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Unearthing Secrets of Upanishads

Unearthing Secrets of Upanishads
Item Code: NAB818
Author: Dr. Mallikarjun Bykadi
Pages: 46
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.4 inch X 5.6 inch
weight of the book: 60 gms

About the Author

Dr. Mallikarjun Bykadi has been working as a Sanskrit lecturer in St. Joseph’s P.U. College, Bengaluru. He was conferred Ph.D degree from Rashtriya Sanskrita Sansthan, New Delhi on his thesis called ‘Dasopanishadsu Katha Samvada Vimarshah’ (Criticism on the stories and conversations of Ten Upanishads). He was also awarded a gold medal on his post graduation, for his outstanding performance in pantheism. (Advaita Vedanta)



Vedas are the ocean of knowledge where human's long term endeavour for fundamental truths of being is cogently expatiated. Vedas have four divisions called Samhita, Brahmana, Aranyaka and Upanishad. Upanishad is the last part of Veda where naive depiction of Brahma (Almighty) is illustrated. There are more than two hundred Upanishads which enunciate the qualities of Omnipotent. Apart from this, Upanishads hymns revolve around some social issues which need to be unmasked. This is what intended here and partially succeeded too.

Upanishad enthralled enormous people in the world through its pantheism. The concept pantheism was visualised by sages and popularised by great saint Shankaracharya. There are ten popular Upanishads which have the commentaries of Shankaracharya. Though the Upanishads quintessence is Brahma, but there are some stories which moralise and help the human to reach the Eternal bliss. These morals of Upanishads are unfurled in many treatises but few topics like sex, science, child—marriage etc are hardly unfolded.

Hence in this book such untold topics of Upanishads are subjected to be expatiated. The topics in this book have a stupendous explanation but lest topics bore the readers, condensed forms are given.

If book ignites the people to bethink broadmindedly then the intention is fulfilled. Heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Vanita, English lecturer of St. Joseph’s P.U. College who toiled for the completion of work.



Unearthing the secrets of Upanishads is a path breaking work of history, cultural, social and moral analysis of both Vedic and modern times. A clearly written and forcefully argued work of the author very relevant to any one who values humanity. This collection brings together the truth of the Vedic times and modern times as a blend of myth, mystical insights and unique Indian realistic tradition juxtaposed with religion.

Outstanding stories from Upanishads have been translated carefully from Sanskrit without maligning the essence. The stories hold the readers in thrall with some mystery and realism.

Written in simple language with an intention to reach the mass, the book is a real entertainer as well as a though provoking tool.




1. The Ideal Student 2-3
2. Nachiketa and Yama 4-7
3. Married can stay a bachelor 8
4. Group study of Vedic period 9
5. Women in Vedic period 10-14
6. Convocation of Vedic time 15-16
7. The Saga of Practical Exam 17-19
8. Was child marriage existing in Vedic time? 20-21
9. Is rebirth true? 22-24
10. Was caste system existing in Vedic time? 25-27
11. Teaching and student life of Vedic time 28-30
12. Ghost or Gandharva? 31-32
13. Science in Upanishads 33-35
14. Two unanswerable simple questions 36
15. Vamadeva’s enlightenment in the womb 37
16. Analogy of man with tree 38-40


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