View of Human Life (The Wheel of Time and Kali Yug)

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Author: Swami Rajarshi Muni
Publisher: Life Mission Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9789384179014
Pages: 211
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
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This wonderful pair of books by Swami Rajarshi Muni will be much welcomed, for, with the simple directness and lucidity which are a hallmark of his works, they address the existential dilemmas that have plagued humans since the beginning of time. The first deals with the question of existence, its purpose, and how best that purpose may be achieved. Towards that end, it explains the place of humans among living beings and, in that context, the special significance of the human body and mind. It examines the matter of body and mind as instruments of action, and action as cause of consequence on both the mundane and moral planes within the framework of finite and infinite Time. All this finds resolution on a foundation of a moral law that operates on many layers from the macrocosmic universe to the microcosmic individual. Finally, it suggests the way out of the various dilemmas by charting out the way of the ideal human life appropriate and conducive to happiness in this and the next world, in this and future lives. The ideal way proposed is that delineated in the Eternal Dharma that is at the root of Indian Culture.

The second of the pair powerfully reinforces the message of the first by definitively addressing the question of infinite Time, so that the matter of duration of consequence of action as reflecting the moral choices one makes becomes overwhelmingly clear and one is compellingly guided to ponder and choose wisely.

About the Author

Swami Rajarshi Muni was born on 11th February, 1931, in Porbandar, in western Gujarat, in the princely lineage of the Jadeja rules of Kutch. He received sannyas initiation in February 1971 and thereafter devoted himself almost exclusively to secluded Yoga sadhana of the khechari mudra expounded and practiced in the modern spiritual tradition of Lord Lakulish, twenty-eight incarnation of Lord Shiv, in which he is the present spiritual head. In 1993, in response to a spiritual calling, he temporarily interrupted his self-imposed seclusion undertake a worldwide campaign to spread the knowledge of Yoga and the moral, cultural spiritual values of the Sanatan (eternal) Indian heritage. He resumed secluded sadhana in 2007 to complete his Yoga and establish the authenticity of the principle of the indestructible Divine Body, on which he has written with profound clarity and authority based on personal practice experience. He is an advanced yogi, a realized Master in the classic mould of Indian adepts, knower of the kundalini and master of the khechari mudra. The extraordinary heights he attained in his Yoga practice establish him firmly as the latest addition to the lineage of perfected masters which has long embellished the Indian spiritual tradition.


