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Sri Tantraloka of Abhinavagupta with Translation of Ancient Sanskrit Commentary Jayaratha (Volume 3)

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Item Code: NAV598
Author: Giriratna Misra
Publisher: Chaukhamba Surbharati Prakashan
Language: Sanskrit Text With English Translation
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9789389665048
Pages: 308
Other Details 9.00 X 6.00 inch
Weight 320 gm

Book Description

About The Book

Being Land of Goddess Sri Sarada who is also known as Kasmira-the lord of knowledge; Kamira is eternal land of knowledge. Kasmira has always played the role of light house for the world. The might of Goddess can be judged by the fact that her abode is known to world as Sarvajtna or Omniscient Pitha. Such mighty land has always manoeuvred the Indian darsanas.

Amongst various thoughts born in Kasmira Trika, Kula, Anuttara and Krama stand tall and are corner stone of Bhartiya-darsana. These thoughts make one realise that the God is no one else but self only. There are various great scriptures which help seeker realise that, however there was a need of one platform which may correlate all of them. This mighty work was done by none other than the Master of Bhdrtiya-darsana and father of fresh ideas, Mahamahesvara Acarya Abhinava Gupta. He wrote Sri Tantraloka which comprises of not only all the thoughts of Kasmira Saiva darSana rather all the darsana of Indian thought land. His perfection in terms of sadhana and siddhi is clearly visible in his work where he has arranged all the thoughts in such a way that their hidden links are clearly visible by his grace.

This third volume comprises of Viveka Sarnskrta commentary and Sarvesvari English commentary of sixth and seventh Ahnikas (daily lessons). The Sixth Ahnika is Kalatattva Prakgana Ahnika and Seventh Ahnika is Cakrodaya Prakagana Ahnika. From sixth Ahnika up to twelfth Sthana Prakalpana is discussed in general. The fifteenth Ahnika is a bit different then till the end only Sthdna Prakalpana is discussed. Amongst two adhvda here Kala adhvd purification is told which is based on prana. This prdna is gross form of Sarhvida. Hence, two earn the Sainvida kala adhva purification by the help of Cakrodaya shall be done. Acarya explains Sikha Bandha and Varnodaya in sixth Ahnika which is Ayatnaja Cakrodaya, this is followed by Yatnaja Cakrodaya. These Cakras are Sathvida; hence, it is called as Sathvida Cakrodaya. A glossary and central Idea of each gloka is added so that readers may be able to understand the subject properly before they read the Viveka or Sarvegvari commentary.

About The Author

Giriratna Mira is Grhastha Sdhaka and an Indologist who born in Varanasi To Mishra and Shri Raghvendra Mishra. He is B-Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering and began his career in IT&C sector which he gave up and currently he practices under the guidance of his able master the famous saint of World AvadhUtta Bhagvana Rama Ji. Presently he lives at Sitapur with his wife Dr. Anupama and Daughters Aparajita and Geetika. He has written and translated books on Tantra and has presented papers in National and International Seminars.

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