A Study on Materia Medica - Enriched With Real Case Studies (An Ideal Textbook For Homeopathic Students)
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A Study on Materia Medica - Enriched With Real Case Studies (An Ideal Textbook For Homeopathic Students)

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Item Code: NAS137
Author: Dr N.M. Choudhuri
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788131902103
Pages: 1172
Other Details 9.00 X 6.00 inch
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About the Book

'A Study on Materia Medica’ is a wonderful collection of lectures by Dr N.M. Choudhuri. The author has given a brief of all the drugs in a story format starting from its source description and then goes ahead to form a clinical picture and describes the personality in a beautiful way. The examples of cases given are also very good which give the practical aspect of the drug.

In the beginning of each drug are the notes on the drug which give the characteristic key features. The comparative study given is also in very simple language and gets absorbed as you read it. It's a must read for all students and an all time guide for practitioners.

'This treatise is the outcome of N.M. Choudhuri’s lectures to students of Bengal Allen Homoeopathic Medical College of which he was the Principal. It incorporates the teachings and experience of many masters, supported by his own experience of twenty years.’

About the Author

Dr N.M. Choudhuri was an alumni of the Hering Medical College. He was Ex-principal and Sr. Professor of Materia Medica, Bengal Allen Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata. He was also Editor of ‘Home & Homoeopathy’ for along time.


The first edition of "A Study on Materia Medica" is exhausted and a second edition of the book has taken the place of the first. We are enjoined to do the best we can according to the light that is thrown on us. Judging from this standard, | feel that the first edition has been a success.

In accordance with the newer light and the fresher revelations to the soul, the new edition of the book has been so reformed and altered that it might as well have been a different book with a new nomenclature. It is a great improvement, on the first, inasmuch as it covers a vastly bigger field and embodies the experience of the last twenty years of my practice. The remedies have been arranged in an alphabetical order, and a great endeavor has been made to rectify many of the defects in the previous edition. Almost all the known remedies have been embodied in this volume with the exception of a few, a very few minor ones of empirical and unauthenticated nature.

In my capacity as the Principal of the Bengal Allen Homoeopathic Medical College, | have to deal very largely with materia medica, and this treatise, properly speaking, is the outcome of the lectures delivered to the students.

It has therefore done its day’s work in the propagation of the principle of "similia." | too have been amply repaid for the night after night of toil by the satisfaction it has already afforded me, that though the way has been long and dreary, it has been traversed in the wake of the immortals—of my loving preceptors here as well as abroad, whose standard it has been my good fortune to carry in the field of their glory.

Finally, it gives me great pleasure to have this opportunity to express my heart felt thanks to some of my colleagues for the valuable service rendered by them, chief among whom must be mentioned the names of doctors K. M. Banerji, J. N. Hazra and M. N. Banerjee. To Dr. K. M. Banerji is due great credit for many of the practical suggestions | received from him. Drs. J. N. Hazra and M.N. Banerjee have great claim on me for the untiring devotion, zeal and earnestness with which they have served me during these tedious months of hard mental labor.

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