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Ups and Downs in Career (Replicable Astrological Techniques Using Transits of Saturn and Jupiter)

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Item Code: NAE715
Author: K.N. Rao
Publisher: Vani Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2022
ISBN: 8190037609
Pages: 160
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
Weight 190 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Book

Many markets abound in a plethora of books on vedic astrology in which the primary focus is on interpretation of the birth horoscope for its genetic promises and tendencies.

There are virtually no standard works giving statistically tested, replicable, predictive techniques illustrated through case studies.

For the first time, this book not only presents the precise and subtle understanding of the secret predictive principles of vedic astrology but also illustrates the successful and replicable application of these so as the dispel all doubts nursed by the critics of this super-science.

The techniques given here have been tried and tested on thousands of horoscopes in K.N. Rao’s astrological laboratories, at his residence as well as at the school run under his guidance at the well known Bharatiya vidya Bawan ( New Delhi)

The criticism of physical scientists that astrological techniques are not replicable is very well met in this book

In this backdrop, the reader would systematically learn the synergistic significance of operating yogas, dasas, and the double-transit of Jupiter and Saturn to determine the vicissitudes of career

About the Author

K.N. Rao (Kotamraju Narayan Rao)-has been a prolific proponent of Vedic astrology as a super-science in the new age, the twenty-first century, in India as well as abroad. Deeply indoctrinated and immersed in the traditional knowledge of the subject through his revered mother, he is equally modern and innovative in his attitude and approach, reorganizing astrology through discovering the old and extending it? frontiers through studies and research according to the needs of the times, His first two books - The Science of Astrology and Applied Astrology - published a few years ago were pathfinders, with many political predictions made for most countries as well as for public men. His new work Successful? Techniques of Vedic Astrology has been published in the United States. His systematic work on the monsoons and weather, diseases and health, careers, etc., has drawn wide attention and proclaim.

A Master of Arts in English literature, K.N. Rao, started his career as a lecturer in English, but soon he joined the Indian Audit and Accounts Services. He retired as Director General with the office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

He now devotes all his time to Vedic astrology, by writing, teaching, guiding research as well as counseling. The School of Astrology run under his guidance at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi, is making tremendous progress with many hundred students From elitist classes taught by sixteen teachers every year. He is also the Vice President of the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences.

He Learnt astrology from his mother, K. Sarasvani Devi and The art of writing from his father, K. Rama Rao, the founder editor of The National Herald, the daily newspaper started by Jawaharlal Nehru.

Later, his mantra-guru, Swami Paramanand Saraswati and Jyotish guru, Yogi. Bhaskaranand asked him to do original and fundamental research in astrology which is a Vedic tradition since times immemorial.

Preface to The Second Edition

The revised and enlarged edition of Ups and Downs in Career had become overdue in 1994 when its first edition, published in the middle of 1993, was sold out much faster than expected.

The book in its first edition contained the articles which had appeared in the Astrological Magazine only over a period of time and received very wide applause from the readers, while some old writers reacted jealously. The new features of the writing were: all these were the predictions given in advance and were narrated in a story-telling fashion. An astrological prediction is an intense human drama which can never be related in words alone. Yet when narrated as stories, they sustain the interest both of the astrologer-reader and the layman who wants to know what was the prediction given and what happened. It hurt the dull and morose writers who wrote in ponderous and soul-less style revealing neither tested techniques of prediction nor had any case studies or research to offer. One writer wrote an article on what he termed new yogas and tried to prove that in whichever case Rahu was behind the Moon, it became a Mahashakti Yoga. It was ludicrous because every month Rahu would be behind the Moon for at least two days. His research was confined to the horoscopes of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru the first prime minister who had his Moon in Cancer and Rahu in Gemini, Indira Gandhi who had her Moon in Capricorn and Rahu in Sagittarius and Rajiv Gandhi who had his Moon in Leo and Rahu in Cancer. No mass testing was done. This combination has a definite meaning but not in terms of power giving propensities. It has a very different context which the writer never knew. A self delusion that he discovered a new yoga could bring down on him either ridicule or criticism, neither of which he can stand because he does not have the scientific temper.

Such a piece which cannot be proven through replication has ruined astrology and misled many young astrology enthusiasts. On the other hand in Ups and Downs in Career the dasha periods have been used consistently with the double transit of Jupiter and Saturn to prove how astrology is a replicable science. This enlarged edition is more attractive with the addition of:

(a) Two illustrative examples have been given to show how to understand the working of the principle of replication. After that there are detailed discussions about the horoscopes. In that sense the revised edition almost becomes an original book.

(b) The horoscope of President Clinton is discussed in much greater depth and covering many events through the use of the varga charts, dashas and the double transit of Saturn and Jupiter.

(c) The lost Kingdom of a real Maharaja is again dealt with in detail, the dasha and the double transit being the replicable technique again.

(d) A spectacular rise of an officer of the government who wanted to retire prematurely. I advised him not to do so as I foresaw spectacular rise in his career. Here too the same technique with an in-depth analysis has been given.

(e) The case of the boy who ran away is given as an example to follow the next case of the kidnapped ambassador, which had created international sensation in 1991.

