The Ultimate Reiki Touch: Initiation and Self-Exploration As Tools For Healing

The Ultimate Reiki Touch: Initiation and Self-Exploration As Tools For Healing

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Author: Paula Horan
Publisher: A Full Circle Book
Edition: 2000
ISBN: 8176210854
Pages: 220 (Illustrated with B/W Figures)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.3" X 5.6"
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The book exposes the root cause of stress and all disease, and supplies the tools for successful stress management with the help of the Usui System of Natural Healing. Based on the author's 14 years of experience as a Reiki teacher, and her more recent work with the ancient esoteric roots of Reiki, this book emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility not only for your own health and well-being, but in fact, for your entire life. With instructions for exploring specific themes through spontaneous writing practice and a daily journal which promote greater self awareness, it helps liberate you from the bondage of blaming others or outside circumstances, and empowers you to fully take charge and feel good about yourself and your achievements.

The Ultimate Reiki Touch introduces you to a variety of practices, which support a quantum leap in the quality of your life. Once set in motion, such a shift provides far greater satisfaction and ease in everyday living, enabling you to thoroughly enjoy the ride, even when the going gets tough.

Together with its companion volume Reiki- 108 Questions & Answers, The Ultimate Reiki Touch is the most in-depth long term guide to experiencing Universal Life Force Energy, available in book form.

Reiki enables us to give back to ourselves exactly what we are so often afraid to ask and then frees us to ask for it. The Love which we so often resist, due to our fear of exposure, is then felt again as a growing presence which lifts our confidence and reconnects us with Source.- From The Ultimate Reiki Touch

About the Author

Paula Horan is a psychologist, Reiki Master, author and seminar leader whose and inspirational teaching help motivate her students to manifest the richness inherent in their lives.

From 1992 through 1997, she spent much of her time with her master Shri H.W.L. Poonjaji in India, a self-realized being who left his body in September 1997. Inspired by Him, she shifted her focus from self improvement to self inquiry.

At this point, her greatest gift to her students and readers is her ability to evoke the joy and Freedom of true Self. In the summer of 1998, she was initiated into Men Chos or Medicine Dharma Reiki, a set of esoteric healing techniques based on Dr. Usui's own writings. She teaches Reiki, the Core Abundance Seminar and the Core Empowerment Training in several different countries, although she also enjoys the peace, and quite of a semi-secluded life style.

Born in America, she lived her childhood year in Italy and Germany. She completed her undergraduate studies with a B.A. in sociology and English literature in Britain, and then passed both her M.A. (focusing on dance therapy) and her Ph.D. in psychology in San Diego, California.

Paula has appeared on Radio and T. V. shows in the U.S., Europe and India. She is also one of the 1999 recipients of the full Circle "Inner Flame Award" in honor of her contribution to disseminating alternative methods of healing, and her grace and grit in adversity.

Her first book, Empowerment Through Reiki has been translated into fourteen languages. It was followed by Abundance Through Reiki, Core Empowerment - A Course In The Power of Heart, and Reiki-108 Questions and Answers: Your Dependable Guide for A Lifetime of Reiki Practice. The Ultimate Reiki Touch is her fifth book and the much awaited companion volume to Reiki-108 Questions And Answers.

Push also welcomes questions and feedback from her readers. She answers every letter personally, although it may take a few months for the answer to reach its destination due to her frequent travels. Please, send all inquiries regarding this book, or requests for seminar schedules or your interest in organizing a seminar to:

Samaya Sattav Foundation
C/o- Dr. Paula Horan
P.O. Box. 43


To Heal The Healer

Reiki is for healing. It is a wonderfully simple, hands-on and totally effective method for relaxation. It releases stress and relieves pain, thereby restoring vitality. Any ailment, whether physical or emotional, can be treated with it, including depression. For the last fourteen years, I have dedicated the better part of my life to sharing and teaching Reiki, and I have taught it in many places: all across the United States, in Costa Rica, Iceland, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, France, and India, to name a few. I have visited most of these places many times over. For fourteen years, my life has been an extended journey. Although physically tiring at times, overall it has been uplifting and inspiring. And, it seems to continue with no end in sight. Where will it lead? What other miracles are waiting just around the corner? Only time will tell.

