A Text Book of History of Ayurveda

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Item Code: NAN189
Publisher: Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan
Author: Dr. D. C. L. Chary
Language: English
Edition: 2012
Pages: 348
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 9.5 inch X 6.0 inch
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Author

Dr. Dingari Lakshmana Chary (born on 26th January 1962) has completed BAMS in 1985 from A. L. Government Ayurvedic College, Warangal; MD in 1990 from B.R. K. R. Government Ayurvedic Medical Collehe, Hyderabad and PH.D. in 2004 from Pune University. He was awarded with 4 Gold Medals for his excellence in graduation.

He has been teaching as UG and PG Professor since last 20 years and has guided about 15 Post Graduate at SDM Ayurvedic PG Centre, Hassan. He worked as UG and PG examiner in many universities, participated in many seminars, workshops, terminology programmes, CME programmes and also published many different Journals. His previously written two books entitled Shalakya Tantra and Padartha Vijinan are very well accepted and popular among teachers and students alike.


The Ayurvedeeya Itihasa is the First year subject of B.A.M.S. The First year BAMS students are admitted in to BAMS Course from Intermediate with Convent Education. They need the English version in a systematic order and as per syllabus. This book is written in simple English, as per syllabus hence it is helpful not only for students but also for Teachers.

Dr. D. Lakshmana Chary, Principal Vaageswari Ayurvedic Medical Collage Karimngar, Andhra Pradesha is authored Shalakya Tantra – I, Shalakya Tantra – II and Ayurvedeeya Padartha Vijnana, with the addition of previous experience he compiled this book in perfect manner, hence I hope it will be benefited to all students and teachers.


It is my great privilege and pleasure to undertake the work of writing the book "A Text Book of History of Ayurveda". It became possible only by the grace of God Dhanvantari and parents.

It is planned and written only for the benefit of the BAMS students. Hence written in simple English as per syllabus I assure that it will be benefited to them.

I express my sincere gratitude to Dr. G. Sreenivas Reddy the General secretary, Directors and Members of Sree Vaageswari Educational Society Karimnagar, Andhara Pradesh, for their encouragement to complete this work.

I offer my heart felt thanks to my best Smt. D. Kamala (MA Sanskrit), my Beloved Son D. Sreeram and my Daughter D. Sreeramya for editing the text.

I Whole heartedly thank my dear staff Dr. T. Narasimha Swamy, G.J. Johnson, R. Venkateshwarlu, M. Ratnakar, T. Venkateshwar, T. Aravid, A. Yadagiri, Manjiri Ranade and D. Rajagopalacharya for their Co-operation in Compiling the material of the text.

I thank my dear student of I& II year BAMS students for helping in typing the material.

Last but not the least I sincerely thank one and all who directly and indirectly responsible for successful completion of this work.



