Vedantic Meditation (Lighting the Flame of Awareness)
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Vedantic Meditation (Lighting the Flame of Awareness)

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Author: David Frawley
Publisher: A Full Circle Book
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788176211062
Pages: 138
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Vedantic Meditation is ‘a must read’ for anyone on a spiritual path. It is a pure and authentic depiction of Vedanta.

According to the Vedas, a disconnection of mind and heart leads to all the suffering that we see in the world today. Scientists blame stress for eighty percent of our diseases. This is why, Dr. Frawley points out, having a meditation practice in your life is so important.

The health benefits of meditation are enough of an incentive to start a practice. But even more compelling is the change in the quality of life.

Soon, doing less and accomplishing more becomes a way of life.


Meditation is an important practice in spirituality and healing throughout the world today. The central role of India in many of the world’s meditation traditions is well known, as this region is the origin of various Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh meditation traditions. However, Vedanta, India’s oldest meditation tradition, is not always understood or given its proper place, though it was probably the first Eastern meditation tradition to come to the West, arriving more than a century ago through Swami Vivekananda.

The purpose of the present book is to introduce or reintroduce Vedanta in a personal and experiential manner so that the reader can come to a living and direct connection with the teaching. It is not an academic presentation examining the subject from a conceptual or historical angle. Nor is it a traditional pre- sensation elucidating technical terms in a systematic manner for specially trained and prepared students.

Many of us in the West today find it difficult to penetrate Indian texts and their precise but dense terminology, all of which reflects a very different cultural background. Nor can we under- stand the older languages like Sanskrit in which these views are best explained. Yet many of us do have the intelligence to grasp their insights if they are given in a contemporary language in a style relative to the psychological issues of our daily lives.

This book emphasizes the practical side of Vedanta as a way of meditation, which is the real essence of the teaching. Its explication of meditation is fluid, showing a many-sided view of Vedanta and the philosophy’s complete understanding of human nature. The Vedantic way of meditative inquiry unfolds through various questions and contemplations. The book is divided into four sections:

1. The first section examines the background of Vedanta and its main method of Self-inquiry.

2. The second section deals with specific topics, usually one or two pages in length, concerning prime issues and concerns of the contemporary spiritual path.

3. The third section contains short discussions about issues and methods of meditation practice.

4. The fourth section presents the teachings of Ramana Maharshi, perhaps the best known and respected modern Vedantic teacher and the most famous Self-realized sage of modern India.

May this small volume serve to link us with sages, who ever remain within our deeper consciousness as the flame that gives meaning to our life, love and striving!

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