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The Universe that is God: An Insight into the Thousand Names of Lord Visnu (Commentary on Vishnu Sahasranama)

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Item Code: IDG136
Publisher: JNANA-PRAVAHA, D. K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Language: Sanskrit text with english transliteration and translation
Edition: 1999
ISBN: 8124601534
Pages: 435
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 9.2" X 7.2"
Weight 950 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description

About the Book:

The book offers an erudite commentary on the sacred text of Sri Visnu Sahasranama, one of the most important hymns in the great corpus of Indian literature.

Dr. Panduranga Rao, a scholar of repute, here makes a detailed study of the meaning and significance of the hymn-a garland of thousand names of the Lord of the universe glorifying his qualities in an attempt to qualify the unqualified. Devoting a separate chapter for the analysis of each of the 107 verses of the stotra, he brings out the metaphysical nuances of each name with references from various sources and mentions the texts where the names occur. He explains related concepts and terms in an effort to present a wider understanding of the subject. He also studies the context in which the sacred hymn originated. The scholarly commentary reveals how the sacred text presents a picturesque account of the Supreme reality, Highest existence and Absolute bliss through graphic language and by adopting a photographic style of its own.

The work, with a foreword by Dr. Karan Singh, will be extremely useful to all scholars of Indian tradition and literature as well as others who are interested in the recitation and understanding of Sri Visnu Sahasranama.

Publisher's Note

In our daily prayers we chant many hymns, but seldom try to understand the inner meaning and its effects. In an endeavour to unfold the petals of our scriptural lotus, we offer this book – 'The Universe That Is God' explaining the divine synonyms of 'Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram'. Dr. I. Panduranga Rao an erudite scholar and devotee deserves our rich compliments and admiration. Our heartfelt gratitude is due to Dr. Karan Singh, a great philosopher, scholar par excellence and Rajarshi in true sense, for his learned forwarding note. We also thank all our colleagues and friends with whose help this publication has taken shape. We humbly present it to readers with a hope that it will help in arousing the quest to go into the depth of our scriptures.


srimata pandurangena suksmabuddhya samiksitam
visnornama sahasram no bhatu bhuti vivardhakam


Apart from the great Shastras in the Hindu tradition – the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Puranas, the Epics and so on – hymnology has also played a significant role in the development of India's religious and spiritual life down through the ages. Indeed, these Stotras represent a bridge between the highly sophisticated texts and the common people who worship various deities such as Shiva & Vishnu, Lakshmi & Durga, Ganesha & Hanuman, Rama & Krishna. The hymns usually contain 108 (Ashtottara) or 1000 (Sahasranama) appellations of the worshipped deity. Regular prayers are performed in many temples established in South India, and this practice flourishes down to the present day.

Indeed so important are these texts, that many great Acharyas have written commentaries upon them, mainly in Sanskrit. Sri Vishnu Sahasranama and Sri Lalita Sahasranama are among the most popular of these great hymns, the former having been recited by Bhishma while lying upon his bed of arrows after the terrible battle of Mahabharata. Adi Shankaracharya wrote erudite commentaries upon these hymns.

Dr. I. Panduranga Rao, whom I have known for many years, is an outstanding Sanskrit scholar with numerous publications to his credit in Hindi, Telugu and English. He is a great devotee of Lord Vishnu, and has in this book – 'The Universe That Is God' given us an excellent commentary on the Vishnu Sahasranama, one of the most important hymns is the great corpus of Hindu literature. This hymn consists of 107 verses, and Dr. Rao has explained the significance of the thousand names of Lord Vishnu by devoting one chapter each to every verse. He has also given them separate names, so that their purport is more easily comprehensible to the general reader. Dr. Panduranga Rao has brought all his devotional equipment as well as scholastic talent to presenting what will be a widely read commentary on Sri Vishnu Sahasranama.

While congratulating the author on his achievement, I would also like to commend a comparatively new institution, JNANA – PRAVAHA set up recently in the sacred city of Varanasi by Smt. Bimla Poddar and Sri Suresh Neotia. This will be their first major publication, and I am sure many more will follow in due course. Living as we are in an age of great tumult and turmoil, strengthening our spiritual awareness has become a prime necessity if we are successful to overcome the challenges that face us. In the present Kaliyuga, devotion to a personal deity and repetition of His/Her name is considered to be the simplest and most effective path of salvation. It is in this broader context that I have great pleasure in presenting this Volume – The Universe That Is God by Sri I Panduranga Rao to interested readers in India and around the world.

