The Subtleties of the Inimitable- Mulla Nasrudin

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Author: Idriess Shah
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Edition: 2007
ISBN: 9788129110466
Pages: 110
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Nasrudin is an international folk hero of medieval origin, but has timeless appeal. His role changes, sometimes he is the sage, sometimes the fool: he is courtier, beggar, physician, judge and teacher. Whether his anecdotes are studied for their hidden wisdom, or enjoyed for their pungent humour, they are an enduring part of the world's cultural heritage.

Stories about Nasrudin appear in literature and oral traditions from nations in the Middle East to China. It was Idries Shah who introduced us to the wisdom, wit and charm of this mysterious mentor through his collection of stories.

Idries Abutahir Shah was a controversial figure whose life straddled the East and West. Raised in hiss father's Sunni Muslim faith and claiming a family lineage stretching back to Mohammed, Shah was born in 1924 in Simla, India, to a Scottish mother. The family moved to England when Shah was still young, and he attended high school in Oxford. Shah did not actually come into contact with Sufi dervishes until the age of thirty, after which he wrote the books oriental Magic and Destination Mecca.

A polymath, he was active in a range of social and cultural issues, and founded the institute for Cultural Research. He lectured in many countries. Popular in society circles for his wit and wisdom, the author attracted literary figures such as Doris Lessing and Robert Graves.

Shah wrote over thirty-five books, many of which were bestsellers. He died in 1996.


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3. Radio52. Smooth trees
4. Where there's a well...53. Two for one
5. I might do you a favour54. Myself
6. Needs55. One man's meat
8. The end of the world 56. Salute
9. A bite57. The clock
10. Gossip58. Not a good pupil
11. Satisfied59. Ethological reflection
12. Costly60. Quality and quantity
13. Problems of loneliness61. Social conscience
14. Arabic scholar62. Bath song
15. The problems of delay63. Wife, thief and donkey
16. The forester64. How much?
17. It takes one to know one65. The election meeting
18. Get the facts straight66. That's why they appreciate it
19. Cow with calf67. A reason for everything
20. Let's have it every day68. What you hadn't though of...
21. The value of the man69. Motive power
22. Clearing the matter up70. The right requirements
23. Hold that wolf71. Camel fodder
24. Maracles have details72. Tyranny of the majority
25. The water shortage73. A matter of language
26. Wife and shortage74. Too late
27. How to keep it going75. Memory
28. Cooking76. A hundred years
29. Must be one of them77. Nine donkeys
30. Mistaken identity78. I only hope I'm ill
31. What's left79. The illness of my wife
32. The true and the false80. Donkey lost
33. First time81. Freakish
34. Tried to fool him82. The company's time
35. Diversion83. Grey and white
36. The marsh84. Esoteric
37. How to get out of trouble85. Automation
38. What could become of what86. Names
39. Large and small87. The chalk
40. Watch out!88. Lost property
41. They don't work89. So hot
42. Stop-Go90. Is it me?
43. Temperatures91. Ambition
44. Time92. Copyist
45. Feedback93. No relative
46. Psychology94. Service
47. When to do what95. Shoes
48. The speed-traveller96. Two hales
49. It depends how you look at it67. Problem of communication
50. Warning98. The trip
51. Don't jump to conclusions99. The same strength
100. Second thoughts
101. How to catch Nasrudin
102. The will of Allah