Sri Chakra

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Author: Sri Shankaranarayanan
Publisher: Samata Books
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788185208046
Pages: 125
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5" X 5.5"
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Fully insured
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
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Book Description

About the Book:


SRI CHAKRA, the king of chakras is a master plan of manifestation drawn by the divine Draughtsman on the board of the infinite, a transcript of the Transcendent, a symbol-image of the supernal verities. The spiritual and occult tradition of the worship of the Mother Goddess and the Sadhana of Srividhya are explained in sixteen chapters in terms of modern thought and understanding. Based on authentic and authoritative Tantric texts the exposition in English is inspiring and original, almost a classic in the field of esoteric literature.

About the Author:

Though his academic attainments are in Mathematics and his professional interests lie in a specialised field of industrial management, Sri S. Shankaranarayan has retained his first love for Sanskrit. In his childhood he was introduced to the ancient Sanskrit lore by his grandfather, Sri S. Narayana Iyer, who was himself a deep initiate in Sri Vidya, Later he came under the dynamic influence of Sri Kapali Sastriar. Shankaranarayanan cherishes a special regard for this tradition of the worship of the Divine Mother and his treatises on Devi Mahatmyam-both in Tamil and English have acquired an authenticity of their own. The present work on Sri Cakra, revealing as it does the depth of his scholarship, practical insight and occult knowledge, promises to be a classic on the subject. Endowed with luminous intellect, well-versed in the modes of esoteric worship and awake with an active spiritual aspiration, Shankaranarayanan is marked out to play a singular role in the resuscitation of the spiritual and occult tradition of India in terms of modern thought and understanding.



I The Way of the Tantra 1
II The Concept of the Chakra 6
III The King of Chakras 15
IV The Emergence of Sri Chakra 20
V Bindu and Trikona 28
VI The Threefold and Ninefold Division 33
VII The Nine Chakras 40
VIII The Two in One 43
IX The Deities 51
X Sri Chakra and the Mantra 61
XI Sri Chakra and the Guru 69
XII Sri Chakra and the Human Body 78
XIII Sri Chakra-Formulations 89
XIV Outer Worship 95
XV Inner Worship 105
XVI Meditations 116


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