1 Introduction to Ayurveda  
  Ayurveda Parichaya 1
  Ayurveda Rada Nirukti 3
  Scope and Importance of Ayurveda 4
  Itihasa Nirukti 4
  Ayurveda Itihasa 5
  Parametrs for framing history of Ayurveda 5
  Causes for the destruction of Ayurvedic literature 9
  Kala Vibhaga 10
  Model Questions 13
2 Descent of Ayurveda  
  Kayachikitsa tradition of Ayurveda 14
  Shalya Tantra tradition of Ayurveda 14
  Kaumarabhrity tradition of Ayurveda 14
  A chart denoting the descent of Ayurveda as per Charaka, Vagbhata, Sushruta and Kashyapa 15
  Achart denoting the descent of Ayurveda as per Brahma Vaivarta Purana 15
  Brahma 16
  Vishnu 17
  Rudra 17
  Daksha-prajapati 18
  Ashwini-kumar 19
  Indra 21
  Bhaskara 22
  Varuna 22
  Agni 23
  Vayu 23
  Samudra-manthana - Amritotpatti 23
  Model Questions 24
3 Antiquity of Ayurveda  
  Anciency of Ayurveda 25
  Eternity of Ayurveda 25
  Model Questions 26
4 Ayurveda in the Vedas, Puranas, Darshanas etc.  
  Introduction to Vedas 27
  Veda Kala Nirnaya 28
  Veda & Ayurveda 29
* Rigveda & Ayurveda 29
* Yajurveda & Ayurveda 31
* Samaveda & Ayurveda 32
* Atharvanaveda & Ayurveda 32
  Upavedatwa of Ayurveda 36
  Brahmana & Ayurveda 37
  Aranyaka & Ayurveda 39
  Upanishad & Ayurveda 39
  Vedanga & Ayurveda 41
  Purana, Upapurana & Ayurveda 42
  Smriti & Ayurveda 45
  Kalpasutra & Ayurveda 46
  Ayurveda in the Epics 47
* Ramayana & Ayurveda 47
* Mahabharata & Ayurveda 48
  Koutilya's Arthashastra & Ayurveda 50
  Panini's Ashtadhyayi & Ayurveda 51
  Dharshana & Ayurveda 52
  Model Questions 58
5 Samhita-Kala  
  Introduction 59
  Status of Ayurveda in Samhita Kala 59
  Atreya tradition of Ayurveda 60
  Dhanvanthari tradition of Ayurveda 62
  Kashyapa tradition of Ayurveda 62
  Bharadwaja 63
  Atreya 64
  Bhikshu Atreya 64
  Dhanvantari 65
  Kashyapa tradition of Ayurveda 67
  Agnivesha 68
  Bhela 69
  Jatukarna 70
  Harita 70
  Parashara 71
  Ksharapani 71
  Charaka & Charaka Samhita 71
  Dridhabala 73
  Sushruta & Sushruta Samhita 73
  Contemporaries of Sushruta Aupadhenava 75
* Aurabhra 75
* Pauskalavata 75
* Karaveerya 75
* Vaitarana 76
* Gopurarakshita 76
* Bhalukitantra 76
* Bhoja 76
* Kankayana 77
* Varyovid 77
  Krishana Atreya 77
  Nagarujuna 77
  Nimi 79
  Gargya 80
  Karala tantra 81
  Galava tantra 81
  Satyaki 81
  Chakshushyena tantra 81
  Bhrigu tantra 81
  Nagnagi-daruvahaka 82
  Jeevaka 82
  Hiranyaksha 84
  Vatsya 84
  Vashishtha 84
  Bhrigu 84
  Atri 84
  Vagbhata & Ashtanga Sangraha/Hridaya 85
  Model Questions 86
6 Chronological Development of Samhitas  
  Chronological development of Charaka Samhita 88
  Chronological Development of Sushruta Samhita 91
  Chronological development of Kashyapa Samhita 94
  Model Questions 96
7 Commentators of Classical Samhitas  
a) Commentators of Charaka-samhita  
  Battara Harichandra 97
  Swamy Kumara 98
  Jejjata 98
  Chakrapani Datta 98
  Shivadasa Sen 99
  Gangadhar Roy 99
  Gayadasa 100
  Yogendranath Sen 100
  Kaviraja Jyotishachandra Saraswati 100
  Hindi & English commentators of Charak Samhita 101
b) Commentators of Sushrutas Samhita  
  Jejjatta 102
  Chakrapani Datta 102
  Gayadasa 103
  Brahmadeva 103
  Bhaskaracharya 103
  Haranachandra Chakravati 103
  Dalhana 104
  Chandrata 104
  Hindi & English commentators of Sushruta Samhita 105
c) Commentators of Ashtanga Sangraha Indu 105
  Hindi & English commentators of Ashtanga Sangraha 105
d) Commentators of Ashtanga Hridaya  