Special Place of Humans among Living Beings 1
Human Body Gained through Dharmiicharan 3
Speciality of the Human Body 4
Duties for Humans 5
Purpose of Journey of Life 6
Life-Journey Goes on the Wrong Track Due to Maya 9
Do Not Waste the Given Life 11
Kripanlal's Railway Journey 13
We Are All Like Kripanlal 14
Draw Up an Annual Account of Your Life-Journey 15
Our Dilemmas and Their Solutions 16
What is True Longing? 17
Samsar and Sadhana 18
Chobeyji's Boat Journey 19
Tenacious Web of Samsiir Does Not Let Go 21
The Sant and the Trader 22
The Rarity of Human Life 23
Human Birth is Rare 24
Faith in the Shruti is Also Rare 27
Example of Kumaril Bhatt 29
Rarity of Samyam (Restraint) 34
Viryam Too is Rare 35
Cultivate Faith in the Scriptures 36
Tap is Essential 36
Success of Life-Journey 38
Advice of the Scriptures Concerning Life's Journey 39
Two types of Upward Movement (Urdhvagati) 41
Two Types of Karmas: (i) Karma Kand (ii) Gydn Kand 42
Karma Kand and Gyan Kand 43
Achiirya and Guru 44
Is it Necessary to Have a Guru? 46
We are Fortunate Souls 48
Let us Awaken and Shed Illusion 49
We Should not Miss the Opportunity 50
Human Beings Should Seek Spiritual Welfare (Salvation) 51
Maya Proves to be an Obstruction in the Search for 'Alma Kalyan: 53
Happiness and its Three Categories 56
What is Tiimasic Happiness? 56
What is Riijasic Happiness? 57
The Nature of Siittvic Happiness 58
Slaves of Maya or Children of God? (Example) 58
Sultan for Two Days (Example) 60
Deposit Dharm in the Lord's Bank 64
What is Dharm? 66
Various Categories of Karma 66
Nishiddh Karmas and Their Fruit 67
Kiimya Karmas and Their Fruit 69
Vihit Karmas and Their Fruit 70
Essential to Practice Dharm Purusharth 71
Three Limbs of Dharm Purusharth 72
Social or Community Dharm 72
Class Dharm 73
Individual Dharm 77
Protection through Practicing Dharm 79
Accumulate Dharm 79
"Manushya Yatna, Ishvar Kripa" 80
God's Grace Received Even if Dharm Done Unknowingly 81
India's Cultural Inheritance - Saniitan Dharm (The Eternal Religion). 88
Evils of Modem Life-Style 89
Materialism versus Spiritualism 89
Categories of Materialistic Cultures 90
Indian Culture is Spiritual 93
God Alone is Great in Indian Culture 95
Indian Culture Is Human Culture 97
The Triumvirate of Gods - Siikdr (Embodied) Brahm 98
Permanent Freedom from Suffering is Moksh (Liberation) 99
Maya Obstructs Understanding and Practice of Truth 100
Four Stages of Life in Indian Culture 101
Brahmcharyashram: Stage of Studentship and Celibacy 102
Grahasthiishram: Stage of Householder 104
Viinaprasthdshram: Stage of Retirement 107
What Karmas to Perform at Each Stage of Life 108
Viinaprasth Should Come Willingly 113
Viinaprasthi's Life Should Be Spiritual 115
Wealth is Less Important than Dharm in Indian Saniitan Culture 177
The Essence of Saniitan Dharm 118
Purpose of the Journey in Samsar 118
Atma Bounded by Prakriti 119
Elements of Prakriti 120
Chetana 121
Sanghat 121
Dhriti 121
Ichha 122
Suhkkh and Duhkkh (Happiness and Suffering) 122
Dvesh 122
Atma (Soul) is Saniitan (Eternal) and Enlightened 123
Why Does Atma Kalyiin (Salvation) Not Occur to the Mind? 124
Prakriti is of Three Gunas 125
Sattva Guna 126
Rajo Gutta 127
Tamo Guna 128
Trigunas Illustrated 128
What is Gained by the Ascendance of Each Guna 129
Strive to Transcend the Three Gunas 131
Example of Raja Vipashchit 132
It is Difficult to Say What Might Be Recalled in the Last Moment 134
Vedic Prayer for Aspiration of Immortality 136
Goal of Human Life -Attainment of Brahm 139
Urdhvagati' and Moksh 140
Prithvi-lok is a Junction Station 142
One Should Understand Triguniitmic Prakriti 143
Shadripus an Obstruction in Attaining Urdhvagati 144
Influence of Kam 146
Example of Sund-Upsund 146
Influence of Krodh 149
Example of a Briihmin and Chandal 150
Example of Krishna and Pishacb 151
Influence of L6bh 154
Example of Suvarnashtivi 155
Rascals Consume the Wealth of the Greedy 156
Summary 162
Kal Chakra (The Wheel of Time) and Kali Yug  
What is Kal 165
Computation of Time 165
Yug-Dharm 168
Change According to Yug-Prabhiiv (Influence of Yug) 172
Intimations of Kali Yug Received by the Pandavs 173
Story of Onset of Kali Yug 177
Characteristics of Kali Yug 179
Example of King Nal 181
Example ofYudhishthir 182
Example of Herd Mentality 183
Social Discourse in Kali Yug 188
Influence of Kali Yug 190
Example of Influence of Kali Yug 191
Kali Yug Has its Good Points 197
Our Position in Present Kali Yug 198
Future of Present Kali Yug 199


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