One of the greatest gifts on this journey has been the people I have met along the way. I have been blessed with innumerable heart to heart encounters. I have had the rare privilege to touch the lives of many, wonderful people and have been equally touched by theirs.

What I have seen, is that most people who live in little protective cocoons following a daily routine of work and making ends meet, often have little clue as to what a great resource and inspiration lies right inside them, opening myself to receive them fully, I have come to understand the incredible wealth of love and wisdom that often remains concealed in almost everyone. So hidden are these treasures, that most people have not the slightest notion that they are sitting on a mother lode of pure gold, while they mine like slaves for iron elsewhere in the trenches of their everyday obligations.

This is where The Ultimate Reiki Touch comes in: The title refers to our human capacity to be touched, which manifests in many different forms. We can be touched physically, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki supports and helps you appreciate touch in all of these forms, ultimately transforming them into a deep sense of inner peace- the supreme touch of freedom. After I received the initial inspiration, I had only one purpose in mind when I wrote this book: to share insights and tools of self exploration which may open the reader's eyes to the fact that he or she is indeed sitting on the mother lode, which is your very own life and life force.

Yes, Reiki is for healing. But who heals the healer who remains unaware of what is actually ailing him or her? Who helps the healer to heal him or herself to pursue the rewarding path of healing all the way to ultimate Freedom, which is always already there waiting to be uncovered? Who points to the inner beauty? Who nurtures sensitivity and assists in focusing awareness? Who strengthens motivation?

Of course, Reiki does. But Reiki needs a receptive ear. Our inner voice is the natural spokesperson for the wisdom of Universal Life Force Energy. However, our inner voice can only help us when we are open enough to listen to it, to listen to it more clearly than the voice of so-called reason and conditioning. Our conditioned mind is hell bent on repeating the same old tiresome patterns, and sabotages healing as only it can. Of course, always with the best of intentions… for doesn't ego always know best?

The Ultimate Reiki Touch is designed to strengthen perception so that we can hear our inner voice. This is suggested by the sub-title: Initiation and Self-Exploration As Tools For Healing. To live as a healer, is to be open to all of the events of our lives, as they unfold in our everyday existence, allowing them to initiate us into a more expansive reality, hidden just below their surface. To experience the freedom that we are, it is imperative that we plumb our depths: our thoughts and emotions, judgments and opinions, feelings and intuitions. It is essential that we learn to facilitate an unhindered flow through the body/mind, these transient aspects of our personality, without either resisting them or remaining identified.

With this end in mind, The Ultimate Reiki Touch evolved into a practice-oriented book, with lots of exercises and many handy hints for additional self-inquiry woven into the text. It will assist you most, if you use it like a manual, and follow the instructions given. The instructions never suggest what you should think or feel or perceive, they only help you notice what already is. They show you how to proceed in order to feel fully what at present may still be somewhat unclear or undefined; or to clearly perceive whatever still remains hidden, thereby ruling and shaping your life without you even being aware of the fact.

Also included, is a detailed description with line drawings of the hand positions to be applied during a treatment session. This seemed to be called for, because many people who study Reiki these days learn it from rather inexperienced teachers, who in turn have studied with teachers as inexperienced as themselves. This chain of ignorance needs to end.

Illustrated by many examples, the true secret of the vast potential of Second Degree Reiki is explored. As with all secrets, the main secret lies in the act itself. However, pointers in the right direction are helpful, as misleading instructions can frustrate our effort and lead us astray.

IntroductionTo Heal The Healerxii
PrologueGeneral Suggestions for The Practice Sessions3
Chapter 1Motivation16
Chapter 2Initiation29
Chapter 3Simplicity55
Chapter 4Commitment67
Chapter 5Love95
Chapter 6Awareness113
Chapter 7Touch146
Chapter 8Reiki 1- Treating The Body164
Chapter 9Reiki 2- Treating the Mind195
EpilogueReiki 3- To Empty An Empty Cup207
About the Author and The Poet219
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