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दूरे तत्तीरे: Translation of Hindi Poems into Sanskrit


A profile of the collection of poems "Dur Us Paar" (In sanskrit Dure Tatterae) by Professor Hari Raj Singh, Vice Chancellor, University of Allahabad.

This collection consists of poems by the author, who has already attained a unique reputation as a poet of a new genre. Prof. Singh's poetry is wrung out of the depths of his heart, and yet the intellectual element has been wonderfully blended with the emotional. The poet reflects on diverse aspects of human life, which encompass the local as well as the universal. Realism is intermingled with a rare deftness with the idealism, which mirrors the spiritual facet of the poet's personality. Prof. Singh is a scientist of worldwide repute and therefore stands out as a rare poet by virtue of his deep artistic profundity and skill.

Many of the poems are born of the experiences of love, hope, separation from the beloved, ennui, despondency, intimate relations and the simple joys of homely life. The poet is ever awake to the sweet sights and sounds, the 'heard melodies' and even 'those unheard' which are sweeter. Nature has a silent impact on his thoughts and feelings. Yet the poet is basically concerned with 'man'. Human values are the very life breath of his poetry. He sees the indwelling spirit of the Almighty Creator in every noble impulse that makes human life worth living.

Among the subjects treated by the poet there are, as in the poetry of the romantic poets, simple objects and experiences, like the lullaby sung by the loving mother to the child in the cradle, the little birds hopping about in the courtyard, the rising sun, the railway station with the wiling porter, the 'coolie', the solitude of the lonely, the crowd, the unique sacred yet festive 'Kumbh' at Prayag, the confluence of the Ganges and the Yamuna, the exhilarating touch of friendship, and so on, until at the very extreme end the poet is moved by death, the death of most beloved one, and thus the range of the canvas of his poetry is extraordinarily wide. The poet's poem on 'Beauty' is one of the finest examples of his wide vision and singular originality. This one poem epitomises practically the essence of aesthetics. The philosophy of life reflected in these poems finds its culmination in a rich and noble optimism, which makes all the tasks ahead easy and life more worth living and meaningful.

Yet the beauty of his words is matched by the brevity of his poems. The poems lend themselves easily to translation into the richest language of the ancient Orient - Sanskrit.

It has been my unique privilege to get the poet's kind permission to render the poems of this collection into the 'language of the gods' - Sanskrit. I have been lifted up both emotionally and spiritually in this process. The poetry which is wisdom distilled, the poetry which is from the heart, the poetry which will remain an immortal testimony to humanism and love, is indeed here in "Dur Us Paar" (Dure Tatterae) by Professor Hari Raj Singh.


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