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Visvakarma Prakash - Decoded (A Compendium on Hindu Architectural Astrology)

Visvakarma Prakash - Decoded (A Compendium on Hindu Architectural Astrology)
Item Code: MZJ284
Author: V. K. Shridhar
Publisher: Suvaas Publishers, Haryana
Language: English
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9788171106813
Pages: 1093
Other Details: 9.00 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 1.2 kg
About the Author

His last title "Hindu Electional AstrologY' is still the best seller Muhurt (election) book - a compendium of Vedic Muhurtas. He had earlier authored "Gauging Practice for Ten Degrees Modified Screw Threads", which is a pioneering effort in the field of gauging screw threads of drill-stem used in mineral exploration. He has expertise in quality management in engineering field, & is a qualified quality assessor. He has delivered numerous lectures in national seminars on engineering field during his 37 years of Government service. He has invented eleven engineering products; and obtained Indian Patents for his nine inventions.

Spiritual initiation was given to him by his paternal grandfather, Pandit Daulat Ram, village Raurian, Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India. He has studied astrology for over five decades & is admirer of the wealth of knowledge blessed by Sages & exponents in the fields of astrology & spiritualism. Over a decade back the author saw a copy of "Visvakarma Prakash" translated in Nagari, mentioning that it covers Muhurt aspect of Vastu-Karmaas. The treasure of knowledge is hidden in the treatise - having many Sutras compiled randomly, & cryptic Sutras galore - attracted deep interest of the author: and hence felt need for decoding it.

It is conviction of the author that study of 'Hindu-Architecture' is incomplete without 'Hindu-Vastu-Astrology' propagated by our ancient Sages & exponents. Just like Muhurt is the most useful branch of Hindu-Astrology, 'Hindu- Vastu-Astrology' forms the base of Hindu-Architecture: as architect cannot proceed further unless dimensions are approved following cannons of Vastu-Astrology - as unanimously commended by all the exponent Sages of Hindu-Architecture. An effort has been made with hope to revive usefulness of Vastu- Astrology, which was effectively used in the ancient era. The author can be contacted at'


It is our pleasure & deep satisfaction in presenting decoding of the divine treatise - Visvakarma Prakash - connoting the true essence as perceived by the divine architect, the Sage Visvakarama. This treatise gives treasures of directions on Vastu-Muhurtas, Vastu- Omens & Vastu-Kararnkaand for all the Vastu-Karmaas - certainly not available in any Samhita, Muhurt-treatise, Vastu-treatise, Aagam- Shaastra or Puraana in a consolidated and authoritative manner.

The treatise is attributed to Sage Visvakarma providing interface between Hindu-architecture and spiritualism. Dicta in the treatises on Hindu-Architecture proclaim that nothing shall proceed further unless dimensions are approved complying 'Aayadi-Varga' rules - primarily a set of six formulae - which has its base in Hindu astrology, & hence spiritualism. Further the exponents unanimously warn that non- compliance of the prescribed dimensions have ruinous effects beyond remedy. Under Vastu-astrology, building is matched with its owner to examine its suitability & beneficence to its owner; similar to matching of horoscopes to examine compatibility in marriage - this feature along with Aayadi-Vargas rules to assess spiritual nature of dwelling, is not available in any other architecture of the world.

In the decoding, Muhurtas of all the Vastu-Karmas starting from selection of land, first entering into the land, purification of the plot, starting digging, starting construction, erection of pillars, erection of gate (and selection of its direction also), and Griha-Pravesh have been dealt to the minutest details. The enlightenments in the treatise certainly qualify it as a compendium on Vaslu-Muhurtas, detailing all the facets of Muhurtas.

Treasure of omens related to all the Vastu-activities in the treatise makes it a compendium of Vastu-Omens also. Rules of decoding omens as detailed in Agni Puraana & Vasantrajshkunam decipher the omens described in the treatise. The Sage has advised that one must carefully watch & interpret omens at the initiating moments of all the Vastu-activities. In addition it qualifies to be a hand- book on Vastu-Karamkaand as it renders utmost details of Puja- Samagree, Vidhi-Vidhan, Balis & Mantras galore covering all the Vastu-activities. Detailing Shalyuddhar & Vedhas to dwellings are other salient features of the treatise.

In part II of the book mode of checking of cardinal directions, Aayadi-Vargas, various units of measurements, and numerous Muhurtas for modern day application have been compiled as ready reckoner. Part III of the book contains Sanskrit version of the treatise along with its translation in Devnagari script for those readers who would like to study original version in Sanskrit also.

Analytical table of contents, comprehensive index & glossary of terms used, over 180 tables & diagrams, copious exegetical notes enhance usefulness of this edition.

The author has made monumental efforts for renaissance of 'Hindu-Vastu-Astrology', which for over last one millennium is practically lost. In the ancient era Vastu-Astrology was integral part of Hindu-Architecture. We feel proud in presenting for the first time the decoded version of this treatise, for delight of the students of Hindu- Architecture, & professional application by specialists in Hindu- Architecture, Muhurt, Vastu-Karamkaand and & astrology.

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