A Walk in The Spiritual Garden (Reflections of a Scientist on The Religious Way of Life)

A Walk in The Spiritual Garden (Reflections of a Scientist on The Religious Way of Life)

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Author: Dr.V.V. Ramal
Publisher: Parimal Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9788171103898
Pages: 225
Cover: Paperback
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About The Author

Dr V V Rampal graduated from university of Delhi and I.I.Sc, Bangalore. He did his post graduation from I.I.T, Bombay and Ph D from university of Southampton, UK. As a senior scientist in the Defense R and D Organisation for over thirty years, he contributed in his field of specialization more than hundred technical publications and four books. He has also been on the teaching faculty of Roorkee University and I.I.T Kanpur. He was Advisor to Govt of India in the ministry of Science and Technology. For over a decade JW, he has studied Vedic spiritualism and is actively involved in science and sp..iuua1ity with frequent contributions to reputed spiritual journals. His present interests lie in Vedanta and scientific realism and has authored ‘Belief, Reality and Religious Practice’ published in 2007.


In science, we have theory and experimentation. In spirituality, we have scriptural knowledge and meditative experience. Knowledge we get from the written or the spoken word. All books are about knowledge. Experience comes from knowing as well as practicing what we learn. Mere knowing does not make a person enlightened. Doing and experiencing are also important, more so in spiritual life.

This book is a bouquet of thoughts on spirituality. This includes reflections, random thoughts, poetics expressions and some stories. They have originated form a wandering mind and are random in nature. They constitute reflections on subjects connected with spiritual aspect of life. They represent the understanding of the author and do not claim any authenticity of a master. They only provoke a thinking mind. As always, the truth is revealed only in experiencing the Reality and no merely knowing through the written word.

I shall feel satisfied in my purpose if even a page of the book makes the reader think and reflect on the need to be spiritual in his/her outlook towards life.


The Religious Way1-33
Life Of A Gyani Bkakta8
Purification Of Mind16
Life After Life23
Rebirth in Divine Consciousness26
Universal Religion - Values And Goal29
Search For A Purpose34-55
Leaning And Experience34
Ends And Means37
Seeking Happiness40
Seeking The Truth43
Goods And Great49
Sadhna For Self Awakening51
Faith And Belief56-72
Faith In Scriptures56
Beliefs In Science62
Believing Others65
Self Belief70
Freedom Of The Spirit73-90
Freedom In Spiritual Sence73
Freedom And Discipline75
Ego Limits Freedom78
Freedom Of The Renunciant80
The Free Mind82
Practicality Of Attaining A Free Mind85
Mind And Spiritual Thought91-114
The Importance Of Thoughts91
Technologgies Based Self-Oriented Growth93
The Alternative Approach96
The Science Dominated Society99
Ethics In Scientific Society101
The Holistic Culture104
Fundamental Reality - the scientific view107
Relationships In Spiritual Life115-132
Social Commitment115
Relationship Of Love117
Relationship Of Respect123
Relationship Of Equality127
Relationship Of Dominance128
Relationships Of The Incompatibles130
Random Thoughts133-143
Diamond And The Enlightened133
Flower And Man134
The Search135
Ego In Action135
Lesson Of Life135
Love Of God137
The Divine Grace138
Think It Over139
Wandering Thoughts144-171
Intuitive Revelations144
Coherent Thoughts And Meditation145
The Spiritual Component146
The Five Layered Structure Of Existence146
Religion And Spirituality152
Positivism Is A Sign Of Spiritual Growth154
Wealth, its acquisition and spending156
Logic And Experience158
Attractions And Detachment164
The Life Of A Detached Mind167
Some Stories172-210
Faith In Scriptures172
Religious Head191
A Short Historical Account of the Hindu Religious Thoughts And Its Practice211-225
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