Vedic Venues

Vedic Venues

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Author: Ram Nath Jha & Shashi Tiwari
Publisher: Aditya Prakashan
Edition: 2012
Pages: 403 (28 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 9.0 inch X 6.0 inch
Weight 630 gm
About the book

Yes, we have here yet another periodical on the Vedic Culture, whose riches seem inexhaustible. For apart from the humility Dirghatamas expresses, we meet many ideas of deep philosophical import as in 3.54.8 which states that the One rules the entire manifest multiplicity; or in 3.55 where the refrain states that single (ekam) is the great god-power tasuratvami of the gods, and so on. We meet also the concept of Natural Law or Course of Nature (rta) maintaining order in the Cosmos; also aspects of astronomy, medicine, metallurgy and crafts like pottery, weaving etc. We have, moreover, one of the oldest and richest languages of humanity reflecting as no other language does the order seen and praised in Nature with its dhatus and their fairly systematic development into nominal declensions and verbal conjugations. And, of course,hymns exhibiting the finest aspects of the poetic art. Max Muller in his History of Ancient Sanskrit Literature (1859) summed it up very simply saying: "no other [Indo-European] language [=culture] has carried off so large a share of the common Aryan heirloom" (p14; our square brackets)."


Members of Editorial BoardVII
Vedic Civilisation and its spread1
Chronology of Vedic rsis: An archaeoastronomical approach'28
Vedic Psychology in the light of Sri Aurobindo's interpretations: The vedic Legend of the Angiras Rsis and the Lost Cows.76
The contribution of Old Iranian to the reconstruction of the "Proto-Indo-European" verbal inflection93
Sankara on Sruti as Verbal Testimony117
Hindu social corporate form and sreni dharma: cure for greed142
Vedic and A vestan183
Current Status of Vedic Studies and Harappan Archaeology in the Context of Palaeontology in South Asia230
The Creative Function of the Word244
The Evidence to support Verner's Law262
Pre-RgVedic Mitanni?307
Of Mice and Men: DNA, Archaeological and Linguistic correlation of the two linked journeys of mice and men317
The Concept of Yoga in Advaita- Vedanta354
The Female in the Rgveda373
Vedic Venues: Specifications for Contributions390
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