(f) Then there is the case of an ambassador whose birth time was unknown and how the birth time is fixed, a risk taken and prediction given, has been explained.

(g) Lastly there is an in-depth case study of three predictions in the case of NT Rama Rao, the colourful Chief Minister of the state of Andhra in south India.

Thus there is an addition of as many as seven new pieces. More techniques of predictions have been revealed and greater in-depth analysis has been made in the revised and enlarged edition.

Preface to the first Edition

In the last chapter to this monograph is given a note on Astrology and Science which we, the upholders of the great astrological traditions of India and believers in Vedic Astrology armed with deep researches into the statistical methods of astrological investigation, make use of, briefly in our astrology classes to prove one vital point; why astrology has all the discipline of any physical science, with one significant difference - we show the results of astral influences from effect to cause methodologically through replicable techniques.

There are very old and respectable astrologers in India who have never felt the need to prove astrology to be a science, or something more than any other science. Their high percentage of success in predictions, given to persons from various walks of life, is enough to convince them that astrology is not merely a very disciplined method, systematized knowledge, a sacred tradition which has to be learnt in a worshipful mood, but imparted only to a person of high intellectual calibre and, with moral excellence. In their search for right disciples they have felt, often, disappointed. Combination of high intellectual calibre with moral excellence is purely an Indian demand, rather the Hindu demand, a pre-condition which can rarely be fulfilled. It is easier to get people with high intellectual calibre who are larger in numbers. It is very difficult to get men with moral excellence who are fewer in number. It is most difficult to get men who have both.

Even those, who have the requisite qualification and the demanded combination of high intellectual calibre and moral excellence, may not be willing to learn astrology. Such has been the case most often. In this way there has been gradually a diffusion, disintegration and now, the disappearance of the worthy guru- shishya parampara (teacher-pupil tradition).

Life's uncertainties increase as society begins to grow more complex; as men have more aspirations which must create more uncertainties. Fear-psychosis, neuroses, personality disorders, infractions of moral code even of criminal code are inevitable expressions, cathartic in nature, of all these. The cure of these, not always successful, is treatment, psychological mostly, medical sometimes. More than mere cure, the need is for guidance, wise counseling, and of course, sympathy. Traditionally the astrologer has done all this, starting with a horoscope and its readings done by him.

Even as a piece of pure bluff, astrology therefore will survive and has survived. The critics of astrology pick up this point, the element of bluff, which is so blatant in the mercenary approach of most practicing astrologers. These mercenary astrologers have fragmentary, superficial and shallow to adequate knowledge of astrology. The superficial ones prescribe 'remedies' at the first instance; the more knowledgeable do so discriminatingly. The wise old astrologer predicts properly, counsels with his moral sense kept effulgent, but counsels according to his own background, which may be out of tune with times we live in and the background of the individual concerned.

Knowledge of astrology having spread fast through cheap books, badly written, wrongly interpreted through the help of distorted commentaries on astrological texts of ancient classics, has led to a menacing growth in the number of astrologers all over the world. It cannot be checked any more. As life's uncertainties increase in geometrical proportion the number of practicing astrologers is bound to increase in arithmetical proportion.

So two problems arise: the first is the critics of astrology drawn from more organized disciplines like science, psychology, and the innumerable number of those as have sometime or the other been cheated by fraudulent astrologers. Those unfortunate persons have not had the luck of getting at least some, correct predictions ever, may be because they had wrong horoscopes.

An accurate horoscope cast on the basis of correctly noted birth time, the day, the month, the year and the place of birth is a rarity. Such horoscopes have to be rectified, which is a time-consuming process even at the hands of birth-time rectifier-astrologer.

There are horoscopes with incorrect birth time but correct ascendant and correct planetary positions. Given correct horoscopes with wrongly noted birth time with wrong Vimshottari dasha balance, could we still proceed to give dependable predictions, was the problem, we a team of non- professional astrologers faced many times.

We solved our problem by working on the transits first, of Saturn and Jupiter, later we added the transits of Mars and Moon - the two slow moving planets, the two fast moving planets to time events. Our search led us into spectacular results in terms of percentages, which became the best replicable astrological techniques of the world, ever to be published.

The first among us to us to publish such researches was K. N. Rao which has remained unparallel and unchallenged and is the most satisfying statistical research published to date. A team of seven astrologers under the guidance of K. N. Rao produced a research on Timing Marriage with one hundred horoscopes, one hundred navamshas and the double transit of Saturn and Jupiter. 'The success of this was ninety eight percent. This can be extended to answering questions about relationships also.

Then a team of seven, including myself produced the series, Broad Timing of Marriage and Close Timing of Marriage


Till I was dragged out of my astrological obscurity in December 1982 to introduce Dr. B. V. Raman to the Delhi audience in an astrological conference, which was so over-publicized, I was known only to my circle of friends and colleagues in the Indian Audit Department as an astrologer, keeping out of limelight. I did it for two reasons mainly: as a government officer of the central government with a sufficiently high rank, I did not want to get bracketed with the racketeers in astrology in Delhi about whom I have expressed my opinion in my article. The Pain of a Prediction on Morarji Desai (Prime Minister of India, March 1977 to July 1979). The second, more important, reason was that if more and more people came to consult me in the evenings and nights, the only time I could be available to them, I would have been over-burdened, with no time left for my own astrological research.