  Arunadatta 106
  Hemadri 106
  Chandranandhana 107
  Sridasa Pandita 107
  Shivadas Sen 107
  Indu 107
  Hindi & English commentators of Ashtanga Hridaya 108
e) Nishchalakara 108
f) Other commentators of Brihat-trayi and Laghutrayi 109
g) Nigantus Ayurveda 111
  Model Questions 115
8 Grantha Sangraha Kala  
  Bhavaprakasha of Bhavamishra 117
  Commentators of Bhavaprakasha 118
  Sharngadhara Samhita of Sharngadhara 118
  Commentators of Sharngadhara Samhita 119
  Madhavanidana of Madhavakara 121
  Commentators of Madhavanidana 121
  Vrinda Madhava 123
  Bhaishajya Ratnavali of Govinda Das 124
  Basavarajeeyam of Neelakanta Basavaraju 124
  Gadanigraha or Shodala Nigantu 125
  Nishchalakara 125
  Chikitsakalika of Tisata 125
  Yogaratnakara 126
  Chakradatta 127
  Rajamartanda 127
  Sahasrayoga 128
  Vaidyachintamani 128
  Chikitsa Sara Sangraha 128
  Chikitsa Ratna 129
  Sadvaidya Jeevana 129
  Navaneetaka 129
  Model Questions 129
9 Rasashastra and its Development 130
  Rasashastra-granthas-parichaya 131
10 Vriksha Ayurveda & Pashu Ayurveda 130
  Vriksha Ayurveda 142
  Pashu Ayurveda 144
  Ashwa Ayurveda - Shalihotra 144
  Gaja- Ayurveda - Palakapya 145
  Gava Ayurveda 146
  Ashwa Ghosha 147
  Nakula 147
  Varahamihira 147
  Model Questions 147
11 Introduction to Authors of Modern Era  
  Kaviraja Gananath sen 149
  Kaviraja Yaminibhushana 150
  Yadhavji Trikamji Acharya 150
  Bhaskara Govinda Ghanekar 151
  Pandit Damodara Sharma Gour 152
  Acharya Priyavrat Sharma 152
  Swamy Laxmiram 153
  Dr. P.M. Mehata 153
  Shankar Daji Shastri Pade 153
  Model Questions 154
12 Universal Influence & Globalisation of Ayurveda  
  Introduction 155
  Medicine in Sumeriya or Mesepotamiya 156
  Medicine in Babyloniya 157
  Medicine in Assyriya 159
  Medicine in Misra (Egypt) 160
  Medicine in China 163
  Medicine in Faras (Persia) 164
  Medicine in Arabia (Unani Meicine) 165
  Ayurveda in Kamboja 166
  Ayurveda in Sri Lanka 166
  Ayurveda n Nepal 167
  Ayurveda in Thailand 168
  Ayurveda in Mauritius 168
  Ayurveda in Burma (Myanmar) 168
  Model Questions 169
13 Impact of ayurveda on Hippocrates  
  Introduction 170
  The Oath of Hippocrates 174
  Greek Medical Science 174
  Acceptance of Ayurveda by Yavana 176
  Spread of Indian Surgery to Greece 178
  Translation of Ayurvedic nooks in to Arabian language 178
  Similaritites between Greece and Ayurveda 179
  Visit to Greece by Indian Scholars 181
  Ashoka's Inscription 182
  Alexander 184
  Model Questions 185
14 Development in the Field of Ayurveda after Independence  
  Education in Ayurveda 186
  Indian Drugs and Cosmetic Act 188
  Establishment of Ayurvedic Colleges 188
  PG Education in Ayurveda 190
  Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia Committee 192
  Establishment of Committees for Development of Ayurveda 192
  C.C.R.A.S. 197
  Pharmacopoeial Laboratory 206
  Rastriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth 206
  C.C.I.M. 208
* List of UG Colleges of Ayurveda 210
* List of PG Colleges of Ayurveda 244
  Ayush 250
  Research in the field of Ayurveda 251
  Sources of Writing down the Text Books 255
  Subject-wise writing of books 259
  Different Councils of Vaidya 266
  WHO 267
  Ayurvedic Journals and Magazines 269
  Model Questions 273
15 Appendices  
1 Some Eminent Schorar of Ayurveda of Modern Era 274
2 Viva Bits in Ayurveda Itihas 323


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