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To Bloom Like A Lotus (A Spiritual Thought for Each Day of the Year)

To Bloom Like A Lotus (A Spiritual Thought for Each Day of the Year)
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Item Code: IDI146
Author: Vikas Malkani
Publisher: Lotus press, New Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 818909369X
Pages: 388
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 4.2"X 5.9"
weight of the book: 300 gms
A word from The Author

'Well begun is half done'- this is a spiritual truth, which has greater implications in our day-to-day life than we realize.

Begin your day well, with a positive thought, and the rest of it that follows generally turns out positive. The reverse is also true. A negative thought or experience at the beginning of your day will influence the rest of it.

This is the reason all great spiritual master have impressed upon the world the importane of the spiritual truth, "The circle begins with ME." The wisdom they wish to impart is that by our thoughts we create our world. By our mind we build our limitation. By our perception we create our reality. The circle begins with me; I am the marker of my own destiny.

It is with a similar intention, as those of the great spiritual masters of the past, that I offer you the way to bloom like a Lotus. 365 thoughts are put before you to meditate upon at the beginning of each day. They will lead you deeper into your self and stay with you throughout your day. If you conemplate on them regularly you will find a lasting peace, joy and stability within your Self.

Your anchor will become an internal one and will keep you stable throughout your life.

Accept responsibility for creating your reality and as I always say, "Live Life God Size." We are all, without exception, children of God. To live with this awareness, moment to moment, connected to our reality is to Live Life God Size.

Back of the Book

Vikas Malkani is a disciple of Swami Rama. Born and brought up in a reputed business family in India, Vikas Malkani was the head of a large business enterprise till the age of 29, when Enlightenment struck him, as he chooses to call it.

Today, he is considered one of the contemporary spiritual masters of India, and is the founder of Soul Centre. He travels all over the world, and within India, teaching and guiding on the spiritual path.

The best-selling author of 23 books, his wise and simple insight goes direct to the heart and cuts through all superficial levels. His forte is to make the ancient wisdom of the spiritual masters simple to understand and easy to apply in our daily lives.

His teaching is revolutionary and radical at the same time, as it cuts across all boundaries of backgrounds, philosophies, religions and cultures. He speaks from his direct experience of reality

He is also the founder and creator of the SoulKids program for children that has created thousands of confident, creative and self-aware children worldwide.

His teachings and his work have been profiled in national and international media.

He is the recipient of numerous awards for his life transforming vision and works in the field of human consciousness and appears on primetime every night on a national spiritual TV channel.


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