In 1982 when I met Dr. Raman for the very first time I was aware that his reputation as a predictor of mundane events was its lowest ebb because his predictions about India's national events had failed successively for nearly two decades. Yet he had made his best predictions during the second world war. To defend him, I spoke for the first ever time on astrology from a public stage.

The conference over, anti-astrology tirade in the Delhi newspapers continued in the spate of letters published both in the Hindustan Times and, also, the Indian Express then edited by B.G. Verghese, who had enjoyed a better reputation as an editor. Not a single letter sent to these two editors in defence of astrology was published! Such is the ethics of the so-called national newspapers of Delhi, particularly the English newspapers.

Not one of the important persons who had benefited from astrological predictions from time to time ever even wrote a letter in favour of astrology and astrologers. But the international newspapers, particularly the New York Herald Tribune (6th January, 1983) gave a very balanced and favourable coverage to the Astrological Conference with a paragraph about me.

It was my speech which impressed the foreign press in the audience during the conference and they decided that if I, a civil servant, was doing astrology, as I was, I was more newsworthy than other astrologers. Since then I became a regular target of attack by such Indian Astrologers as produce some pseudo- astrological journals, with predictions which have no astrological basis. It is the worst type of quackery which flourishes in Delhi and, is mistaken for astrology. Since then these malicious astrologers whom India's famous avoid have made it something of an annual ritual to write against me abusively. Astrologers with such low tastes degrade themselves and succeed in revealing only their animal samskaras.

Impelled mainly with a desire to defending astrology, I wrote out some pieces giving the names of the big and mighty persons who had consulted me sometime or the other, and who even after benefiting from my predictions, had never come to the defence of astrology, openly. Need existed for me to "prove" to the astrological community that I was doing astrology with time-tested techniques of Vedic Astrology.

Some initial hesitation on the part of Dr. Raman was clear when he had asked me whether the famous persons whose names I mentioned in my articles would deny that they ever got prediction from me. I told him that I would neither take their permission nor would expect them to have the courage to deny the predictions they got from me. In the articles I wrote, I furnished enough internal evidence which would make them look helpless, was my answer. I was asked to send as many articles as I had and was told that they would be published. I had originally intended to write only three and stop. The reason for this demand was, as became clear later, the magazine gained in some credibility when proofs of predictions given to living and famous personalities were given. The sales of the magazine -went up enormously. In my fan mail I received many letters in which some readers said that any issue of the magazine without my article had appeared unattractive to them.

I am grateful to those thousands of readers. My prodigious case-studies since August 1983 (these twelve years) now numbering over one hundred, created intense jealousy among astrologers who were well-established, but brought me admiration from other astrologers and astrology-lovers.

Then started another line of attack on me, strangely, from the community of astrologers that I had no consistent approach to astrological prediction. It was the most misplaced criticism as I had consistently adopted standardized, replicable techniques. It was time to disclose it, to invite these jealous astrologers to attack me on technical grounds and, show defects in my statistical-replicable researches, which I had been doing for many years, quietly, having got a clue about them from my late mother, Smt. K, Sarasvani Devi, my astrology-guru.

Not one astrologer has been able to find out a single technical flaw in my statistical-replicable researches published since 1985 to date (1995).

Some of them have stolen my researches and have either passed them on as theirs or, even used them in their books without even referring to my published researches.


Preface to the Second Edition8
Preface to the First Edition10
Section I
Chapter OneThree Stages of a Prediction (Part-l )21
Chapter TwoThree Stages of a Prediction (Part-2)38
Section II
Case Study IThe Drama of a Prediction Justice Nandlal Untwalia48
Case Study IIThe Pain of a Prediction Fall ofMorarji Desai53
Case Study IIIThe Suspense of a Prediction Amitabh Bachchan61
Case Study IVThe Vein of a Prediction Recovery of lost property of wife of Dr. P. Diesh71
Case Study VThree Tiers of a Prediction Forcasting an event in Railways75
Case Study VIThe Putt of a Prediction Shiraz Shaheed82
Case Study VIIThe Joy of a Prediction Forecasting Academic Distinction88
Case Study VIIIThe Warmth of a Prediction Vishwas Madhav Sabnis K.C. Pant96
Case Study IXThe Thrill ofa Prediction Margaret Alva103
Case Study XPredicting LightAmidst Gloom Sanjay Srivastava's Selection for IAS108
Case Study XIWhat is a Replicable Pattern?115
Case Study XIIThe U.S. President Bill Clinton118
Case Study XIIIThe Lost Kingdom124
Case Study XIVSpectacular Rise in Career130
Case Study XVThe Boy Who Ran Away132
Case Study XVIThe Case of an Ambassador who was Kidnapped136
Case Study XVIIThe Charismatic Actor Politician NTR143
Sectoion III
Chapter ThreeAstrology and Science - Conclusions149
Books by Vani Publication158
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