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Vedanta Bhupali

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Author: Swami Anubhavananda
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9789384535087
Pages: 193
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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23 years in business

When the individual is awakened from the beginningless sleep of ignorance, he comes to experience the unborn sleepless dreamless non-dual reality that he is.

The ocean can become a wave but the wave can never become the ocean. The man can become a husband but the husband can never become a man. The woman can become a wife but the wife cannot become a woman. It is being ocean and becoming waves, it is being man and becoming husband, it is being woman and becoming wife. Similarly, the infinite non-dual unborn uncreated Self can become jiva but jiva cannot become the Self.

In the 'Being,' the becoming is imagined or superimposed just as in the absolute non-dual space, directions are superimposed. Hence they are not real. Therefore, everything associated with the directions as the auspicious or the inauspicious, the feng-shui or the vastu shastra are also of the same reality.

We are essentially divine and expressing through the limitations of the panchakoshas as if, have become limited. Hence jive is not a reality but the absolute Self expressing through the limitations as jiva is the reality.

Therefore, Vedanta only awakens to this non-existing illusion of the jive, from the deep sleep of ignorance to his divine glory. As a tired person is sucked into sleep without efforts, so is the case of a seeker who is no more enchanted by the relative world. Thereafter, he approaches the srotriys Brahmanistha Guru who in turn awakens him from the beginningless sleep of ignorance to his pristine glorious Self.

Few of the verses contained in this text were given to me by Mrs. Deshpande from pune which inspired me and few more verses were added to make this text of Vedanta Bhupali a complete guide for the sincere seekers of Truth.

These lectures were transcribed and edited in the book form by the collective efforts of the Happy Team.


  Foreword 7
  Transliteration Guide 9
  Talk 1 11
  Talk 2 27
  Talk 3 45
  Talk 4 61
  Talk 5 78
  Talk 6 93
  Talk 7 109
  Talk 8 124
  Talk 9 144
  Talk 10 163
  Pointers for Contemplation 180
  Appendix 185

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