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Stotra Malika

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Author: P. Krishna Moorty
Publisher: Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, Tirupati
Language: Kannada Text with English Translation
Edition: 2001
Pages: 121
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

About The Author

The devotional hymns by the great sages are replete with bijaksharas. Therefore they became mahamantras, potent enough to protect the suffering mankind.

The 'Stotramalika contains six well nown stotras.

'Sri Rama Raksha Stotra' written by Budha Kausika is in praise of Lord Sri Rama.

'Siva mahimna Stotra' written ;by Pushpadanta, glorifies Siva and his love and compassion towards his devotees.

The hymn 'Mukunda Mala' of king Kula sekhara or Kulasekharalvar celebrates the Beautific form of Krishna and His lilas.

'Bhaja Govindam' of Jagadguru Sri Sankara cuts asunder our earthly miseries. This aIso contains "Moha mudgaram' written by Sri Sankara's disciples as an appendix.

'Dasavatara Stotra' of Sri Vadiraja written in 34 slokas describes the ten incarnations of Lord Sriman Narayana. 'Sri Stuti' of Vedanta Desika. one of the foremost Sri Vaishnavite acharyas is imbued with Devotional exuberance of finest kind.

These six hymns fulfils the desires of the readers and provide ecstatic spiritual experience to them it is efficacious to chant these six sotras daily.


Stotramalika is a collection of hymns in Sanskrit in praise of various deities. These six stotras are remarkable for poetic beauty and deep devotional fervour.

The Vaishnava Bhakti Tradition has popularised these stotras. "Sri Rama Raksha Stotram", "Mukunda Mala", "Bhaja Govindam", "Sri Dasavatara Stotram", and "Sri Stuti" have prominent place in Bhakti cult.

"Siva Mahimna Stotra" glorifies the powers and the compassion of Siva.

As they are recited, one is really immersed oneself in the ocean of bliss and spiritual ecstacy. These are not mere rendering in the praise of Ista Devatas, but thought-provoking and soul-stirring devotional poems of the highest order.

Sri P. Krishna Moorty translated them into English in a simple and lucid style.

Three decades ago, the author had published these stotras in separate volumes. The T.T.D. is now bringing out these books in a single volume under the "Religious Publications Series" for the benefit of the readers.

We brought out these stotras with English translation for the benefit of those, who cannot understand, the spirit of the original Sanskrit verses.


I have great pleasure to introduce to the readers this Hymn entitled Sri Ramaraksa Stotram. Its author is the great reputed sage Budha Kausika. The efficacy and the potency of this great Stotra is all concentrated in the name and form of sri Ramacandra. His beloved and modest Sita represents the virtues of all the divinities. The key to the understanding of this great hymn and all its grandeur is Hanuman. The meter employed in its composition is Anustup. By the repetition and recital of this hymn, one can be freed from all ills and dangers and can claim fulfilment of his most cherished desires. All kinds of bodily and mental aberrations will be dispelled. Life on this earth will be full of peace and tranquility. As this Stotra contains all supernatural and spiritual elements, it helps one to attain Moksa also. This entitles one to obtain the realisation of the blessed from of Sri Rama and His grace also. One has, therefore, to read and recite these slokas with an immense and unshakable faith and a steady and concentrated mind. During the holy period of Navaratras, the recital of this Stotra is highly advisable. For the purification of one's mind and to spiritualise it Sri Rama Navami also is best flitted for its recital.

This great Stotra is a great infallible, mental and cultural healing balm. One can find a sure and safe refuge in Sri Ramacandra, by the recital and repetition of this Stotra. When one is chiefly depressed and is overwhelmed by many difficulties all round, this Stotra affords him a way out of them all and lands him in peace and tranquility. For the benefit of those who cannot understand the Sanskrit version of the hymn, a humble English rendering of the same is herewith appended.

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