The seven levels of consciousness
Knowledge vIs Experience
Self Realisation vIs Perfection
The Goddess Residing
Importance of Recognition, Research and Development
First edition Epilogue303
Part IV


This book is attempting to decipher unchartered understanding within the modern Western Culture. Can it be, that the body is a manifestation of the pranic spectrum and the mind, an expression of it?

The information provided is based on the conclusions I have formed from my own research, experiences, thoughts, confirmations, feelings, knowings and realisations. I understand these experiences are unique to all beings so I am documenting some of what I understand about the Pranic spectrum, Kundalini, Chakras, Lokas, Oneness, Unity and the Sanskrit alphabet so people can appreciate the point of view from inside this window. This window in the sense of me being inside this body/vehicle and looking through my eyes as the window that lets me see this world.

As I understand it, all forms of creation are manifestations of “Prana”. While permeating the universe and interpenetrating the human mind body complex, prana governs all life while being the substratum of it and existing in the non-form essence of being. The life force expresses itself as prana in in nite forms that range from the most subtle through to the gross and solid.

From the unlimited potential present within the sea of life, all of creation is born into being. The manifestations occur on innumerable levels and constantly interplay with one another. The concepts, terms and labels used to describe things in this book are merely an attempt to separate the oneness of creation (universe) into subcategories in order to better understand how life manifests and expresses itself in order to experience and realise itself. Hopefully evolving to such a state, that ultimately, it leads to the conscious awareness that the human beings true nature is pure consciousness, intimately connected with the whole universe while constantly involved in the divine cosmic play (Lila) of creation.

The most accurate map I have found detailing the way that life manifests is the one provided within the Samkhya philosophy. The Samkhya philosophy is sometimes referred to as the philosophy of numbers. Please bear in mind this is a map that I personally feel comfortable with, there are other maps and some will resonate more harmoniously than others with each individual.

The Samkhya philosophy details the constituents of creation that make up life, as we know it in the form of twenty-three evolutes. These evolutes are expressed individually through the human body mind framework for the human to experience its own karma. For this, the body and mind manifest and express being, in a specific way. As life is governed more, by the subtle realms, there is a link between life itself and the physical human structure known as the subtle energy system or bridge of consciousness that allows individual expression of life and understanding (conscious awareness). While attempting to grow and evolve to a state of knowing and understanding the various dimensions of life, each life form (in this case human) has its life co-ordinated relative to its own karma. If you personally don’t believe in karma try to appreciate yourself now as a product of every thought, word and action you have ever taken in your life. As I understand it, every situation, experience and event is a part of the divine cosmic play. Bringing into being what is karmically just for all in the continual present moment. Life, creation, the link, the human experiences and all else are expression of the one universal life force.


Preface of the series9
Chapter 1:16
Authors Note
A little personal
A little Projection of my own
People do what they need
Thoughts manifesting
Thoughts on India
Chapter 2:86
Manifestation of the Life Force
De nitions
Prana Vayu (The evolutes of life)
Chapter 3:106
Kundalini, oneness and the goal
Manifestation and function of the Human body and mind
The Devanagiri Alphabet - 'the syllables on the Chakra Petals'
Chapter 4:127
Bijnan - The science of the breath
In uencing the Life Force
The ve Prana Vayus
Chapter 5:133
The Goal
The planes of Existence
The Granthis - the psychic knots
Kundalini and Sushumna Nadi
The esh and blood of the Shiva Lingam
First edition Epilogue156

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