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Sun The Cosmic Powerhouse

Sun The Cosmic Powerhouse
Item Code: IDJ630
Author: Prash Trivedi
Publisher: Sagar Publications
Edition: 2002
ISBN: 8170820022
Pages: 141
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.3" X 5.3"
wight of book 191 gms


No matter which system of Astrology or which Astrological school of thought one looks at, one will find that one planet is given precedence above all – the Sun. In fact even nonbelievers in Astrology will recognize that life on earth is completely dependent upon the Sun. Sun is lie giver for us in a multitude of ways which any knower of the physical sciences will be able to reveal.

The Sun can be seen as the central source for our solar system. How it distributes the energy coming from farther regions of the cosmos is discussed in the chapter dealing with the esoteric and cosmological significance of Surya (one of the hundreds of Sanskrit names for the Solar Deity). Without the Sun there would be no such thing as colour on our planet. The colour spectrum is only visible because of filtering rays of the sun. In the same way our soul nature represented by the Sun in the chart is th filter through which all our attributes and qualities as individual beings are made visible on the outer and inner planes of existence. Therefore the Sun is the first principle through which all other principles manifest. It is a common practice to see the Sun as a personified planetary deity in Vedic texts. In concordance with this view these qualities have been discussed in the chapters dealing with its attributes and significations.

Some systems of Astrology like the Western system of Tropical Astrology are based entirely upon the seasons and the use of the solar year. The popular Sun sign Astrology which has arisen from the Western Astrological system is the most widely known form of astrology practised in the world today. This is however a very unfortunate happening as it trivializes the divine science of astrology. People have done this to make astrology more economically profitable and this fad is carrying on because of the complete neglect and superficial treatment of astrology by the media. The media is bent upon making astrology a light entertainment industry. Moreover this Sun sign Astrology is based upon an astronomically inaccurate zodiac known as the Tropical zodiac. The Sun's placement in different signs as defined in newspapers and magazines is therefore wrong. The Sun enters Aries on 14th April and not 21st March as is commonly presented in all forms of media. We therefore felt it was essential to give corrected sun-sign dates in the chapter dealing with Sun's placement in different signs.

We felt it was necessary to dedicate a chapter relating to judging the strength of Sun in a nativity. It is seen that judging sun's strength in a nativity is a delicate matter as it is not obvious from superficial inspection. This is sun area which most astrologers would find of immense help in natal as well as mundane astrology.

Numerology has been overlooked as an important interpretive and judgemental tool by most astrologers. Just like the author's other work (The Rahu-Ketu Experience by Prash Trivedi), this book carrier a chapter devoted to understanding the numerology associated with the Sun.

As some wise men say – the whole chart can be deciphered just by looking at the placements of the Sun, Moon and the Nodes. After covering the astrology of the Nodes in the abovementioned work we found it imperative to cover the primary luminary. We hope this work will be able throw some light on the source of all light. It is also hoped that this would lead to further research into the functioning of the Star among the planets.


The authors would like to thank Mr. Sagar for coming up with the noble idea of publishing a book dedicated solely to the Sun.

Special credit goes to Arden Cottage Flat for providing the inspiration and keeping us warm and safe in the cold Welsh winder.

We especially back Dr. Anna Ruth Kemp, our landlady, for entertaining us with her lunches throughout the writing of this book.

Thanks to our friends, especially Brigitte, and our families for their support and encouragement.

Last but not least this book could not be written without the help of the blessings of Lord Surya himself and the other planets whose Dasas the authors were undergoing.

Back of the Book

Prash Trivedi & Vela are the founding members of OSFA-Orion School and Foundation for Astrology, based in Britain. Prash & Vela have several works under publication in the West and have appeared on London Television and BBC Radio, to discuss Indian Astrology and why it should replace the prevalent Sun-Sign astrology. They also pointed out the huge astronomical discrepancy inherent in the popular Sun-Sign astrology.

Prash Trivedi is the author of "The Rahu-Ketu Experience", an exhaustive, historical, numerological as well as esoteric account of the Lunar Nodes. This book is a similar exhaustive treatise dealing with the king among the planets – Sun.




Chapter 1. Introduction 1
Chapter 2. Lets Get to Know our Sun 3
  Appearance 3
  Attributes 5
  Rulership-Exaltation, Debilitation & Moolatrikona 12
  Aspects 13
Chapter 3. Significations 15
Chapter 4. Motion, Mode of Functioning & Timing 26
  Timing 27
Chapter 5. Sun in Different Signs 31
  Sun in the Elements 33
  Fire 33
  Earth 33
  Water 34
  Air 35
  Sun in Individuals Signs 36
  Sun in Aries 36
  Sun in Taurus 36
  Sun in Gemini 37
  Sun in Cancer 37
  Sun in Leo 38
  Sun in Virgo 38
  Sun in Libra 39
  Sun in Scorpio 40
  Sun in Sagittarius 40
  Sun in Capricorn 41
  Sun in Aquarius 41
  Sun in Pisces 42
Chapter 6. Sun in Different Houses 43
  Sun in 1st House 44
  Sun in 2st House 45
  Sun in 3st House 45
  Sun in 4st House 46
  Sun in 5st House 47
  Sun in 6st House 48
  Sun in 7st House 49
  Sun in 8t House 50
  Sun in 9st House 51
  Sun in 10st House 52
  Sun in 11st House 53
  Sun in 12st House 53
Chapter 7. Association with others Planets 55
  Sun and Moon 56
  Sun and Mars 57
  Sun and Mercury 58
  Sun and Jupiter 59
  Sun and Venus 60
  Sun and Saturn 61
  Sun and Rahu 62
  Sun and Ketu 63
Chapter 8. Yogas 65
  Raja Yoga 65
  Parivarthana Yoga 66
  Budhaditya Yoga 66
  Vesi Yoga 67
  Vasi Yoga 68
  Obhayachari Yoga 69
  Mahabhagya Yoga 69
  Kusuma Yoga 70
  Gandharva Yoga 70
  Ravi Yoga 71
  Trilochana Yoga 71
  Kulavardhana Yoga 71
  Dhana Yoga 72
  Jada Yoga 72
  Suputra Yoga 72
  Karakamsa Yogas 73
  Eclipses 74
Chapter 9. Period 78
  Sun's Major Period 78
Chapter 10. Transits 84
  Sun's Transit Guidelines 84
  Other Planets Transiting over sun's natal position 88
Chapter 11. Asterisms 89
  Krittika 89
  Uttara Phalguni 91
  Uttara Shadha 93
Chapter 12. Status-Judging the Strength 96
Chapter 13. Esoteric and Cosmological Significance 100
Chapter 14. Numerology 107
  1 (One) 108
  3 (Three) 109
  5 (Five) 110
  10 (Ten) 111
  12 (Twelve) 112
  14 (Fourteen) 112
  15 (Fifteen) 113
  19 (Nineteen) 114
  21 (Twenty-One) 115
  23 (Twenty-Three) 116
  28 (Twenty-Eight) 117
  37 (Thirty-Seven) 117
  50 (Fifty) 118
  55 (Fifty-five) 119
  108 (One hundred and eight) 120
Chapter 15. Propitiation 121
  Propitiating Sun 121
  1. Deity 121
  2. Mantra 122
  3. Yantra 123
  4. Gems 124
  5. Herbs, Foods, Scents & Oils 125
  6. Symbols 126
  7. Colours & Clothing 126
  8. The 'Red Book' Remedial Measures 126
  9. Miscellaneous


Osfa Orion & Foundation for Astrology. 129
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