व्रतनिर्णयकल्पवल्ली: Vrata Nirnaya Kalpavalli
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व्रतनिर्णयकल्पवल्ली: Vrata Nirnaya Kalpavalli

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Author: श्री सीताराम शास्त्री (Shri Sitaram Shastri)
Language: Sanskrit Only
Edition: 2007
Pages: 217
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 10.0 inch X 6.5 inch
Weight 580 gm

About the Book

This Work was authored by Sri Pidaparti Sitarama sastri, an eminent scholar of Jyotisha and Dharmasastra. It is edited by the present editors from a manuscript available to them. The work deals with the obligatory vows (vratas) and rituals that are enjoined by the authoritative texts of Smrti, Puranas and itihasa and informs the religious merit that accrues by the performance of these vratas, parvas etc. Further, the method of deciding the exact time of their performance is also discussed. The book has an introductory chapter that gives the definitions of various terms relevant to the subject. The second chapter deals with the religious significance of each day of each month of the Hindu calendar, starting with Caitra masa. The appendix (parisistam) at the end provides information on various topics, e.g. Mahamaghi, Ganganadipuskarnanirnaya, the various yogas etc.thus, the work is useful is not only in preparing the almanac (pancanga) but also for the purohithas and others interested in the subject.


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