Sri Chakram

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Author: Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji
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Language: English
Edition: 2000
Pages: 92
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Swamiji brings light to man's obscure consciousness Many have over come their inherent weaknesses, expanded the horizon of their knowledge in the unknown areas of their own personality. They have surpassed their mental miseries. Sat, Chit, Ananda fills their minds with a calm delight.


Sri Swamiji's life and epoch-making achievements read like a fascinating story of godly man's spirit of sacrifice and dedication. He seeks to lift listless modern generation of men and women from the debris of despondency and free them from the iron grips of materialism and scepticism.


An earnest endeavour to understand His life and mission constitutes a rich and rewarding experience.




In our Hindu religious diversities, and cultural traditions, there pervades a common Eternal Law (Sanathana Dharma) propounding our ancient eternal wisdom of the rishis and sages and the accomplished ones (Siddha Adepts).


They recognise an Unknowable, Timeless, Nameless behind and above all things, and not seizable by the studious pursuit of the mind of man. Impersonally it is That the One existence. It reveals itself out of the secrecy of things as God or Deva, Devi - nameless, though it has many names, immeasurable and beyond description, though He/She holds in itself all descriptions of name and knowledge and all measures of form and substance, force and activity.


The Rishis, the ancient illuminates, have handed down to posterity the ancient wisdom in esoteric symbols, almost of spiritual formulae, through the media of Guru paramparas, well preserved by the line of successful disciples.


Their inner sense is psychological, universal and impersonal. The ostensible significance and figures, which were meant to reveal to the initiates what they concealed from the ignorant, are to all appearance hieroglyphic, and ritualistic in external form, still expounded to the initiates the profound mysteries of a sacred secret worship.


The rituals themselves were concrete, intimately personal, loosely occasional and allusive.


But the inner soul and meaning were hidden truths under an external disguise. The symbols might only appear strange, remote and unintelligible to the uninitiated.


But when once the key words are understood against the background of concealed equivalents, there will emerge out of the obscurity a transparent and well-knit subtle sequence of the spiritual, psychological and religious conceptions of the mind and inner consciousness of the participant in the ritual.


These pervasive spiritual insights were founded upon an inner experimental psychology and on profound psychic science based on spirituality and Divine Nature's occultism.


Diagrams, called yantras, chakras and occult spiritual geometry assume a very great" significance and importance.


These yantras are symbolic diagrams in which the presence of the Devata is invoked to become vivid and even its presence is palpably felt in the atmosphere by the worshippers.


These yantras are tended in a devotional environment which develops a pervasive influence that envelops its precincts. The atmosphere thus sustained by sincerity and dedication by those who attend to it grows in intensity of power in course of time. The place thus sanctified and surcharged becomes a peeta, an adhar, a seat of spiritual power.


The place of the Guru in the Shaktha tradition is an indispensable factor. The Guru in himself, is instinct to a considerable measure the living presence of the deity invoked.


It is the Guru who implants the Bijaksharas, the Mantra along with the activating personal force of his tapas that is his own, uniquely developed by him. Then only the dynamics of the Mantra is set in motion.


Diksha initiation, is of several kinds. To those who are already, Siddadikarin, it is Vedhamayi, Medhamayi diksha that is used. For those who have to acquire the necessary competence, Sadhyadhikarins, the Diksha is Sabdi - by word, Chaksusi - by glance and Sparsi - by touch respectively.


Vedhamayi is a movement directed within the consciousness of the Guru, so as to communicate itself to the disciple. Medhamayi is a similar movement of thought.


The seed sounds (Beeja Akshara) have an individuality of their own. Each one of them has its own shade, and colour and reveals itself as such. Each letter of the seed connotes a certain principle related to the Tathva of the Deity. Each seed sound could by itself be a mantra or form a mantra in conjunction with other seed letters or words.


In this tradition atleast, the Guru, the Deity and the Mantra are all equally important. It bears an identity of a single whole.

