Srimad Bhagavatam: Sarartha Darsini Commentary by Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakkura (Volumes 7 and 8) (Canto 10)(Transliteration and English Translation)

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Item Code: NAD046
Author: HH Bhanu Swami Maharaj
Publisher: Iskcon, Chennai
Language: Transliteration and English Translation
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9788189564131
Pages: 2183
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description
About the Book

With the Sarartha Darsini Commentary of Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura


Contents to the First Volume


Chapter One  
The Advent of Lord Krsna 1
Chapter Two  
Prayers by the Demigods 43
Chapter Three  
The Birth of Lord Krsna 75
Chapter Four  
The Atrocities of King Kamsa 111
Chapter Five  
The Meeting of Nanda Maharaja and Vasudeva 131
Chapter Six  
Killing the Demon Putana 149
Chapter Seven  
The killing of the Demon Trnavarta 171
Chapter Eight  
Lord Krsna Shows the Universal form within his mouth 189
Chapter Nine  
Mother Yasoda Binds Lord Krsna 227
Chapter Ten  
Deliverance of the Yamala Arjuna Trees 245
Chapter Eleven  
The Childhood Pastimes of Krsna 265
Chapter Twelve  
The Killing of the Demong Aghasura 291
Chapter Thirteen  
Brahma Stealing the boys and Calves 317
Chapter Fourteen  
Brahma’s Prayers to Lord Krsna 357
Chapter Fifteen  
The Killing of Dhenuka the Ass demon 419
Chapter Sixteen  
Krsna Chastises the Serpent Kaliya 445
Chapter Seventeen  
The History of Kaliya 485
Chapter Eighteen  
Lord Balarama Slays the demon Pralamba 497
Chapter Nineteen  
Swallowing the Forest Fire 509
Chapter Twenty  
The Rainy Season and Autumn in Vrndavana 519
Chapter Twenty One  
The Gopis Glorify the Song of Krsna’s flute (Venu-Gita) 543
Chapter Twenty Two  
Krsna Steals the garments of the Unmarried gopis 565
Chapter Twenty Three  
The Brahmanas Wives Blessed 593
Chapter Twenty Four  
Worshipping Govardhana hill 623
Chapter Twenty Five  
Lord Krsna Lifts Govardhana Hill 641
Chapter Twenty Six  
Wonderful Krsna 657
Chapter Twenty Seven  
Lord Indra and Mother Surabhi offer prayers 669
Chapter Twenty Eight  
Krsna Rescues Nanda Maharaja 685
Chapter Twenty Nine  
Krsna and the gopis Meet for the Rasa Dance 699
Chapter Thirty  
The Gopis Search for Krsna 771
Chapter Thirty One  
The Gopis Songs of Separation (Gopi-Gita) 809
Chapter Thirty Two  
The Reunion 837
Chapter Thirty Three  
The Rasa Dance 861
Chapter Thirty Four  
Nanda Maharaja Saved and Sankhacuda Slain 891
Chapter Thirty Five  
The gopis Sing of Krsna as he wanders in the forest 905
Chapter Thirty Six  
The Slaying of Arista the Bull demon 925
Chapter Thirty Seven  
The Killing of the Demons Kesi and Vyoma 943
Chapter Thirty Eight  
Akrura’s Arrival in Vrndavana 957
Chapter Thirty Nine  
Akrura’s Vision 979
Chapter Forty  
Akrura’s Prayers 1007
Contents to the Second Volume


Chapter Forty One  
Krsna and balarama enter Mathura 1025
Chapter Forty Two  
The Breaking of the Sacrificial Bow 1047
Chapter Forty Three  
Krsna Kills the Elephant Kuvalayapida 1065
Chapter Forty Four  
The Killing of Kamsa 1083
Chapter Forty Five  
Krsna rescues his teacher’s Son 1105
Chapter Forty Six  
Uddhava Visits Vrndavana 1137
Chapter Forty Seven  
The Song of the Bee (Bhramara gita) 1171
Chapter Forty Eight  
Krsna Pleases his devotees 1243
Chapter Forty Nine  
Akrura’s Mission in Hastinapura 1261
Chapter Fifty  
Krsna establishes the City of Dvaraka 1275
Chapter Fifty One  
The Deliverance of Mucukunda 1297
Chapter Fifty Two  
Rukmini’s Message to Lord Krsna 1323
Chapter Fifty Four  
Marriage of Krsna and Rukmini 1365
Chapter Fifty Five  
The history of Pradyumna 1391
Chapter Fifty Six  
The Syamantaka Jewel 1407
Chapter Fifty Seven  
Satrajit Murdered, the Jewel Returned 1423
Chapter Fifty Eight  
Krsna Marries Five princesses 1439
Chapter Fifty Nine  
The killing of the Demon Naraka 1459
Chapter Sixty  
Krsna Teases Rukmini 1479
Chapter Sixty One  
Lord Balarama Slays Rukmi 1517
Chapter Sixty Two  
The Meeting of Usa and Aniruddha 1533
Chapter Sixty Three  
Lord Krsna fights with Banasura 1547
Chapter Sixty Four  
The Deliverance of King Nrga 1571
Chapter Sixty Five  
Balarama goes to Vrndavana 1589
Chapter Sixty Six  
Paundraka the false Vasudeva 1605
Chapter Sixty Seven  
Lord Balarama Slays Dvivida Gorilla 1621
Chapter Sxity Eight  
The Marriage of Samba 1631
Chapter Sixty Nine  
Narada Muni Visits Lord Krsna’s Palaces in dvaraka 1651
Chapter Seventy  
Lord Krsna’s Daily Activities 1671
Chapter Seventy One  
Lord Krsna Travels to Indraprastha 1693
Chapter Seventy Two  
The Slaying of the demon Jarasandha 1713
Chapter Seventy Three  
Lord Krsna Blesses the Liberated kings 1733
Chapter Seventy Four  
The Deliverance of Sisupala at the Rajasuya Sacrifice 1747
Chapter Seventy Five  
Duryodhana Humiliated 1769
Chapter Seventy Six  
The Battle between Salva and the Vrsnis 1783
Chapter Seventy Seven  
Lord Krsna Slays the Demon Salva 1795
Chapter Seventy Eight  
The Killing of Dantavakra Viduratha and Romaharsana 1809
Chapter Seventy Nine  
Lord Balarama goes on Pilgrimage 1829
Chapter Eighty  
The Brahmana Sudama Visits Lord Krsna in Dvaraka 1841
Chapter Eighty One  
The Lord Blesses Sudama Brahamana 1861
Chapter Eighty Two  
Krsna and Balarama Meet the Inhabitations of Vrndavana 1879
Chapter Eighty Three  
Draupadi Meets the Queens of Krsna 1903
Chapter Eighty four  
The Sages Teachings oat kruruksetra 1925
Chapter Eighty Five  
Lord Krsna Instructs Vasudeva and Retrieves Devaki’s Sons 1959
Chapter Eighty Six  
Arjuna Kidnaps Subhadra and krsna Blesses his devotees 1987
Chapter Eighty Seven  
Prayers by the Personified Vedas 2013
Chapter Eighty Nine  
Krsna and Arjuna Retrieve a Brahmana’s Sons 2127
Chapter Ninety  
Summary of Lord Krsna’s Glories 2157
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