Vedic Astrology (With Roots)

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Item Code: NAD159
Author: Dr. S. Krishna Kumar
Publisher: Impala Impressions
Edition: 2014
Pages: 227
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

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Dr. S. Krishna kumar is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering. He holds a Post Graduate M.A. Degree in Astrology from Potti Sreeramulu University, Hyderabad, India. He has been conferred Ph.D. by the open International University for Complementary Medicines, Sri Lanka for his thesis on Medical Astrology.

He is the son of late Sri K.S.Kumaran, a well known social worker and freedom fighter in Karnataka State.’

He is running an engineering industry in Peenya Industrial Estate as an ancillary unit to Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation.

He is currently the national vice president of the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, Chennai. He has served as Chairman, ICAS Bangalore Chapter-I for over a decade and is teaching Astrology to the students at Bharatiya Vidya bhavan at its branches in Bangalore and Mysore in India since many years with a team of lecturers to teach Astrology, Vasthu & Palmistry in English and Kannada mediums apart steering various Astrological activities like conducting seminars and conferences.

He is an adjunct faculty member of the international Vedic Hindu University, Orlando, Florida for imparting distance education in Astrology.

He has been conferred various titles such as Jothish Kovida, Jyothish Vachaspathi, Jyothish Bhooshana, Jyothish Bhaanu and Jyothish Bhriddacharya by the Indian Council of Astrological Science, Chennai, founded by late Dr.B.V.Raman, for his yeoman service in the field of Astrology. He is a recipient of the titles such as life time Achievement in Astrology, Jyothish Shastra Thaponidhi, Vasthu Vidyalankara, Vastu Vishwarkrma and hastha Samudrikalankara conferrd by many Astrological Associations in various seminars and conferences held in India. He has also been awarded titles such as Veda Dharmabhimani and Vedashree by many Vedic institutions.

He has authored books on medical Astrology and Secrets of Bhavath Bhava which have been well received.



I am very much delighted to write some of my observations on the book Vedic Astrology written by Dr.S.Krishna Kumar who is my friend and student. He has been associated for more than 2 decades in the field of Astrology by teaching, research and conducting workshops and conferences. In this book Dr.S.Krishna Kumar has given a new dimension in his Astrological writing. As he is well versed in Vedas, Upanishads, Geeta and other scriptural literature, his treatment of the subject of Astrology, is unique.

Karma theory has been explained in proper perspective and every student has to understand the same in the light of complete astrological knowledge bequeathed by the rishis of yore.

Human life has many components such as mind, body, soul , senses and Samsakaras. Destiny of an individual or his achievements are all part and parcel of the above components with the blend of Karma force brought by from several births of the past. Although this book is or beginners, he has dealt all basic factors like casting of horoscope Navamsha, bhava, Vargas etc. with elementary principles of horoxcopic analysis. As he has fund of knowledge in remedial measures, Karma Vipaka and Vedic remedies, we may expect still more and valuable books of

Astrology and this book forms a good platform to understand the advanced version.

I wish him success in all his Endeavour’s.

I take this opportunity to congratulate Dr.S.Krishna Kumar for publishing this book.

Dr. S. Krishna Kumar is a Vedic Scholar who has been rendering yeoman service in the field of Astrology since two decades.

The book in your hand “ Vedic Astrology” (with roots) is aptly titled as the subject of Astrology is dealt from Karma Theory which is the root of Astrology.

The book contains valuable information useful to students and the Astrological fraternity as a whole.

I wish him all the success.



This book is oriented for the beginners in particular and Astrologers in general. The book commences with the Karma. Theory on the edifice of which Astrology stands. Effort is made to explain the meaning of Karma Theory from various sources drawn from Bhagavad Githa, Manu Dharma Shastra, Katopanishad, Shwethaswaropanishad, Mukunda Mala, Subhashitas and others.

After explaining the Karma Theory, the subject of Astrology has been dealt with in a step by step and systematic manner as far as possible. I feel that the readers may not find it difficult to understand the various stellar quarters accommodated in various signs, the concept of Ascendant, the determination of friendship and animosity of planets and Mathematical portions of casting the horoscope.

In this second edition I have added many more Astrological terminologies and the casting of Bhava Kundali. I have also included casting of divisional charts and the utility of divisional charts in arriving at eh Vimsopaka or twenty point strength of the planets. Also I have incorporated the salient information on stars or nakshathras to give a concrete shape to this book so that the readers get more information in a single book.

English names are also incorporated for Astrological terminologies as far as possible to help the readers. The stanzas are presented in both Sanskrit and English languages.

The planetary significations are dealt with in a broader perspective and hints are given to apply the significations for predictive purposes.

The reader is given tips to analyse the various Astrological terminologies from the predictive angle apart from giving insight to predictions.

Importance of Navamsha and Divisional charts are mentioned and care has been taken not to incorporate advanced Astrological studies in order to present a simple and clear book for beginners and amateurs. I intend to bring out a series of books in line with this book for further studies.

I thank Dr. T.S.Vasan , National vice President, Indian Council of Astrological Science , Chennai for giving review on this book.

I also thank Sri M.N.Kedar , National Vice president , Indian Council of Astrological Science and the author of many Astrological books, for giving the foot note for the book.

I thank my student Sri. Mohan Mirwani, Dr.J.C.Rao and Sumathi Krishnan for helping me in bringing out this book. I also thank Dr.C.L.Prabhakar of Vedadhyayana Kendra and Sri.S.Ramu of Jyotsa for assisting me. I specially thank. A. Srinivas, student of Bangalore Chapter I for assisting me in printing the book. I also thank my wife smt. Kshamadevi and my children K.Chethana, K.Nandana and K.Sughosh Kumar who have extended their unstinted cooperation in bringing our book. I thank Suryankant and Manjula Devi B.M of Bhavani graphics and the printers Impala Impressions for having brought out this book in an appealing manner.




Sr.No Subject Page No.
1 Foreword I-II
2 Introduction III-IV
3 Profile V-VIII
4 Chapter-I 1-25
  Karma Theory  
5 Chapter-II 26-36
  Explanation of fundamental Astrological Terminologies
6 Chapter-III 37-55
  Allocation of Stars in Zodiacal signs  
7 Chapter-IV 56-63
  Nama Nakshatras  
8 Chapter-V 64-72
  a. Characteristics of Zodiacal Signs  
  b. Meaning of Ascendant  
9 Chapter-VI 73-94
  a. Meaning of Astrological Terminologies  
  b. Importance of Trinal Houses  
  c. Determination of friendship and animosity of planets  
10 Chapter-VII 95-100
  Principles of horoscopic analysis  
11 Chapter-VIII 101-156
  Significations of Planets with hints for Predictions  
12 Chapter-IX 157-180
  Lagna Calculationand Casting of Horoscope  
13 Chapter-X 181-205
  Divisional Charts  
14 Chapter-XI 206-219
  Salient information on Nakhshathras  

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