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Vastu Shastra (For A Healthy, Prosperous and Happy Life)

Vastu Shastra (For A Healthy, Prosperous and Happy Life)
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Item Code: NAR132
Author: Nidhi Jain and Ashish Jain
Publisher: Notion Press
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9781947137608
Pages: 156
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.21 kg
About the Book

"Vastu Shastra: for a Health, Prosperous and Happy life. is an in-depth study of the ancient Indian Science of Vastu Shastra. This book unearths the various Vastu principles and practices of constructing houses, buildings or workplaces in such a way that there is a harmonious balance between the structure, the nature and the various energies. This Book will help you to:

• Create homes, buildings or any new structure in compliance with Vastu;

• Make your existing homes or flats Vastu compliant including decorating the interiors of the house by ensuring placement of various things as per Vastu;

• Understand ways to help working professionals to make their workplaces Vastu compliant.

This book is a one stop shop as it explains in simple words the various rules and tools for the identification and correction of various Vastu defects.

Though very clearly, we want to strongly iterate that Vastu is not a replacement for hard work, it is just that one's hard work and efforts will be fruitful and yield the desired results if one's home and workplace arc in compliance with Vastu principles.

About the Author

Nidhi Jain is an esteemed Astrologer, Vas. Consultant, Tarot Card Reader, and a Numerologist. She is the founder of Ridhaan Consultancy a pioneer in the field of Astrology, Numerology and Vastu Consulting. Nidhi hes brought smile to thousands clients. through her deep knowledge and passion for these sciences. She has consulted numerous clients spread across India and overseas locations. She has completed multiple advanced level certifications in the field Of astrology and other Occult Sciences through ALFAS (All INDIA FEDERATION OF ASTROLOGER'S SOCIETIES) A B.Com Graduate she has completed her Chartered Acccountancy, (Inter) post which she work as a tax professional in the corporate world before deciding to follow her passion in Astrology and related fields, One can visit

I am feeling blessed, that I got the opportunity to share my views and ideas about something which I firmly believe in. Our book Vastu Shastra: For a Healthy, Prosperous and Happy life. is an honest attempt to simplify the mysteries of Vastu Shastra. I and Ashish have tried to explain the various principles, rules of this ancient Indian Science in simple words and how the readers can use it to live a healthy, successful, happy life full of peace and inner satisfaction.

Though very clearly, I want to strongly iterate that Vastu is not a replacement for hard work, it is just that your hard work and efforts will be fruitful and yield the desired results if your hone and workplace are in compliance with Vastu principles.

It was during my CA article ship few years back when I started developing a strong interest in Vastu. My family had shifted to a new house and after shifting we started to face lot of problems. Sales started falling in my father's shop, my mother felt ill. At that time, I was not an expert on Vastu. My father had called a couple of Vastu Consultants for advice. The advice included small modifications in the house as well as changing the placements of house furniture and items like mirror etc. The advice from the Vastu Consultants actually helped and things gradually improved. ,p> This was the turning point for me, I started taking deep interest in Vastu, its origin and history, different principle, how it works etc. I started doing a lot of research on the topic. I read lot of books on the topic. Consulted various Vastu experts. Even after marriage l continued doing the research. Luckily I got married to someone who equally shared my passion of Vastu and using it to help others to benefit from this valuable Indian Science.

Ashish is an Engineer and an MBA from one of the leading Business Schools in the country. He is equally passionate about Vastu and he encouraged me to do deeper research in this field. We both have advised multiple people on constructing new houses, flats which are Vastu Compliant.

Also have suggested remedies to people wherever their existing houses were not compliant with Vastu. The remedies vary from modifications in the house, to changing placements of various things within the house, use of Crystal, Pyramid, and Color Therapy etc. to help people achieve an optimum balance of positive energy in their dwellings.

While we were doing research on the topic, we realized that though there were multiple books already in the market which spoke about Vastu Shastra, very few would cover it in a language which a lay man can understand. There are books which explained Vastu principles but did not explain Vastu remedies or steps to make houses Vastu compliant in case they were currently not. There are other books which talks about remedies but do not explain Vastu in the first place.

Hence we decided to write a book which is a one stop shop for all things related to Vastu and in a language which everyone can understand. We have also shared some practical can studies for the benefit of our reader.

Lot of our friends who work in corporate environment seek advice from us w.r.t. the workplace. Hence we have a separate section which helps people make their their workplaces or workstations Vastu Compliant.

Last but not the least we have tried to explain the similarities and dissimilarities between Vastu which is an Indian Science with Feng Shui - ancient Chinese Science. We have explained various remedies through Vastu and Feng Shui tools which will help a person in getting rid of the Vastu doshas.

Hope you all enjoy reading this book and benefit from Vastu in all facets of your life.

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