Understanding Mysteries of the Mind (Focussing on Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Superstitions, Hypnotism, Paranormal Phenomenon, Astral Travelling, Black Magic and Dreams)
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Understanding Mysteries of the Mind (Focussing on Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Superstitions, Hypnotism, Paranormal Phenomenon, Astral Travelling, Black Magic and Dreams)

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Author: Nandlal Vanvari
Publisher: D. K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9788124602607
Pages: 280
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About the Book

The book deals with some of the occult sciences that attempt to address the mysteries of the mind and understand the laws of nature and master them. Using perspectives and ideas of researchers and practitioners of these sciences, the book, with an easy-to-follow text, studies the basis and practice of telepathy, clairvoyance, psychometry, hypnotism, paranormal phenomenon, astral traveling and dreams. Citing experiments conducted in the past and giving a history of the evolution of the practice of each discipline, it discusses the nature of these sciences and the relevance of each in promoting creativity and developing skills and spiritual and mental advancement in general. It goes in detail into what thought is and what specific thoughts, dreams and superstitions indicate and use of certain materials like ESP cards, mirrors and crystals in the practice of the occult sciences.

The volume will prove indispensable to psychologists, psychiatrists and neurologists, practitioners of these sciences and lay readers interested in the subject.

About the Author

Nandlal Vanvari, Ph.D., has specialized in electronics and communication engineering. He has presented papers in national and international conferences on R&D vis-a-vis electronics industry and has published a number of research papers in journals and works on the subject. He is listed in the directory of "Experts in Renewable Energy" brought out by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Over the years, he has keenly cultivated his interest in spiritual-scientific topics like the occult sciences.


SINCE the dawn of occultism, which goes back to thousands of years to the race of Lemurions (Lemuria was supposed to be a continent which stretched between Africa and Asia, the home of a telepathic race of giants which died when violent volcanic activity sent the land mass to the bottom of the ocean), the search for understanding the 'Mind' is on. Later on philosophers, psychics, sages, saints, seers, shamans, . . . joined the race, and the race is striving to know what exactly the mind is; what is its functions; what is its potentials and all other dimensions.

The general principles adumbrated in Philosophy and Theosophy books state that a Human Being is a composite of Body (Soma), Mind (Psyche) and Spirit (Pneuma, or Essence, or Now, which is also called Soul); and this is the most commonly accepted view. An esotericist differs when he begin to penetrate into the human being as he is bound to reverse the order while preserving the three categories. He realizes that human is spirit, and that, for evolutionary purposes, s/he has, attached to the Soul. a personality, which consists of mind and body. Body is cogged into the physical world and its rigid space-time continuum soul exists out of this continuum, hence the extraordinary difference in consciousness which human has in what the late Abraham Maslow called moments of "peak experiences," or transcendence. Mind or psyche lies between the two, so that one experiences space-time in the flexible, plastic form which we know best as dreams, and also in some extrasensory experiences, where the plasticity is apt to prove very confusing to both the sporadic experiencer and to the professed and not properly trained "psychic."

Nothing is more mysterious than the mind itself, and there is no peace without penetrating into that mystery. The mystery lies deep in the stream of life. Eternal knowledge lies not in the outer world, but in the centre of consciousness. Being identical to consciousness, every human is endowed with that infinite knowledge. The only thing needed to know oneself is to withdraw one's mind from the external world and focus one's energy to explore the truth within.

The truth is self-existent beyond time, space and causation. Consciousness and truth are beyond past, present, and future. The human mind is the finest instrument which can be trained to realize the source from which consciousness flows in various degrees and grades.

Crystal-gazers, telepathics, clairvoyants, clairaudients, clairsentients, psychometry experts, dream analysts, hypnotists, astral travellers, supernaturalists, magicians, and many more have contributed their bits to understand the mind. This text primarily deals with these psychic personalities.

Meditating monks manage the mind magnificiently. Morons are at the other end of spectrum of mind. Mystics cover the entire spectrum. However, miniature, mutinous and mysterious mind is beyond the realm of understanding.

I have picked up many thoughts, waves and their undulations from various texts and write-ups which I came across since early 1960s. All those, whose work I may not have referred, or have misquoted, I offer my apology and request them not to judge me harshly and do inform me about it so that, in the happy event of second edition, such errors can be corrected.

The comments, views and creative observations are welcome and efforts will be made to incorporate them in the future prints, if any — God Willing.

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