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Tamil for Beginners - Read and Write!

Tamil for Beginners - Read and Write!
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Item Code: NAR111
Author: Malarvizhi
Publisher: Notion Press
Language: Tamil and English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9781947634916
Pages: 86 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Other Details: 11.00 X 8.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.26 kg
About the Book

This book focuses only on the basics. We start from scratch by identifying, writing and reading out the letters. Phonetics of certain letters are unique with no equivalents in English, but can be grasped .t with a little bit of extra effort.

Progression in this manual is based on 3 parts to facilitate your learning. These parts refer to the Tamil consonants which are divided into 3 categories/types as follows:

1.Vallinam 2. Idaiyinam 3. Mellinam This particular structure will help you organize your learning more easily instead of memorization of all letters in one go.

The unsurpassable beauty and depth of this more than 2000-year-old ancient and classical language is often masked by the initial difficulties and complexities of learning it, for both Tamil and non-Tamil speaking populations, often discouraging and demotivating people from pursuing it. For most of them, these difficulties stem from an inadequate comprehension of the letters and so, it is in my highest hopes that this book would be an ideal aid if not the solution to a healthy and insightful beginning to all your future progress.

About the Author

Born in Chennai, brought up in southern Tamil Nadu and being deeply rooted to Tamil, a woman under the pseudonym of Malarvizhi found her passion for teaching this beautiful language. Being a homemaker of a joint household with a tight schedule, she decided to bring out this educational book with her daughter's help. Malarvizhi evolved and refined her own teaching methodology while guiding students of non-Tamilian families with not only activities but also through her own self-designed game. After many publishers hesitated to publish her book, she decided to do it on her own for everyone's benefit. She is continuing to create more concepts and modules to realize and this book is the cornerstone for more ideas to bridge the gap in fun learning!


As a mother...

A decade ago, I was residing in California and I was thinking about coming back with my family to settle down in India. Since I am a Tamilian, I wanted my children to know and cultivate their Tamil roots. For lack of instruction medium, I took up the task of teaching my daughter (my son being only an infant at the time) the basics of reading and writing in a way that could be easily grasped. It was successful in building a strong foundation. My daughter started familiarizing herself with words from the dictionary and could read little stories. On coming back, I realized that Tamil was compulsory in schools up to a certain grade and she had joined at a stage where the standard was past the basics. In regard to this, her initial learning with me was highly useful to pick up on her studies without too much of a hastle.

As a tutor..

In more recent times, I have conducted private Tamil tuitions, over the course of which I became aware of the learning difficulties of non-Tamil speakers from other states of India and abroad. Having no background in Tamil can be tough for those who join a new school in Tamil Nadu after 4th grade or come for a a temporary project for a few years. Furthermore, most supplements that exist in the market do not satisfactorily pass on the elementary basics in an engaging way. This book is intended to be useful for school children who have had the necessity to opt Tamil as their second/third language as well as English speaking Tamil enthusiasts.

With my experience as a parent and as a tutor, I know the importance of a strong foundation, that is simple and clear, because it reduces the reluctance of people and motivates them to read more. This book is intended as a seed towards Tamil learning in a fun and easily comprehensible manner that reinforces the basics for debutants of any age group and eventually encourage self-learning.

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