Those who are acquainted with the Tantrik traditions of Shakthi worship are aware of the fact that the one hundred slokas of Soundarya Lahari have each been assigned a distinctly separate yantra by our ancestral gurus with separate method of prayoga for each. They have also revealed the resultant benefit, that would accrue to the worshipper.


In Kshetra, geometrical mathematical traditions of the Agamas, we find elaborate description of angles, squares, circles, petals (loops) for yantras, with identifiable seed letters (Beeja Aksharas), the nature of the form and personality of the deity (Adhi Devata), methods of worship etc.


In today's material scientific world, in their discoveries of the atomic structures, if you only take the track movement of the swirling electrons and pinpoint the intersecting joints you will be amazed at the striking similarity of Dhalas or petals of these yantras, depicted with utmost accuracy.


Again plot the sub-atomic particles, like proton, neutron etc.


You will be amazed to witness the precision and accuracy of the diagrams of the yantras at their inner core.


You will find several triangles and squares that fit in with the traditionally accepted Agamic data.


If we concede that every particle of matter has differing inner structures of its own in the atom, we will be able to comprehend the existence in nature of separate identifiable energy particles, with differing power bases.


As more and more investigations continue new discoveries await man on an ever expanding horizon of subtle matter. The soul is not atleast a gland or a secretion's fault disordering the sane government of the mind. The ancients have identified the differing perceptions of the sthula - gross, sukshma - the subtle and karana - the causal.


We develop capacities far beyond the limitations of the rational mind and reach intuitive perceptions which become verifiable. As we transcend the limits of logic, we perceive occult existence of life energy modules in Nature. The field of biochemistry opens itself to newer vistas.


Cellular biology is on the brink of new discoveries.


Consciousness as a facet of Nature exists side by side with life and matter. This consciousness has individualised functioning in cosmic Nature around us conforming to an identifiable universal law. As at present the science of physical matter has not touched yet even the peripheral contours of Nature's manifestation on earth. What lies beyond in other celestial manifestations is anybody's guess.


But our ancient sages seem to have been intimately familiar with extra terrestrial manifestations and have also been using their knowledge for ploughing the secrets of the soul and for self transcendence and union with the Supreme Being who is the totality of 311 manifestations in the universe.


The sages represent aspiring humanity, children of Agni. The dark powers of the circumscribing night have to be destroyed. The secret of light, the God and infinity has to be discovered. Out of death, immortality has to be conquered. Pent up behind human ignorance is a secret knowledge, a great light of Truth prisoned by this evil is an infinite content of good, in this limiting death, is the seed of a boundless immortality.


The SRI VIDYA tradition and the worship of Sri Chakra is given to us by our ancestral Guru parampara - so that the way may be known to us, and the goal reached by us by the same means and through the same companionship with the Divine Mother's manifest vibhuthis as revealers of the Light.


At the beginning of all human traditions in several parts of the world, in several ages of cyclic time, there is this ancient memory which conceals the hope or the wisdom of a pre-historic humanity. The ancestral thought when it is being expressed remains wakeful in knowledge.


Really there is only One Mother Godhead, one with many names, revealed in many aspects, approaching man in the mask of many divine personalities. She is unknowable, Timeless, She is existence supreme. Mind cannot seize her movements. This Supreme Mother in her endless compassion has consented to come to us to emancipate the human soul.


The cosmos is revealed in a new light, by the Shakta Darsana. It brings us to close proximity and relationship with the universal creatrix, the Mighty Mother of the Universe.


One of the familiar names of the Mother is Akila anda Iswari.


She is Akila anda Koti Brahma anda Nayaki. The guru alone has the privilege sanctioned by Her to initiate us to the technique of the- Mother worship and obtain Her Grace.


Sri Chakra is a practical instrumentation, a gift of the Great Mother for our salvation and charges us with the power to reach the high destiny. She has ordained for us. It is a priceless treasure bequeathed to us.


Now it all depends as to how, and with what attitude we approach this great treasure. All will depend on how we cooperate with our Guru, and be recipient of his grace and our assiduous attention and compliance with the need of the growing sadhana within. The guru, Devata and the Mantra are One and Indivisible.


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