Vinoba Bhave (Saintly Freedom Fighter and Beacon of Gandhian Values)

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Item Code: NAE646
Author: Igen B.
Publisher: Manoj Publications, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9788131003251
Pages: 96 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch 5.5 inch
Weight 180 gm

He was the true inheritor of Mahatma Gandhi's legacy who always kept reminding the countrymen till three and a half decades into the independence that the values Gandhiji stood for never get outdated.

Many leaders through their behaviour and actions tried to spread the motion that Gandhian values were just a strategy to gain freedom by putting the British on backfoot. They saw no use in harping on those principles in post-independence India. But Vinoba proved them wrong. As a true disciple of Gandhiji he stood his moral ground and lived on like a frugal saint who espoused no political power or materially gainful position dwarfing the compromising politicians.

The nation realised his importance when he departed to meet his Creator and the country was left with no spiritual guide to show the way out and we fell to the whims of the petty politicians and the corruption cesspool.

The young generation needs to read the life of the great ones like Vinoba to realise the importance of our spiritual values that only can keep us afloat as a nation.


Early life & Education 5
Formal Education8
Meeting Gandhiji30
The Pilgrimage & Wandering36
Sabarmati 45
Flag and waicom satyagrahas56
In dhulia jail 60
Towards village service 65
Dinner satyagraha69
New experiments 88
Bhoodan movement 90
The last chapter93

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