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Vedic Concept of Creation of Universe

Vedic Concept of Creation of Universe
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Author: Vishnukant Verma
Publisher: Pratibha Prakashan
Language: English
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788177021370
Pages: 320
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
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About the Book

Rig Veda is foremost among the four Vedas, considered to be one of the oldest texts known to mankind. For centuries Vedas are not only revered but are considered by many as treasure house of knowledge & wisdom. All ancient branches of Indian philosophy be it Brahman Granthas, Upanishad or Bhagwad Gita drew their inspiration from the Vedas.

The universe of which our entire human existence is but a tiny part, could not have escaped the attention of those learned seers. Delving in the question of creation of the universe and how it all might have happened is not only one of most ancient inquisitiveness which has captured the imagination of human mind but also most logical outcome of human curiosity. It is therefore almost a certainty that Vedas have explored this most fascinating aspect of our existence and have propounded a comprehensive concept on its creation. What that concept is? How do the most revered texts explain the evolution of the universe? What are their views on the issue? These are definitely the questions which must have crossed the minds of all those connected with the study of philosophy specifically Indian philosophy.

This book addresses these questions. The author has comprehensively established Rig Vedic concept on the evolution of creation. Interpretations of hymns have been based on Vedic grammar & roots of the words and are well supported by other subordinate texts such as Brahman Granths, Upanishads and others. Interrelations of hymns with continuum of centr4al underlying thoughts contained in suktas have been decisively revealed in the book.

The book brings out a complete technical terminology of Vedas related to cosmogony. The connoted meaning of such terms as Aditi Apah, Hiranyagarbha, Apam Napat, Mitra, Varun and many more have been unveiled and established. The book makes an enthralling reading casting magical spell. Inquisitive minded reader will find it difficult to put down the book once he starts the reading.

About the Author

Dr. Vishnu Kant Verma (1992-2005) was a mathematician by profession. He served as Professor & Head of the Department of Mathematics in government Engineering College Bilaspur (Chattisgarh) for over two decades from where he later retired as Principal. He has many mathematical papers to his credit published from various international renowned universities.

Philosophy and history were his ardent passions. More specifically, Vedic Philosophy and ancient history were his areas of work. He was a regular at Oriental Sanskrit Conference and National History Congress. He has read many papers on philosophy, Rig Veda, Mahabharat and history in these conferences over the years since early Seventies. He has worked for over three & half decades in these fields obsessively devoted to intense research work.

Dr. Verma had tremendous command in his chosen fields of philosophy and ancient history. His scientific background sets him apart in a class of his own and is the reason why he had been so successful in interpretations of Vedic hymns envisioning hitherto shrouded meanings. No doubt his present work is a treat in its depth of research and comprehensively uncovering Rig Vedic concept of creation of universe.

His other works include equally magnificent work on ancient history under the title "Missing Link of World Civilization: Indo Aryan Colonization" and Rig Vedic Adhyatma Vidya other books on Vedic philosophy in vernacular.

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