About the Author:

Dr. Panduranga Rao, scholar and philosopher, is respected for his unique understanding of deep philosophical truths concerning God and his creation. Brought into close association with Hindu ritualistic traditions and sacred works at a very young age, he combines the inspiration and dedication of a true devotee with the intellectual genius and perseverance of a scholar to explore in his works various aspects of Hindu philosophy and religion, particularly the Ramayana.

A multi-linguist writer, he has around fifty publications to his credit.




1. The Text And The Context 1
2. The Prologue 12
3. The Nascent Nine 22
4. The Eminent Eight 31
5. The Supreme Seven 40
6. All In All 46
7. The Best Of All 49
8. The Master Mind 51
9. The Most Auspicious 53
10. The Very Breath Of Life 55
11. The Excellence Unexcelled 59
12. Compassion All-compassing 61
13. The Lord Of All 64
14. The Soul Of Equanimity 67
15. Holy Sound Dispels Fear 70
16. Blissful Blend Of Radiance And Wisdom 72
17. Presiding Over, While Residing In 75
18. The Radiance Resplendent 79
19. The Gigantic Dwarf 82
20. The Supreme And The Superb 85
21. His Majesty 87
22. The Bow That Binds 90
23. The Splendour Of The Resplendent 93
24. No Birth - No Death 96
25. The Light-house That Preaches 99
26. Direction From All Directions 102
27. The Synthesis Of Day And Night 104
28. The Man, The Divine 106
29. The Bestower Of Distinction 110
30. The Showers That Sustain 112
31. Valiant Vibrant And Radiant 115
32. The Light Of Life 119
33. The Truth Thy Strength 121
34. The Dispenser Of All Desires 124
35. Invisible, But Innumerable 128
36. The Beloved Of The Blessed 130
37. The Main-stay 134
38. The Grace That Condescends 137
39. The Lotus That Looks After 140
40. The Ever-growing And The Ever-lasting 142
41. The Incomparable 145
42. All-enduring And Never-decaying 148
43. The Spirit Behind Creation 151
44. The Grace That Grants 154
45. The Right And Might Of The Lord 157
46. The Purusa Who Nourishes 161
47. The Prime-mover Of Time 164
48. The Source Of All Resources 168
49. The Nave Of All Constellations 171
50. The Object Of All Worship 174
51. The Loving God 177
52. The Abode Of Affection 180
53. The Guardian Of Dharma 183
54. The Prime And The Supreme 186
55. The Tranquil Joy Of Bliss 189
56. Victor, Rector And Protector 193
57. The Heart Of Heaven And Earth 196
58. The Bliss And The Blissful 199
59. He Knows What He Does 202
60. The Infinite Variety 205
61. The Unconquered 208
62. Bhagavan 212
63. He Gives What You Want 216
64. The Song, The Supreme 219
65. The Bestower Of Peace 223
66. Nothing But Good 226
67. Sri The Treasure-House 229
68. The Bliss Unsurpassed 233
69. The Dispeller Of Grief 235
70. Arch Light 238
71. Lord Of The Three Worlds 241
72. The Deity Of Desires 245
73. The Learning Of The Learned 249
74. The Greatness Of The Great 252
75. Hymn The Lord And Have His Grace 254
76. Livable Is Lovable 257
77. The One Existent 260
78. The Be-ness Of All Beings 263
79. The Unmanifest In Myriad Forms 266
80. The One, But Not One 268
81. All Gold For The Golden God 272
82. Adored By All But Himself 276
83. The Bearer Of Radiance 279
84. Four In One 282
85. Get The Best And Forget The Rest 285
86 Beauty And Duty Combined 288
87. The Living Looks Of The Lord 291
88. The Lord Of Lords Of The World Of Words 294
89. The Heaven On Earth 297
90. One With Trees 300
91. Fire And Fear Of God 304
92. Just An Atom, But Gigantic 307
93. Extolled For His Excellence 311
94. The Sagittarian 315
95. The Abode Of Truth And Righteousness 318
96. The Sun His Eye 321
97. The Pedestal Of The World 325
98. Blissful Shower Of Blessings 328
99. Valiant But Not Violent 332
100. The Holy Name Will Do 335
101. The Good That Dispels Bad 339
102. Variety Of Forms And Powers 343
103. The Being Without Beginning 347
104. The Smile That Blossoms 351
105. He Knows What He Is 355
106. The Tree With Three That Grows 357
107. He Is Food, He Is God 360
108. The Song That Sings For Him 363
109. The Great Grand Guardian 366
110. The Epilogue 372
111. The Text 379
112. Sri Visnu Sahasranamavalih 401
113. Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide 435

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